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Wall Street PitCPXXregarding earnings, the company has no sales and no earnings. expenses will ...luvb2b05/03/2016 16:48
Wall Street PitHTBXNotice of listing requirement failure - I usually view those as good cause it...EPR5316705/03/2016 16:47
Wall Street PitCPXXRe: it's not at all unpredictable. cpxx has a >$500m market cap at these lev...EPR5316705/03/2016 16:39
Pinks and BBTRTCRe: That's really great news! Re: Had a huge sell off today. Looking forward ...crainiac05/03/2016 16:29
Wall Street PitILMNwith updated guidance it's 35 or so p/e w/12% sales growth and 5% eps growth....luvb2b05/03/2016 16:26
Wall Street PitCPXXoh and by the way, if added to the russell the index funds would have to take...luvb2b05/03/2016 16:24
Wall Street PitCPXXit's not at all unpredictable. cpxx has a >$500m market cap at these levels ...luvb2b05/03/2016 16:24
Wall Street PitCPXXEarnings date just announced / May 10th... eomEPR5316705/03/2016 16:17
Wall Street PitVRNGRe: Now that's a terrific Looking chart :) until it doesn't!! eomEPR5316705/03/2016 16:01
Wall Street PitPCLNYou can still get ~ $1 writing nakeds $200 o/o/m. I got $1.38 per and have $1...EPR5316705/03/2016 15:58
Wall Street PitADSK$ADSK 5000 May 65C trade here at .91 eomsinghtelecom05/03/2016 15:54
Pinks and BBHEMPexploding!!!.... eomcrainiac05/03/2016 15:51
Wall Street PitTROVAnd longer $3.78 eomEPR5316705/03/2016 15:36
Pinks and BBWill Walgreens Make Legal Cannabis Investors Rich?crainiac05/03/2016 15:36
Pinks and BBGRWCGrow Condos Inc (OTCMKTS:GRWC) Capitalizing On Green Rush 2.0crainiac05/03/2016 15:34
Wall Street PitSPURe: $15shr cash/ 2M flt ... fund bought a stake at many multiples higher rece...undervalued05/03/2016 15:31
Wall Street PitVRNGNow that's a terrific Looking chart :) eomEPR5316705/03/2016 15:31
Wall Street PitCPXXRe: just make sure you cover by may 24 when the russell committee says cpxx i...EPR5316705/03/2016 15:27
Pinks and BBLots of pot stocks up today - GRNH PHOT HEMP MJNA IGC ATTBF NGBL EDXC FULL BL...crainiac05/03/2016 15:21
Wall Street PitADMPHOly cow June 4 call .85c to 4.50 eomsinghtelecom05/03/2016 15:13
Wall Street PitCPXXjust make sure you cover by may 24 when the russell committee says cpxx is go...luvb2b05/03/2016 14:58
Wall Street PitGUSHReloaded long in high $69's and picked up a few May 75 calls here - will be w...EPR5316705/03/2016 14:53
Wall Street PitCPXXIs that a head and shoulders formation being created on the daily chart? Sing...EPR5316705/03/2016 14:45
TeslaTSLAthey are moving pricing rapidly, puts are up 30% from where i bought them. Re...luvb2b05/03/2016 14:44
Wall Street PitSRPTStop-gained out of short shares for quick $1.50 gain; holding puts for now...EPR5316705/03/2016 14:21
Wall Street PitEGRXAwesome eomEPR5316705/03/2016 14:08
Wall Street PitNXTDover 50c this gets chased BIG, add b4 the 25-50% chasers arrive...chart with ...theMagician05/03/2016 14:06
Wall Street PitNXTD49c breakout on this BEAUTIFUL chart...theMagician05/03/2016 14:01
TeslaTSLAi don't put a lot of weight on that particular data point b/c the count varie...luvb2b05/03/2016 13:15
Wall Street PitGDXgold stocks flatlining here ahead of comex close. with gdx and gdxj down as ...luvb2b05/03/2016 13:05
Wall Street PitORPNVery long indeed :) eomEPR5316705/03/2016 13:01
Wall Street PitSRPTWow - that timing couldn't have been better....KABOOM!!!! eomEPR5316705/03/2016 13:00
Wall Street PitTSLAtesla has already preannounced weak sales/deliveries, so there won't be a pos...luvb2b05/03/2016 12:56
Wall Street PitCBYL$CBYL .79 Added-- .76--Carbylan Therapeutics...Bottom Watch...Over $2.00 Cash...speculator05/03/2016 12:50
Wall Street PitTSLAthe tesla motors puts are super cheap going into earnings. not sure exactly ...luvb2b05/03/2016 12:49
Pinks and BBTRTCRe: Had a huge sell off today. Looking forward to see what happens next Re: c...crainiac05/03/2016 12:37
Wall Street PitULTRadded some ULTR 39c on PRGN spike over 40c algos come eomtheMagician05/03/2016 12:28
Wall Street PitSRPTI know everyone and their brother is all hopped up about SRPT but the whole s...EPR5316705/03/2016 12:00
Wall Street PitLPTNLPTN chart it gets chased on this after EBIO..theMagician05/03/2016 11:54
Wall Street PitEGRXNice eomEPR5316705/03/2016 11:45

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