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Got OptionsNEXSThey have pumped this Pos to death and it is just a hair above the 52 week lo...SurgicalScalper04/28/2017 21:37
Got OptionsSHOPUp 8.00 since first post plus a lot of options scalping....The fools are extr...SurgicalScalper04/28/2017 21:30
Wall Street PitRe: ballistic missile only means it's unguided.. follows a Newtonian trajecto...bucyrus04/28/2017 20:39
Wall Street PitABXBarrick huge move in $GDX eomrpccpa04/28/2017 16:38
Wall Street PitCDXCNhod and getting "that look" (part 2) eomEPR5316704/28/2017 15:16
Wall Street PitCNTFNhod and getting "that look" eomEPR5316704/28/2017 15:15
Wall Street PitCNTFHistory of wild swings leads me to believe another one is on the way?!?! eomEPR5316704/28/2017 13:22
Wall Street PitSBPHAnd the (quiet) boom begins :) eomEPR5316704/28/2017 13:09
Wall Street PitNTRPRe: ONCE A YEAR BIO PLAY! looks like a FIND!... FDA is already allowing it's ...bucyrus04/28/2017 12:46
Wall Street PitCLDRRe: $weet. / Stop-gained out $19.08! eomEPR5316704/28/2017 11:20
Wall Street PitCLDR$weet eomEPR5316704/28/2017 11:07
Wall Street PitCLDRMissed opening rotation but got a few $18.08... eomEPR5316704/28/2017 10:56
Wall Street PitCVMCVM 50% move now DCTH tic tic ticking eomtheMagician04/28/2017 10:35
Wall Street PitDCTHDCTH chart with notes a move to 8-10c int he cards from here...theMagician04/28/2017 10:33
Wall Street PitDCTHloading DCTH 6.2c on CVM large move the only other penny under 10c should get...theMagician04/28/2017 10:29
Wall Street PitRDUSFDA website shows approval of Radius Health's Tymlossinghtelecom04/28/2017 10:12
Wall Street PitOCULStop-gained out of 1/2 @ $10.18 - holding rest / hope to write covered calls eomEPR5316704/28/2017 10:12
Wall Street PitPOLAIf you thought yesterday was a juicy Reversal Day, well, you ain't seen NOTHI...EPR5316704/28/2017 10:10
Wall Street PitFNCXAgain eomEPR5316704/28/2017 10:07
Wall Street PitNSPRENRJ IFON low float under $1 rocking - NSPR lowest float of them all under $1theMagician04/28/2017 09:55
Wall Street PitPOLARe: $POLA was a positive report imo. They have alleviated the biggest concer...EPR5316704/28/2017 09:50
Wall Street PitRe: the amount of massive discount financings last 3 months is weird consider...undervalued04/28/2017 09:46
Wall Street Pitthe amount of massive discount financings last 3 months is weird considering ...theMagician04/28/2017 09:44
Wall Street PitCERCtook loss CERC 40c let dust settle look to reenter strenght eomtheMagician04/28/2017 09:42
Wall Street PitPOLAlast add $5.68 avg now. long term hold eomefbailey04/28/2017 09:36
New Political...Re: We elect wealthy people to public office and suffer the consequences. The...deaconmike04/28/2017 08:18
Wall Street Pityes. unfortunately sold 80% around break even late in the day but held rest. ...luvb2b04/28/2017 08:01
Wall Street PitUSATAlerts going on singhtelecom04/28/2017 01:36
Wall Street PitPOLARe: Earnings tomorrow.>> i added 2x today to my small ira position from weeks...efbailey04/27/2017 23:04
New Political...We elect wealthy people to public office and suffer the consequences. They ke...holland5504/27/2017 19:28
Wall Street PitCDXCUp nearly 5% a/h - could be an am runner... eomEPR5316704/27/2017 17:41
Cedar Shoppin...CDR$CDR $5.39-- $5.33--Cedar Realty Trust, Inc....On Watch....Chart eomspeculator04/27/2017 16:38
Wall Street PitCDXCHong Kong's Li Ka-Shing buying $25mm worth - long $2.95 on pullback from $3.3...EPR5316704/27/2017 15:51
Wall Street PitPOLAPolar Power!! Close above $6 on the way?!?!?! eomEPR5316704/27/2017 13:16
Wall Street PitMy apologies it's a 15 min delayed but nevertheless gives you a chart you can...Lionmaster04/27/2017 13:09
Wall Street PitYou will see in the stock chart the price will be flashed as green or red to ...Lionmaster04/27/2017 13:11
Wall Street PitOCULOh hell yeaaaaaaaaa....... eomEPR5316704/27/2017 12:55
Wall Street PitCERCadding CERC low float bio price range is seeing large movers, potential for a...theMagician04/27/2017 12:53
Wall Street PitPOLASetting up for potential classic Reversal Day and if she goes green, look out...EPR5316704/27/2017 12:34
Wall Street PitSNCRStock valuation at $500M not that cheap. The recent acquisition could've been...Lionmaster04/27/2017 12:32 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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