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Wall Street PitPIIare you back to the pit?! Re: nice callRe: 75.07>76.85 lacking support<79.55....luvb2b10/27/2016 22:44
Wall Street PitOne of our trolls is in a time-out... quiet night.. eombucyrus10/27/2016 21:32
Wall Street PitRe: nice callRe: 75.07>76.85 lacking support<79.55..Re: (short)Wedbush cut t...jjkool_0110/27/2016 15:53
Wall Street PitRe: nice callRe: 75.07>76.85 lacking support<79.55..Re: (short)Wedbush cut t...jjkool_0110/27/2016 15:40
Wall Street PitPIInice callRe: 75.07>76.85 lacking support<79.55..Re: (short)Wedbush cut the p...nolan10/27/2016 15:21
Pinks and BBBCDAOPK ceo bought 65% shares PHASE 3 HEART FAILURE trial MERGERsinghtelecom10/27/2016 14:56
Polaris Indus...PII75.07>76.85 lacking support<79.55..Re: (short)Wedbush cut the price target t...jjkool_0110/27/2016 14:54
Wall Street PitPCMIOut too soon - again. Just wow. eomEPR5316710/27/2016 13:59
Wall Street PitKTOVWRe: Thank you! Now if only can buy back the remaining 15K I have already sold...EPR5316710/27/2016 13:50
Wall Street PitKTOVWRe-upped long $1.58 after selling as high as $2.35 coupla weeks ago... eomEPR5316710/27/2016 13:17
Wall Street PitRecent IPO went to $34 on day 1 (Sep 28), now down 86% from there. 1.7mm sh's...EPR5316710/27/2016 13:12
Wall Street PitSPYRe: mkt feels like some election tankage at hand, last 2 elections seen big *...theMagician10/27/2016 13:12
Wall Street PitTWLONew long for earns 11/3 - common $37 and nov 11th 35 c's @ $3.58. eomEPR5316710/27/2016 12:53
Wall Street PitSPYmkt feels like some election tankage at hand, last 2 elections seen big **** ...theMagician10/27/2016 12:32
Wall Street PitOCNRe: momo... agreed... eombucyrus10/27/2016 11:51
Wall Street PitOCNRe: Funny no one is in this or cares... overhang of criminal investigation.. ...bucyrus10/27/2016 11:41
Wall Street PitACIARe: Google dumped it's fiber network plans?... agreed ATT has the world by th...bucyrus10/27/2016 11:32
Pinks and BBseeing nibbling on some of these.............. eomcrainiac10/27/2016 11:21
Wall Street PitACIARe: you did see that Google dumped it's fiber network plans? eombucyrus10/27/2016 10:47
Wall Street PitTSLARe: Stop thinking just cars...... govt subsidies are this company's lifeblood...bucyrus10/27/2016 10:46
Pinks and BBnot really seeing any buying here, but at least some stabilization here to fo...crainiac10/27/2016 10:43
Pinks and BBsame thing happened in 2014, Big up days and bad down days. Still made a lot...crainiac10/27/2016 10:35
Wall Street PitACIARe: few nov 75 c's @8.10EPR5316710/27/2016 10:34
Wall Street PitACIARe: few nov 75 c's @8.10 eombucyrus10/27/2016 10:31
Wall Street PitETRMRe: ETRM could be time short interest up 76% at 10c, breaks 11c that run coul...theMagician10/27/2016 10:27
Wall Street PitACIAStarter long $76 and got a few nov 75 c's @8.10 eomEPR5316710/27/2016 10:27
Pinks and BBWell the morning went into suck mode pretty quick....... eomcrainiac10/27/2016 10:26
Wall Street PitCYHRe: What do you think of CYH? - Down 37% - $34 last year...fraud accusationsbucyrus10/27/2016 10:25
Wall Street PitACIARe: Any news? Oh so tempting here for long....nolan10/27/2016 10:18
Wall Street PitACIAAny news? Oh so tempting here for long.... eomEPR5316710/27/2016 10:05
Wall Street PitPCMIOut all common up nearly $4 and calls up 73%. Not bad for a coupla hours hold...EPR5316710/27/2016 09:49
Wall Street PitETRM could be time short interest up 76% at 10c, breaks 11c that run could be...theMagician10/27/2016 09:57
Wall Street PitIMNPSKLN and IMNP penny bios up 50% today eomtheMagician10/27/2016 09:47
Pinks and BBLXRPRe: closed at hod...........crainiac10/27/2016 09:42
Wall Street PitTSLARe: earnings were on carbon credit sales NOT autos... eombucyrus10/27/2016 09:39
Wall Street PitYHOOYahoo received 9,408 government specified account requests in the U.S. during...bucyrus10/27/2016 09:37
Pinks and BBpot plays - strong start, almost all green........... eomcrainiac10/27/2016 09:33
Wall Street PitPCMIAwesome eomEPR5316710/27/2016 09:27
Pinks and BBMJNA.13 in pm.......... eomcrainiac10/27/2016 09:23
Pinks and BBRe: loaded this today fyi Re: anyone have any DD on this one?crainiac10/27/2016 09:22 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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