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ForumSymbolMessage Preview / SubjectAuthorDate (ET)
Wall Street PitNKLARe: No posts? Digging a whole hole on E'sEPR5316708/04/2020 20:15
Wall Street PitSRNERe: 13.90s RTQ That was a huge pump by Cramer. It was a huge about face from ...trderg08/04/2020 19:11
Wall Street PitVAPORe: -RIZED lol. Re: OMFG part 2EPR5316708/04/2020 16:40
Wall Street PitVAPOOMFG part 2 eomEPR5316708/04/2020 16:36
Wall Street PitNVAXOMFG part 1 eomEPR5316708/04/2020 16:36
Wall Street PitHMYGold +46.30, on the way to $2100..... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 16:01
Wall Street PitFSLYRunning to close earnings tomorrow eomalfie08/04/2020 15:54
Wall Street PitHMYGold +41.80.... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 15:38
Wall Street PitFUVGap up tomorrow, not sure what the volume was but Im liking it eomalfie08/04/2020 15:34
Wall Street PitFUVBig volume coming in, Im in 6.25 eomalfie08/04/2020 15:24
Wall Street PitTLRYshould go to double digits this week when Biden names Kamala Harris as his VP...crainiac08/04/2020 15:23
Wall Street PitSRNECEO on CNBC next. eomtrderg08/04/2020 15:22
Wall Street PitMay have found a new gem to follow up JMIA. Will due more DD & post later eomEPR5316708/04/2020 14:15
Wall Street Pitanother piece of the momentum for gold and silver...Re: some crazy bombing in...crainiac08/04/2020 14:11
Wall Street PitTLRY will really fly when Biden picks Kamala Harris to be his running mate to...crainiac08/04/2020 13:46
Wall Street PitHLSilver ripping $26.... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 13:25
Wall Street PitEQI smell an eruption coming - and when this one goes, she goes HARD eomEPR5316708/04/2020 12:50
Wall Street PitSPCB$SPCB $1.55-- $1.43--SuperCom Ltd...HOME QUARANTINE SOLUTION...Linkspeculator08/04/2020 12:48
Wall Street PitSPCB$SPCB $1.55-- $1.43--SuperCom Ltd....Cashless Payments...Low Float...Providin...speculator08/04/2020 12:46
Wall Street PitSPYRe: With the GDP going down 31%, and the market going up, I'm not the only o...alfie08/04/2020 12:26
Wall Street PitAXUgoing to take out $26 right here..... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 12:20
Wall Street PitASMflying silver........ eomcrainiac08/04/2020 12:13
Wall Street PitJMIABought at 6,11,14.40 and now at 18. Im done loaded up eomalfie08/04/2020 12:11
Wall Street PitSPCB$SPCB $1.50-- $1.43--SuperCom Ltd....Cashless Payments...Low Float...Providin...speculator08/04/2020 12:05
Wall Street PitHLSilver heading for $26, Gold looking solid over $2000..... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 11:55
Wall Street PitJMIARe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZZS2SwqZHg Re: I am out a few for now. ...EPR5316708/04/2020 11:48
Wall Street PitLGHLRe: LGHL EPR53167 LGHLW up 24%? Something up?EPR5316708/04/2020 11:46
Wall Street PitHARPSweet eomEPR5316708/04/2020 11:36
Wall Street PitPRPOOut $4.67 eomEPR5316708/04/2020 11:22
Wall Street PitCEMISignup here. Believe Chembio is Ready to roll out the Covid19 testers out her...Lionmaster08/04/2020 11:16
Wall Street PitBPThink I read this correctly. Misses earnings, revenue cut in half & dividenddeaconmike08/04/2020 11:12
Wall Street PitSRNESRNE CEO on CBNC Closing Bell Today!trderg08/04/2020 10:49
Wall Street PitWIMIWIMI ran to $29 on its PARTNERSHIP news ith Tik TOk - the buyout news for TIK...theMagician08/04/2020 10:46
Wall Street PitSPCB$SPCB $1.47-- $1.43--SuperCom Ltd....Cashless Payments...Low Float...Providin...speculator08/04/2020 10:45
Wall Street PitCAPRgrabbing more shares here DMD drug FDA submission very soon. eomLionmaster08/04/2020 10:44
Wall Street PitHMYthrough $2000...... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 10:44
Wall Street PitHLlargest silver mine in the USA.... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 10:41
Wall Street PitSPCB$SPCB $1.43--SuperCom Ltd....Cashless Payments...Low Float...Providing mobile...speculator08/04/2020 10:40
Wall Street Pitsilver ripped right thru $25, gold running now..... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 10:39
Wall Street PitHLSilver pushing $25...... eomcrainiac08/04/2020 10:34

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