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Wall Street PitGDXwon't be as big as yesterday but yes it will be decent size. figure maybe 1/...luvb2b10/31/2014 15:36
Wall Street PitRe: Any Japan 3X ETF's bull or bear??nolan10/31/2014 15:27
Callon Petrol...CPEre:5.90 now 6.56>Re: Took a bite here>Jeff Eberwein@JeffEberwein #LoneStarVal...jjkool_0110/31/2014 15:52
Wall Street PitYODRe: You shoulda bought it earlierRe: YOD MONSTERRRRRRRRRRRRRtheMagician10/31/2014 14:40
Pinks and BBLegal marijuana could be $130 million a year business in D.C., study findscrainiac10/31/2014 14:11
Wall Street PitYODYOD MONSTERRRRRRRRRRRRR eomtheMagician10/31/2014 14:09
Wall Street PitYODprinting $2.49 from $1.80's add alert eomtheMagician10/31/2014 13:18
Wall Street PitYODKABOOOOOOM eomtheMagician10/31/2014 13:07
Wall Street PitIMRSall these bios bouncin to 20 day ema, IMRS is at 51c eomtheMagician10/31/2014 12:53
Wall Street PitIMRSmoved some GENE profits into IMRS eomtheMagician10/31/2014 12:52
Wall Street PitIRIXwe will file a special 510-K with the FDA tomorrow, Friday, October 31st. A s...jjkool_0110/31/2014 12:19
IRIDEX Corpor...IRIXnow +10%>Re: beats by $0.03 Q3 EPS of $0.05 beats by $0.03. eomjjkool_0110/31/2014 12:16
Callon Petrol...CPE5.90 now 6.31>Re: Took a bite here>Jeff Eberwein@JeffEberwein #LoneStarValue ...jjkool_0110/31/2014 12:12
Wall Street PitRe: one of the most boring 1500 point 2 week rallies I've seen in 16 yrs of t...theMagician10/31/2014 12:01
Genetic Techn...GENERe: added lookin for recovery to 55-60c on chart, down on mkt and chart is co...theMagician10/31/2014 12:00
Wall Street PitGENEVERY niceeeeeeeee eomtheMagician10/31/2014 11:57
Wall Street PitGENEGENE sued Agilent, JOINTLY dismissed yesterday sounds like GENE got settlemen...theMagician10/31/2014 11:32
Wall Street PitGENERe: GENE dd here....they sued Agilent earlier this year claiming they sold a ...theMagician10/31/2014 11:31
Wall Street Pitone of the most boring 1500 point 2 week rallies I've seen in 16 yrs of tradi...theMagician10/31/2014 11:10
Wall Street PitYODRe: What's up here Magician?theMagician10/31/2014 11:02
Wall Street PitBONARe: Alibaba is seeking partners among the big Hollywood studios to satisfy mi...theMagician10/31/2014 11:02
Wall Street PitRe: nothing but "shorting X" buy puts on SPY posts everywhere, here, twitter ...theMagician10/31/2014 10:52
streetTRACKS ...GLDRe: Don't buy gold until they flush it under $1180 support...big boys gonna f...Ry557710/31/2014 10:49
Wall Street PitYODYOD has already secured alliances with leading global media operators and con...theMagician10/31/2014 10:45
Wall Street PitYODYOD b;lasting off now eomtheMagician10/31/2014 10:42
Wall Street PitKUTVRe: Alibaba is seeking partners among the big Hollywood studios to satisfy mi...theMagician10/31/2014 10:39
Wall Street PitBABAAlibaba looking to buyout china video companies, sector on strong watch eomtheMagician10/31/2014 10:36
Wall Street PitKUTVAlibaba is seeking partners among the big Hollywood studios to satisfy middle...theMagician10/31/2014 10:35
Wall Street PitIRIXbeats by $0.03 Q3 EPS of $0.05 beats by $0.03.jjkool_0110/31/2014 10:26
Wall Street PitDWmiss by .10, need a sell off so I can buy back in again eomjjkool_0110/31/2014 10:05
Wall Street PitBabies born October 20 get $500.. VOYA (ING) If you had a baby Monday, Octobe...bucyrus10/31/2014 10:01
Wall Street PitTook a bite here>Jeff Eberwein@JeffEberwein #LoneStarValue files a new 13D on...jjkool_0110/31/2014 09:53
Wall Street PitPDIIEberwein after them: Delivers Letter To PDI, Inc. Responding To PDI's Summary...jjkool_0110/31/2014 09:38
Wall Street PitXLEwhoops xle negative now Re: oil under $80 is not going to help me today. jeez...luvb2b10/31/2014 09:37
Wall Street PitRe: i believe we saw the lows for the year...+1000 points from my post eomtheMagician10/31/2014 09:30
Wall Street PitTWTRTwitter's mobile advertising arm enables its clients to use a hidden, undelet...bucyrus10/31/2014 09:18
Wall Street PitGDXJ-7.5% pm?, what gold stocks are even down that much? I'm seeing some down 2-3...nolan10/31/2014 08:56
Wall Street PitXLEoil under $80 is not going to help me today. jeez. time to come up with bette...luvb2b10/31/2014 08:51
Wall Street PitDXJup 6% eomnolan10/31/2014 08:01
Wall Street PitHerbert Hoover 1928: A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. Barack...holland5510/30/2014 21:54 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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