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Portfolio - Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) Personal Stock Portfolio FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ section of the portfolio. Please browse the questions and answers below. If you still have questions or suggestions, please email us at

  • Is there a fee for using the portfolio?
    • Using our portfolio system is absolutely free. Best of all, you can restart your portfolio and try different strategy at any time. Make sure you read the entire FAQ to understand how the system works.
  • When is my order updated?
    • Orders to sell/cover or buy/short are updated after the market closes. They typically get updated around midnight.
  • How do I buy/short/add a position?
    • To add an position, start with posting a message in our forum and enter the stock symbol (if in the trader forum) and you should see a check box at the bottom of the page for you to add the stock. You can also add a position by clicking on the Add Stock button in your portfolio page.
  • What does the symbol and next to my ID mean?
    • The symbol indicates you have a portfolio that has been updated within the last 30 days. For portfolio with exceptional result, this icon is used instead.
  • How do I sell/cover/close a position?
    • To close a position, simply select Close Position command under the Action column when viewing your portfolio. You can also close a position by posting a message and click on checkbox for Closing the position.
  • Why is there no % gain in my position?
    • You need to close or sell the position. See the FAQ on how to sell/cover/close a position.
  • How do you determine the buy price?
    • For order submitted during market (9:30am to 4pm), the current day's closing price is used.
    • For entry submitted after market (after 4pm), the next day's opening price is used.
    • For entry submitted before market (before 9:30am), the current day's opening price is used.
  • How do you determine the sell price?
    • We use the best of either the closing price or the "one-third" price as your sell/cover price. This is to simulate the behavior that traders commonly close their position during the market hour. The one-third price is determined by taking the day's high and low price difference and divide that difference by 3. The resulting is added to the day's low price for sell or subtracted from the day's high price for cover.
    • For order submitted during market (9:30am to 4pm), the best of current day's closing price or the one-third price is used.
    • For order submitted after market (after 4pm), the best of the next day's opening price or the next day's one-third price is used.
    • For order submitted before market (before 9:30am) or delayed orders, the best of current day's opening price or the one-third price is used.
  • What are target time and target price?
    • You can set a target time and target price anytime. Your position will be closed for you automatically when either your target price is reached or the time is met. The target price is reached when the average of high and low of the day OR the opening price exceeded or equal to your targeted price. This is a nice feature for people who does not want to micro manage their portfolio. You can simply enter your stock and set a price or time to sell. You can modify your target time and target price anytime.
  • What is an entry price range?
    • An entry price range is the price range you are willing to commit your buy/short order. You specify a minimum and a maximum entry price. When the buy/short price is within the range, the order is executed. If not, the order will be delayed and executed at the next buying opportunity.
  • Why is my order not executed?
    • There are many causes for order not getting executed. Here are some of the most common causes:
      • Your order to sell or buy is submitted after the market closes. It will use the next day's price instead.
      • Trading volume of the stock is below 50000. The trading volume is calculated from the day's volume multiplies by the closing price.
      • Stock is halted or not traded due to SEC action.
      • Stock is no longer trading on the main exchanges i.e. NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX.
      Order not executed due to the above reason(s) is marked with _D in the status column. It will remain in your portfolio and will be reconsidered for execution during the next opportunity unless cancelled by you. There is no penalty for cancelling an order that is marked as delayed.
  • How do I remove my portfolio and/or start over my portfolio?
    • In your portfolio summary page, just click on the Restart Portfolio button. It will remove your existing portfolio permanently. Afterward, you can restart your portfolio anytime. There is no limit on how many times you can restart/remove your portfolio.
  • How do I cancel an order I submitted as a mistake?
    • If the order is delayed shown with status as Opening_D or Closing_D, you can cancel your order at any time and the status will revert to the previous state i.e. Closing will become Active and Opening order will be deleted permanently. Any other orders can only be cancelled within 15 minutes after the order was submitted. To cancel, just go to your portfolio page and select Cancel command under the Action column. You are allowed one cancellation per 30 day(s) period.
  • What is annual return?
    • Annualized return is a number showing you the performance of your portfolio for an entire year. It's calculated based on average of all your closed gains divided by the days you held for these positions and then multiply that by 365.
  • What is average stock gain?
    • The total stock gains divided by the number of entries.
  • Is there a limit to number of positions?
    • Yes. Open and active positions are limited to 25.
  • Is there a limit to number of comments?
    • No. You can add as many comments as you like any time.
  • Do you support dividend adjustment?
    • No. Our portfolio system does not support dividends.
  • Is there a reward for doing well in my Personal Stock Portfolio?
    • The reward you get for scoring well in Portfolio is you are on your way in becoming a top trader. You are now learning and beating your peers and this is the best reward for yourself. Sharing your top stock picks and winners with other users in our portfolio system will make everyone aware of your stock picking prowness. What reward is better than your own personal achievement and satisfaction? | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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