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New Political...Re: Now think if there were 200 million mail in votes. Would it be easy to ca...deaconmike05/28/2020 01:09
Wall Street PitRe: Trump prolly another term if he can keep the mkt inflated. Powell appears...efbailey05/27/2020 23:48
Got OptionsMUI think the this stock is way under valued it will pop to 60.00 in the near t...SurgicalScalper05/27/2020 23:46
Got OptionsMUAt 49.00 it is just getting started. It was a 60.00 stock earlier this year ....SurgicalScalper05/27/2020 23:32
Stocks For A ...PLAN5,000 Jan 2021 $45 calls bought for $7.40. Also seeing a call spread open as ...singhtelecom05/27/2020 23:29
Stocks For A ...MRNSThe company said, "After careful consideration, Marinus will transition the o...singhtelecom05/27/2020 23:28
Stocks For A ...CYCNrecently closed enrollment for both of its ongoing clinical studies. The comp...singhtelecom05/27/2020 23:26
Wall Street PitALXNA/H volume 141600 Something is going up 8 BUCKSsinghtelecom05/27/2020 23:18
Wall Street PitRe: Trump prolly another term if he can keep the mkt inflated. Powell appears...deaconmike05/27/2020 23:16
Mersana Thera...MRSNRe: $1.70 to>>>> $17.80 ONly 5 POSTS FIVE hahahahaah r !!! Ceo is GENIUS + AL...singhtelecom05/27/2020 23:11
Wall Street PitMUBroke out above resistance today. Plus this gem is finally get upgraded and g...SurgicalScalper05/27/2020 23:08
FastlyFSLYI think you are holding a monster in the making bro!! eomSurgicalScalper05/27/2020 22:55
Wall Street PitTRVNRe: your my favorite guru here, love your posts singh!efbailey05/27/2020 22:46
Trevena, IncTRVNYes sir few posts moves better look at MRSN haha RGLS next in 1 year Re: In i...singhtelecom05/27/2020 22:42
Wall Street PitRe: ha yeah, media has become so disengaged from the common man to where it's...efbailey05/27/2020 22:39
Wall Street PitNFLX1,800 August $400 calls bought throughout the day for $36.25. eomsinghtelecom05/27/2020 22:38
Wall Street PitKDP4,500 June $28 calls bought this afternoon for about $0.60. Big activity for ...singhtelecom05/27/2020 22:37
Wall Street PitAZN23,000 June5th $53 calls were bought quickly for about $0.80, eomsinghtelecom05/27/2020 22:37
Wall Street PitALXN2,000 September $115 calls bought today for $5.95. On 5/14, there were 1,200 ...singhtelecom05/27/2020 22:36
Wall Street PitTrump prolly another term if he can keep the mkt inflated. Powell appears com...efbailey05/27/2020 22:17
Trevena, IncTRVNRe: liking this creeper with almost no attention. my kinda playefbailey05/27/2020 21:54
Wall Street PitRotation in mkt this week similar to March pre plunge eomtheMagician05/27/2020 19:29
Wall Street PitThe day news came that Facebook has enabled bs and hard right and left to lie...theMagician05/27/2020 19:14
Wall Street PitRe: not for FAKE needs to stop cause your head will blow when the ...theMagician05/27/2020 19:12
Wall Street PitFacists hate criticism aka free speech eomtheMagician05/27/2020 18:10
Wall Street PitTrump threatens to crack down on social media platforms after Twitter labels ...theMagician05/27/2020 18:09
Wall Street PitVAPOSpectacular eomEPR5316705/27/2020 15:22
Snohomish Equ...SOHO$SOHO $2.65-- $1.95--Sotherly Hotels Inc.....In a Few......Chart eomspeculator05/27/2020 15:15
Wall Street PitTMBRClassic Technical Reversal Day brewing - GIDDYUP eomEPR5316705/27/2020 15:14
Wall Street PitIntelsat all out triples in a week. Lionmaster05/27/2020 14:36
Wall Street PitFormer Attorney General, Lawmakers And Police Leaders Call For Federal Mariju...crainiac05/27/2020 14:23
Wall Street PitMOSY$MOSY $1.52--MoSys, Inc....tiny float...Chartspeculator05/27/2020 14:23
Wall Street Pitcannabis stocks running on recommendations from former attorney general eomcrainiac05/27/2020 14:18
Wall Street PitSPYRe: like me... no clue so straddle eombucyrus05/27/2020 14:05
Wall Street PitPDRe: worth a nibble here for long term imoefbailey05/27/2020 13:58
Wall Street PitRe: Anyone want to place bets on launch or no launch?deaconmike05/27/2020 13:39
Wall Street PitAUTO$AUTO $1.01-- .89--AutoWeb, Inc......Bottom Watch......Chart eomspeculator05/27/2020 13:37
Wall Street PitPDworth a nibble here for long term imoefbailey05/27/2020 13:33
Wall Street PitAUTO$AUTO .99-- .89--AutoWeb, Inc......Bottom Watch......Chart eomspeculator05/27/2020 13:19
Wall Street PitRe: that's the mystery.. and the holy grail... eombucyrus05/27/2020 13:15 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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