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Wall Street PitThe Weekly Gold Digger!crainiac01/31/2015 08:27
Wall Street PitSwitzerland gold exports to India touch 17.1 billion francs in 2014crainiac01/31/2015 08:18
Stocks For A ...Dear everyone here Please add your twitter nicks, so I can follow you all singhtelecom01/31/2015 00:32
Stocks For A ...Where are you? You are being missed ? eomsinghtelecom01/31/2015 00:30
Wall Street PitAAPLi didn't. i don't. just was doing a very simple technical trade on the 118 br...luvb2b01/30/2015 23:26
Fieldpoint Pe...FPPRe: $FPP $1.88--$1.67--Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp...nice pick, following you ...holland5501/30/2015 19:43
Wall Street PitIBBCardiovascular diseases claim more lives than all forms of cancer combined.bucyrus01/30/2015 19:01
Wall Street PitAAPLwow fast drop after i got taken out. Re: stopped out, i had my stop slowly t...luvb2b01/30/2015 17:17
Fieldpoint Pe...FPP$FPP $1.88--$1.67--Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp......Chart Watch......Link eomspeculator01/30/2015 16:01
Wall Street PitTLTsecond thing to consider is the expected inflation. as of now the inflation...luvb2b01/30/2015 15:49
Wall Street PitTLTsorry missing the table - here it is - usa at the bottomluvb2b01/30/2015 15:47
Wall Street PitTLTflows are too strong right now b/c of negative rates in europe. look at the ...luvb2b01/30/2015 15:45
Wall Street PitADESare you (were you) short? from where? all i can say is after reading it i a...luvb2b01/30/2015 15:34
Wall Street PitAir came out of that rally faster than Tom Brady's balls lol eomtheMagician01/30/2015 15:09
Wall Street PitADESi can't even believe the mm's sold me hundreds of puts for what appeared to b...luvb2b01/30/2015 15:07
Wall Street PitGUREWeird, this didn't shoot up right after I sold...most $$ I have made in a lon...holland5501/30/2015 15:07
Wall Street PitAAPLstopped out, i had my stop slowly trailing higher behind got hit last dip und...luvb2b01/30/2015 14:59
Wall Street PitADESthe larger institutional guys will have meetings and their committees will tr...luvb2b01/30/2015 14:58
Wall Street PitEOX$EOX .86--.80--Emerald Oil, Inc......On Watch.......Chart eomspeculator01/30/2015 14:55
Wall Street PitUSORe: added some USO puts for the drop next week..theMagician01/30/2015 14:55
Wall Street PitDJ Gold Logs Biggest Month Gain In Years, India, Russia Demand Up; Oil Pops -...crainiac01/30/2015 14:53
Wall Street PitUSOadded some USO puts for the drop next week eomtheMagician01/30/2015 14:48
Wall Street PitVAhere's the va dd's i promised early this week. my q4 estimate is around 29m i...luvb2b01/30/2015 14:46
Fieldpoint Pe...FPP$FPP $1.87--$1.67--Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp......Chart Watch......Link eomspeculator01/30/2015 14:43
Emerald Oil, ...EOX$EOX .84--.80--Emerald Oil, Inc......On Watch.......Chart eomspeculator01/30/2015 14:40
Wall Street PitCPrig counts finally dropping hard means some job losses, should have less stuf...luvb2b01/30/2015 14:39
Wall Street Pittrue on zanger and darvas, neither are bottom pickers. but other than contro...luvb2b01/30/2015 14:36
Wall Street Pityour sense of humor is interesting. me, i hate being wrong 20 times in a row....luvb2b01/30/2015 14:17
Wall Street PitUSOmonth end futures rollover more likely...needs 18+ close eomtheMagician01/30/2015 14:09
Wall Street PitUSOso you're saying "this is it"? Re: Tagthatstock called for $10 on USO on fnma...luvb2b01/30/2015 14:07
Wall Street PitTWTRlookin strong today, earnings run time, 50+ on surprise next week eomtheMagician01/30/2015 13:54
Wall Street PitMPAAanyone able to find a reason for such a decline since 1-20-15 in MPAA? Now @ ...jjkool_0101/30/2015 13:45
Wall Street PitADESi took down a few more puts. april 12.50's were offered around 2.55 - seems ...luvb2b01/30/2015 13:19
Wall Street PitADESthe sec 8k is an interesting read. as 3dron mentioned kpmg is basically sayi...luvb2b01/30/2015 13:07
Wall Street PitADESthese accounting investigations can take weeks or months to play out. for th...luvb2b01/30/2015 12:51
Wall Street PitADESwe are in agreement, i wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. Re: nice cal...luvb2b01/30/2015 12:26
Wall Street PitTWTRNFLX was strong the fri b4 it e reprt then romped the next week, hopin for sa...theMagician01/30/2015 11:48
Wall Street PitGURERe: I'm all out....gotta go to that pick from spec weeks ago, just ...holland5501/30/2015 11:03
Wall Street PitFPP$FPP $1.82--$1.67--Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp......Chart Watch......Link eomspeculator01/30/2015 10:58
Wall Street PitGUREI'm all out....gotta go to work eomholland5501/30/2015 10:53 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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