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Wall Street PitRe: spanish fly..itch.. if a woman got off it would be accidental trying to p...bucyrus08/26/2016 16:45
Wall Street PitHLFlololololefbailey08/26/2016 16:42
Wall Street PitPTN"spanish fly", an aphrodisiac .. nope .. stuff causes itching.. makes you wan...bucyrus08/26/2016 16:34
Wall Street PitSTAFMonday oughta be real interesting! eomEPR5316708/26/2016 16:00
Wall Street PitSAEXReloaded long $11.78 eomEPR5316708/26/2016 15:56
Wall Street PitNYMXHello $3's :) eomEPR5316708/26/2016 14:49
Wall Street PitADMPRe: generic EpiPen... submitted and rejected repeatedly eombucyrus08/26/2016 14:48
Wall Street PitCLVSYet another reversal day formation - let's see if she breaks $22.... eomEPR5316708/26/2016 14:05
Wall Street PitMOMOYet another reversal day formation - let's see if she breaks $20.... eomEPR5316708/26/2016 13:52
Wall Street PitADMPRe: sent by NJ senator today just out caused spike link to letter "Such beha...bucyrus08/26/2016 13:47
Wall Street PitSTAFHere's hoping this is the last time we see her below $1.50 .... EVER :) eomEPR5316708/26/2016 13:26
Wall Street PitORPNRe: Eric, you still holding this? Considering starting a position here.. thx.EPR5316708/26/2016 12:58
Wall Street PitMTSLSomething up?!?!?? eomEPR5316708/26/2016 12:54
Wall Street PitTWLOHad an "action alert buy" set up on TWLO dip below $50 and was in men's room....EPR5316708/26/2016 12:45
Wall Street PitNYMXAnyone heed my advice yesterday? Puts up over 150% and short wilding :) eomEPR5316708/26/2016 12:41
Wall Street PitSPLKRe: Overreaction sell off IMHO - practically every analyst raised P/T on earn...EPR5316708/26/2016 12:25
Wall Street PitADMPRe: Catching fire now...Cheaper epi-pen for 2017...HOD $3.23EPR5316708/26/2016 12:23
Wall Street PitSTAFFor those not familiar with the story here, mgmt pre-announced a stellar quar...EPR5316708/26/2016 12:19
Wall Street PitADMPRe: Catching fire now...Cheaper epi-pen for 2017...third digit is off IMHO eombucyrus08/26/2016 12:00
Wall Street PitSTAFRe: Nice action off the initial fade. Early shorts might pay this afternoon.EPR5316708/26/2016 11:28
Wall Street PitBREW20-25->>>>>>30? eomsinghtelecom08/26/2016 11:19
Wall Street PitDGRe: DG up $1.40 yet down on my calls what the hell.>> partly theta esp if the...efbailey08/26/2016 11:15
Wall Street PitDGRe: 2 articles this morn... Cramer avoid, WalMart killing them eombucyrus08/26/2016 11:05
Wall Street PitSPLKOverreaction sell off IMHO - practically every analyst raised P/T on earns......EPR5316708/26/2016 10:43
Wall Street PitAIRGlooks to resume higher after 2 day dip eomefbailey08/26/2016 10:41
Wall Street PitOSURFDA Announcement that US Blood donations should be screened for ZIKA Virus eomefbailey08/26/2016 10:26
Wall Street PitLABUUnreal eomEPR5316708/26/2016 10:19
Wall Street PitJNUGAwesome eomEPR5316708/26/2016 10:15
Wall Street PitULTAOh MY MY MY eomEPR5316708/26/2016 10:10
Wall Street PitTRIL$TRIL cd47 starting to get mainstream coverage as next top oncology target ...Superman08/26/2016 10:10
Wall Street PitVIVE New swing from high 8's 3.7m float Superman08/26/2016 10:07
Wall Street PitBREWNice call Magic...multi-year high eomholland5508/26/2016 09:56
Pinks and BBHCTIMega booooooooooooooooooooooooooom eomEPR5316708/26/2016 09:52
Wall Street PitULTASpec freakin TAC ular! Picked up 260 weekly puts @ open - now up 500%+!!!!!! ...EPR5316708/26/2016 09:51
Wall Street PitETRMSC 13G Filed by CVI Investments, Inc. .. 9.9% eomefbailey08/26/2016 09:44
Wall Street PitSTAFEarnings release scheduled for Monday morning, Aug 29th...and interestingly t...EPR5316708/26/2016 09:25
Wall Street PitRAXRe:Rackspace stockholders to receive $32.00 per share in cashefbailey08/26/2016 08:49
Wall Street PitBREWYOur IRA pick .It can go to 30 soon eomsinghtelecom08/25/2016 23:59
Wall Street PitKTOVRe: Looks like Sabby bought a ton of warrants and increased their stake and a...EPR5316708/25/2016 23:56
Wall Street PitWhat Can We Say About a System that Criminalizes a Safe Painkiller (0 Deaths)...efbailey08/25/2016 23:54 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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