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Wall Street PitEbola Outbreak 'Tip of the Iceberg,' Experts Saycrainiac08/01/2014 17:18
Wall Street PitEbola outbreak 'moving faster than our efforts to control it,' WHO sayscrainiac08/01/2014 17:10
Pinks and BBTKMREbola coming to U.S. for first time as Atlanta facility readies to receive pa...crainiac08/01/2014 17:02
Wall Street PitDWin again 40.60 sold off on miss which was not as much a miss as headlines and...jjkool_0108/01/2014 15:39
Wall Street PitObama talking about ebola right now......... eomcrainiac08/01/2014 15:31
Wall Street PitTKMRtaking off, Ebola play....... eomcrainiac08/01/2014 15:27
Wall Street PitEbola is not as dangerous as pneumonia... it kills too quick to spread widelybucyrus08/01/2014 15:25
Wall Street PitNNVCU.S. racing to bring two Americans infected with Ebola homecrainiac08/01/2014 15:20
Wall Street PitEbola outbreak could have 'catastrophic' consequencescrainiac08/01/2014 15:19
Wall Street PitNNVCW.H.O. Says Outbreak of Ebola Virus Is Outpacing Control Effortscrainiac08/01/2014 15:18
Pinks and BBFITXnice...... eomcrainiac08/01/2014 15:14
Wall Street Pitcalled gap and crap this morn.. reversal coming in 30 min - an hr back to eve...bucyrus08/01/2014 12:17
Pinks and BBFITXa lot of traders were predicting a dramatic fall in July for FITX. Didn't hap...crainiac08/01/2014 11:46
Pinks and BB'Big Marijuana': Watch this lobby group growcrainiac08/01/2014 10:59
Wall Street PitCBDE$CBDE $4.30--$2.90--CBD Energy Secures 64 megawatt, $112,000,000 Solar Projec...speculator08/01/2014 10:47
Wall Street PitCBDE$CBDE $4.10--$2.90--CBD Energy Secures 64 megawatt, $112,000,000 Solar Projec...speculator08/01/2014 10:45
Wall Street PitDEJRe: just brutal...looking to buy back in low .20's eomholland5508/01/2014 10:43
Wall Street PitCBDE$CBDE $4.05--$2.90--CBD Energy Secures 64 megawatt, $112,000,000 Solar Projec...speculator08/01/2014 10:43
Wall Street PitCBDE$CBDE $3.80--$2.90--CBD Energy Secures 64 megawatt, $112,000,000 Solar Projec...speculator08/01/2014 10:38
Wall Street PitJOup big again eomnolan08/01/2014 10:02
Pinks and BBFITXunusual volume especially for a Friday.......... eomcrainiac08/01/2014 10:00
Wall Street PitCBDE$CBDE $3.50--$2.90--CBD Energy Secures 64 megawatt, $112,000,000 Solar Projec...speculator08/01/2014 09:40
Wall Street PitSPYOK there's your gap.... load up for the crap about noon eombucyrus08/01/2014 09:40
Wall Street PitCBDE$CBDE $2.90--CBD Energy Secures 64 megawatt, $112,000,000 Solar Project in T...speculator08/01/2014 09:34
Wall Street PitOILseasonal selloff... with cool weather no positive for oil.. nat gas however.....bucyrus08/01/2014 09:29
Wall Street PitSPYmy charts... gap and crap, Mon-Tues explosive relief rally eombucyrus08/01/2014 09:27
Wall Street Pitbeats and sees FY14 adjusted EPS 13c-15c, one estimate 12cjjkool_0108/01/2014 08:03
Wall Street PitCOSTtwice the sales with fewer stores and employees.. which stock to buy...hmmmm eombucyrus08/01/2014 00:36
Wall Street PitRe: Sam's Club 116K employees, 620 stores, 54B vs Costco 107K employees, 447 ...bucyrus08/01/2014 00:34
Wall Street PitSPYRe: YOUR comparison is apples to oranges... Sam's Clubs is the comparison to ...bucyrus08/01/2014 00:15
Wall Street PitJohn Stewart yet again NAILS it..theMagician07/31/2014 19:02
Wall Street PitFox news cheering corporations getting tax breaks n welfare and moving overse...theMagician07/31/2014 19:00
Wall Street PitLNKDRe: Incredible.. bailed on my puts during the day with profit.. bullet dodgedbucyrus07/31/2014 18:18
Wall Street PitGPROdown it goes eomnolan07/31/2014 16:07
Wall Street PitYahoo ends relationship with Seeking Alpo eomefbailey07/31/2014 15:58
Wall Street PitUPROa buy right here eombucyrus07/31/2014 15:34
Wall Street PitTNAcalls rocking from 10 mins ago... SPY calls will follow eombucyrus07/31/2014 15:32
Wall Street PitLNKDmade my $$$ and out eombucyrus07/31/2014 15:18
Wall Street Pitchart--get ready to go long again for close.. in about 10 mins eombucyrus07/31/2014 15:14
Wall Street Pit-300?????..... eomcrainiac07/31/2014 15:00 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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