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Wall Street PitRe: Lets see how well this goes over with the folks here but its the truth.Ag...deaconmike11/16/2018 15:27
Wall Street PitTSROWow eomEPR5316711/16/2018 15:10
Wall Street PitRe: Rep corporate tax cut put more ammo in China's hands.. more Tbills eombucyrus11/16/2018 14:29
Wall Street PitBLIN$BLIN .39-- .36--Bridgeline Digital, Inc....Added a Few......Chart eomspeculator11/16/2018 14:29
Wall Street PitRe: who owns US debt and can crash the US economy? eombucyrus11/16/2018 14:26
Wall Street PitAfter Trump's comments on China & trade, White House officials told CNBC that...theMagician11/16/2018 13:35
Pinks and BBHemp Will Be A Top 10 Product In 2019, Whole Foods Predictscrainiac11/16/2018 13:34
Wall Street PitRSLSRe: Watch r/g off ANY rip..520K float bottoming action.undervalued11/16/2018 13:19
Wall Street PitPYXRe: Bought a bunch Dec 21 $15 call yesterday...nice!Re: Happening now and nex...Lionmaster11/16/2018 13:14
Wall Street PitAAPLyears ago, when asked by stockholders why he wasn't in AAPL, both Warren and ...bucyrus11/16/2018 12:27
Wall Street PitRKDANot afraid to buy more on 6% pullback after good news release this am - a rec...EPR5316711/16/2018 12:09
Wall Street PitBLIN$BLIN .38-- .36--Bridgeline Digital, Inc....Added a Few......Chart eomspeculator11/16/2018 11:39
Wall Street PitPYXHappening now and next 2 trading days. 7M float and 40% shorted and naked as ...Lionmaster11/16/2018 11:32
Wall Street PitBLIN$BLIN .3791-- .36--Bridgeline Digital, Inc....Added a Few......Chart eomspeculator11/16/2018 11:31
Wall Street PitGOOSPreposterous valuation imho eomEPR5316711/16/2018 11:29
Wall Street PitBeijing issues rare public warning on 'serious' swine fever crisis eombucyrus11/16/2018 11:27
Wall Street Pitsoo dead out there, seems a lot of traders are out or handsitting,good thing ...theMagician11/16/2018 11:23
Wall Street PitAAPLRe: how will they ever exit such a large position..had IBM for 50 yrs before ...bucyrus11/16/2018 11:21
Wall Street PitAGNBack in calls same price I bought em two weeks ago after $12 pullback eomEPR5316711/16/2018 11:19
Wall Street PitCTSHNov 30 call strike 70 vol. 4000 what is cooking eomsinghtelecom11/16/2018 11:19
Wall Street PitGOVXRe: Ebola stocks need to be on watch, worst outbreak ever in Congo :-( eombucyrus11/16/2018 11:13
Wall Street PitPETZTried to this am but missed it ...Re: still loading at the dollar range anyon...EPR5316711/16/2018 11:11
Wall Street PitPYXGiddy up eomEPR5316711/16/2018 11:10
Wall Street PitAAPLI'm too old.. I remember Skulley... raising prices when losing market share i...bucyrus11/16/2018 10:57
Wall Street PitAAPLRe: Berkshire Hathaway's whole darn 1/4 of its portfolio is AAPL... ... the t...bucyrus11/16/2018 10:54
Wall Street PitPYXSqueeze here 7m float. Was so loved in $40s a month ago. eomLionmaster11/16/2018 10:42
Wall Street PitEIXGotta love when the market gives you a second chance to play the same short i...EPR5316711/16/2018 10:39
Wall Street PitRKDAHopefully we his link works better:EPR5316711/16/2018 10:25
Wall Street PitNVMM$NVMM Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Systems Market to Soar at s...Superman11/16/2018 10:22
Wall Street PitTSLARe: looks ready... news... cut solar panels by 25%.. new competition eombucyrus11/16/2018 10:17
Pinks and BBCRONtaking out 9.00..... eomcrainiac11/16/2018 10:01
Wall Street PitBLIN$BLIN .36--Bridgeline Digital, Inc....Added a Few......Chartspeculator11/16/2018 09:57
Pinks and BBCRON8.83, hod.... eomcrainiac11/16/2018 09:54
Wall Street PitPCGRe:get off your meds, California massive SURPLUS, we send more money to the F...theMagician11/16/2018 09:53
Wall Street PitPCGDem supermajority in Calif there is a snowballs chance they allow consumers t...theMagician11/16/2018 09:47
Wall Street PitEIXReshorted/ bought back puts right where I did the other day eomEPR5316711/16/2018 09:45
Nova Lifestyl...NVFY.93--Re: .89--Nova LifeStyle, Inc.....Bounce Watch......T/S...Chart eomspeculator11/16/2018 09:44
Pinks and BBTLRYramping up, could pop the sector..... eomcrainiac11/16/2018 09:44
Wall Street PitSONOOut all eomEPR5316711/16/2018 09:40
Wall Street PitFPAYFlexShopper, Inc. Reports Launch of New Pilot with 400-Store Retailerspeculator11/16/2018 08:40 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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