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Wall Street PitNFLI'll take Jags with the 7 1/2 points for 300 pc's if anyone is interested. eomholland5501/20/2018 10:18
Forward Indus...FORDR U a PSYCHIC ?? omg Re: added FORD 1.28, flies over 1.40 eomsinghtelecom01/19/2018 23:28
Wall Street PitNFLRe: Is Brady hurting that bad cause Im hearing Jags have a great chance of wi...deaconmike01/19/2018 21:59
Wall Street PitFORDRe: madaz@madaznfootballrP/L: Obviously not happy with giving back more than ...theMagician01/19/2018 21:36
Wall Street PitStop shorting low float stocks, you might make couple hundred bucks but lost ...Lionmaster01/19/2018 18:29
Wall Street PitFORDmadaz@madaznfootballrP/L: Obviously not happy with giving back more than a we...Lionmaster01/19/2018 18:28
Wall Street PitRe: Anyone here use Trade-Ideas for their gap up scanner? Just signed up and...efbailey01/19/2018 17:48
Wall Street PitRe: Anyone here use Trade-Ideas for their gap up scanner? Just signed up and...efbailey01/19/2018 17:16
Wall Street PitAMMA.87--Alliance MMA, Inc....Bottom Watch...Offering Closed....Chartspeculator01/19/2018 15:55
Wall Street PitRe: Blockchainfan you in penalty box for pos lying.undervalued01/19/2018 15:48
Wall Street PitARDMRe: I am shorting @2.38, anybody wanna buy it?undervalued01/19/2018 15:47
Wall Street PitARDMRe: I am shorting @2.38, anybody wanna buy it?undervalued01/19/2018 15:47
Wall Street PitSPYi think what you meant is "chugga chugga choo choo!" Re: Well higher we go...luvb2b01/19/2018 15:37
Wall Street PitOur moderators and myself will ban any person for trash talking and posting c...Lionmaster01/19/2018 15:36
Wall Street PitBlockchainfan you in penalty box for pos lying. eomLionmaster01/19/2018 15:33
Wall Street PitIt's one thing to post trades it another thing to post lies and who they neve...Lionmaster01/19/2018 15:31
Wall Street PitARDM$2.38 was ask that never hit. Your $2.38 short is fuk bogus. eomLionmaster01/19/2018 15:30
Wall Street PitARDMRe: short 2K @$2.38Lionmaster01/19/2018 15:29
Pinks and BBGBLXlate runs............. eomcrainiac01/19/2018 15:28
InfoSonics Co...IFON$IFON $1.80-- $1.63--InfoSonics Corporation.......small float........Chart eomspeculator01/19/2018 15:27
Wall Street PitARDM$2.38 Rtq Hod. Oh boy shorts at $2.08 am. Ouch. eomLionmaster01/19/2018 15:26
Wall Street PitARDMRe: brace for impact and get your money burnt when FDA kills it.Lionmaster01/19/2018 15:25
Wall Street PitARDM$2.32 ask. eomLionmaster01/19/2018 15:08
Wall Street PitARDMJust hit $2.28 ask wow eomLionmaster01/19/2018 15:08
Pinks and BBTRTCJoint venturescrainiac01/19/2018 15:00
Wall Street Pit$2.22 Rtq HOD wow. Lionmaster01/19/2018 15:07
Wall Street PitARDMPrinting close to high of day. Looking for $3s next week. Lock load. eomLionmaster01/19/2018 14:48
Wall Street PitSocial media explained...theMagician01/19/2018 14:19
Wall Street PitTISARe: TISA in play on FORD buyout peer - IoT data mining stock . Downtrend brea...theMagician01/19/2018 14:13
Wall Street PitTISARe: trader who called FORD long TISA nowtheMagician01/19/2018 13:47
Wall Street Pit$JMU $1.17-- $1.26-- $1.14--JMU Limited....SMALL FLOAT.....Chart eomspeculator01/19/2018 13:33
Wall Street PitTISAtrader who called FORD long TISA now eomtheMagician01/19/2018 13:25
Wall Street PitTISATISA looks exactly like the co FORD boughtout and stock up 200%, FORD profits...theMagician01/19/2018 13:19
Wall Street PitTISATISA in play on FORD buyout peer - IoT data mining stock . Downtrend breakout...theMagician01/19/2018 13:19
Wall Street PitSNDXGiddy Uppppppppppppppppppppppppppp eomEPR5316701/19/2018 12:25
Wall Street PitARDMShould see big runup next week. Always days early. Lock load here eomLionmaster01/19/2018 12:19
S&P 500 Index...SPYgot 13x this am, so continuing to make small sales today, getting closer to 9...luvb2b01/19/2018 12:09
Wall Street PitIFON$IFON $1.81-- $1.63--InfoSonics Corporation.......small float........Chart eomspeculator01/19/2018 12:06
Wall Street PitGSUMRe: Move to $30-$50? =>Up about 10% since following you in last weekSuperman01/19/2018 11:20
Wall Street PitORPNRoller coaster ride #2, again unnoticed by the Lion Gang eomEPR5316701/19/2018 11:18 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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