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Wall Street PitSLRXRe: Do you still like this one? Grabbed as many as I could <$4 - now lets see...EPR5316711/20/2019 12:34
Wall Street PitSPXluvb2b_express otm longer dated spx calls are down around 20% since i got in,...luvb2b11/20/2019 12:33
Wall Street PitNOWbeing added to the s&p index today, including the celgene acquisition and cas...luvb2b11/20/2019 12:31
Wall Street PitZFGNadding to ZFGN 79-80c this chart has an explosive upward move that is jsut st...theMagician11/20/2019 12:17
Wall Street PitRAPTWow eomEPR5316711/20/2019 12:11
Wall Street PitRAPTGiddy uppppp eomEPR5316711/20/2019 12:08
New Political...Interesting book to readholland5511/20/2019 11:46
Pinks and BBhere we go again, 1.16 wall that can't be taken out, regardless of the number...crainiac11/20/2019 11:34
New Political...Re: History books written today .deaconmike11/20/2019 11:30
New Political...Toss 'em under the busholland5511/20/2019 11:26
Wall Street PitTRILCancer stocks are on fire this week. TRIL is one and has $36m in cash or $1+ ...theMagician11/20/2019 11:00
New Political...Re: He just went full John Dean Confirms his view the WH plot was quid...deaconmike11/20/2019 11:04
Pinks and BBI don't believe so, but I noticed that the ask doesn't move at certain points...crainiac11/20/2019 10:54
Wall Street PitRAPTHope some of you joined yesterday! eomEPR5316711/20/2019 10:42
Pinks and BBpummeled 6 days in a row, despite strong cannabis market today.....Re: Nasty ...crainiac11/20/2019 10:34
New Political...Re: He just went full John Dean Confirms his view the WH plot was quid...deaconmike11/20/2019 10:32
Wall Street PitVTGNVTGN next deep oversold large bouncers is about to bust out - eyes on a move ...theMagician11/20/2019 10:20
Wall Street PitGCINEWM symbol change... kept Gannett name eombucyrus11/20/2019 10:05
Pinks and BBCURLF +10%, ACRGF up 10%... eomcrainiac11/20/2019 09:53
Pinks and BBTGODF up 14%, HEXO up 12%.... eomcrainiac11/20/2019 09:41
Pinks and BBCGC +10%, CRON up 5%, TLRY up 4%... eomcrainiac11/20/2019 09:39
Pinks and BBCGCup another 7%....... eomcrainiac11/20/2019 09:35
New Political...Re: An American soldiersdeaconmike11/20/2019 09:32
Pinks and BBOBLNgapping up in pm....Re: CEO buys 65,000 shares eomcrainiac11/20/2019 09:27
Wall Street PitIRe: nice... "takings clause" of the Constitution.. they'll get some percentag...bucyrus11/20/2019 09:27
New Political...Re: From Amb Sondland's opening statement it looks like he is going to come c...deaconmike11/20/2019 09:11
New Political...Re: An American soldiersdeaconmike11/20/2019 08:58
Wall Street PitARAVINSANE MKT . Dec 7.50 calls were .40c no VOLUME htough eomsinghtelecom11/20/2019 08:13
Wall Street PitMDCOI agree on that . i have to be careful now . ThanksRe: I wouldn't be interest...singhtelecom11/20/2019 08:11
Wall Street PitMDCOi think too late now too for MDCO to get in . i posted at 29 bucks area . Re:...singhtelecom11/20/2019 08:01
Wall Street PitMDCOYes I agree with u . I liked it at 4 though , not a new buyer now . DID U E...singhtelecom11/20/2019 07:42
Wall Street PitAMRNAnalyst target $7.00? Linksinghtelecom11/20/2019 05:17
Wall Street PitAUPHDec call buying today at the $6 and $7.5 strikes. On 11/14, asinghtelecom11/20/2019 00:06
Wall Street PitSTAY2,500 Jan 2020 $15 calls bought for $0.75. 7,500 of those same calls havesinghtelecom11/19/2019 23:36
Wall Street PitCCXIDec $10/$15 call spread is opening 6,000X for $1.60. Yesterday, that same cal...singhtelecom11/19/2019 23:32
New Political...You know it's not playing out like they want when even Yahoo posts a top pagedeaconmike11/19/2019 22:57
Got OptionsAMDmassive call buying for nov 22 42.00 .47x.48 last was .48 eomSurgicalScalper11/19/2019 22:03
Got OptionsMEDlots of hedge fund buying!? eomSurgicalScalper11/19/2019 21:03
Wall Street PitSPYRe: Hey, I second your feelings! do that in Venn diagrams... clearer eombucyrus11/19/2019 21:00
Got OptionsMEDWas 210.00 just over a year ago way oversold now 88.00 after popping 10% ..go...SurgicalScalper11/19/2019 20:55 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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