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New Political...Review history and observe the parallel between the actions of the dictators ...holland5507/17/2019 03:36
Wall Street PitGUSHRe: wait for the tweet..its inevitable eombucyrus07/16/2019 17:38
Wall Street PitAPRNRe: Starter long $11.28 - agree that shorts may be forced to scramble a/h or ...EPR5316707/16/2019 15:56
Novume SolutionsNVMMRe: 2.00 2.90 $3.50..NVMM(REKR): There's the breakout I was looking ...SunTzu77207/16/2019 15:54
Wall Street PitSCOR4.17 took a starter here...Block Stations Sign Ratings Agreement With Comscor...SunTzu77207/16/2019 15:49
Wall Street PitGUSHRe: Huge dip last 2 days.. news... possible Iran talks and oil sales eombucyrus07/16/2019 15:30
Pinks and BBWUHNWUHN mushrooming higher. not seeing a catalyst, but not complaining eomsteeledge07/16/2019 15:18
Pinks and BBBYNDdiscovered by Bloombergsteeledge07/16/2019 15:17
Wall Street PitAPRNStarter long $11.28 - agree that shorts may be forced to scramble a/h or in a...EPR5316707/16/2019 14:40
Pinks and BBjudging by the volume, traders not understanding the importance of this confe...crainiac07/16/2019 13:58
Internet Gold...IGLDRe: IGLD penny merger/buyout play like FLKS AETI up large. Low float like RVL...theMagician07/16/2019 13:42
Wall Street PitBURGBURG already started selling Beyond Meat 2 weeks ago should explode with APRNtheMagician07/16/2019 13:26
Wall Street PitBURGin BURG 90c EXACT same as APRN Beyond Met similar float should blast over $1theMagician07/16/2019 13:24
Wall Street PitENLVI think Im going to be sick. What on Earth is going on here?!?! eomEPR5316707/16/2019 12:01
Wall Street PitSBPHOnce again, ready to roll - hopefully this time it sticks! eomEPR5316707/16/2019 11:53
Wall Street PitRKDANEW SWING ADD RKDA...RKDA swing buy $3.25 chart is set up for a large move ne...theMagician07/16/2019 10:09
Pinks and BBRe: isolate contract $30-40 million>> i have mkt cap at $48 million? eomefbailey07/16/2019 09:39
Wall Street PitSEED6.15 blowout earnings 2.6m floatSunTzu77207/16/2019 09:38
Pinks and BBisolate contract $30-40 million eomefbailey07/16/2019 09:32
Pinks and BBExpanded capacity should put CVSI into hundreds of millions in revenue yearly...crainiac07/16/2019 09:28
Pinks and BBGoing International!....Re: Facility Expansion Increases Hemp CBD Oil Product...crainiac07/16/2019 08:55
Wall Street PitGOOGRe: Google should be investigated for Treason President trump just tweeteddeaconmike07/16/2019 08:48
Pinks and BBmeeting with GNC, Giant Eagle, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, Harris Teeter, Meijer, Sprouts,...crainiac07/16/2019 08:07
Pinks and BBVeritas Farms to Meet National and Regional Buyers as Sponsor of ECRM Hemp He...crainiac07/16/2019 07:59
Wall Street PitIMRNVavavavooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom eomEPR5316707/16/2019 07:46
Aevi Genomic ...GNMXRe: NAKD profits into GNMX 24-30c targets zone on GNMX 20c ...KABOOOOOOOOOOOO...theMagician07/15/2019 16:09
Wall Street PitENLVExactly doubled since I sold my last shares @ $12 in early May. UnREAL. eomEPR5316707/15/2019 15:11
Wall Street PitRVLTRVLT should see a phat bounce to 45c+. Flag bottom, cover bounce time eomtheMagician07/15/2019 14:38
Wall Street PitPRVLSweet - if not delayed - reaction to buys out this am after end of QP! eomEPR5316707/15/2019 14:33
Wall Street PitKERNRe: Exploding....News out?....EPR5316707/15/2019 13:59
Wall Street PitICON$ICON $1.08-- .96-- .84--Iconix Brand Group, Inc..........Chart eomspeculator07/15/2019 13:54
Wall Street PitTRXCFDA 501k, no pr yetefbailey07/15/2019 12:24
Pinks and BBCannabis stocks rally after FDA says it will speed up effort to create rules ...crainiac07/15/2019 12:19
Wall Street PitCNATCNAT has 99c cash per share and has filled the gap to its uptrend support lin...theMagician07/15/2019 11:41
Pinks and BBCBD Industry to Increase 706% Through 2023, Report Predictscrainiac07/15/2019 11:08
Document Secu...DSS$DSS .49-- .51--.45 added-- Document Security..Form 4 Insider Buy 2,00... eomspeculator07/15/2019 10:54
Pinks and BBstrong day, back over 17........ eomcrainiac07/15/2019 10:43
NewWater Tech...NEWARe: 5.34 6.09 6.30 big vol Friday off double bottom -SunTzu77207/15/2019 10:29
Wall Street PitCGA4.80 fresh 2.5m float R/S <1 p/e $17.88/shr cash 5.55 eps setting up for a ni...SunTzu77207/15/2019 10:16
Wall Street PitLIFEoh boy eomefbailey07/15/2019 09:59 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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