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Wall Street PitRe: Hard to believedeaconmike12/08/2016 22:08
Wall Street PitNFLRe: 13 degrees or whatever...too cold, let some air out of the ball.... eomholland5512/08/2016 21:06
Wall Street PitNFLRe: 13 degrees or whatever, the Raiders will win! Sounds good, 50 pc's eomholland5512/08/2016 19:50
Wall Street PitNFLRe: 13 degrees or whatever, the Raiders will win!deaconmike12/08/2016 19:42
Wall Street PitNFL13 degrees or whatever, the Raiders will win!holland5512/08/2016 19:34
Wall Street PitNFLRe: Great game tonight....Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs..!!!............deaconmike12/08/2016 19:19
Wall Street PitDWTIdelisted tonight but CS launching duplicates friday. DWT and UWTefbailey12/08/2016 18:11
Wall Street PitIDXGRe: 1000% from my load da boat call!@deaconmike12/08/2016 17:58
Wall Street PitIDXG1000% from my load da boat call!@ eomtheMagician12/08/2016 17:56
Wall Street Pit13d Alpha Capital Anstalt 26.9% eomefbailey12/08/2016 16:05
Wall Street PitMBLXRe: MBLX 100% winner now!!!!!!!!>> great work on these magic man! eomefbailey12/08/2016 16:03
Wall Street PitMBLXMBLX 100% winner now!!!!!!!! eomtheMagician12/08/2016 15:59
Wall Street PitLABULooks like the rotation is pointing back to health care / biotech / pharma fo...EPR5316712/08/2016 15:48
TransgenomicTBIORe: TBIO vol spike blocks 28c, added for move to 35-40c on vol surge eomtheMagician12/08/2016 15:47
Wall Street PitSYRXi have two top plays into tomorrow SYRX and OGHI both with 50% potential upsi...theMagician12/08/2016 15:43
Wall Street PitSYRXloaded SYRX for late day run 50% upside here to 40c eomtheMagician12/08/2016 15:37
Wall Street PitWith QP over and 2 positive releases this past week, the upside is coming int...EPR5316712/08/2016 15:36
Wall Street PitMBLXposted almost every monster runner with charts and dd and targets b4 they ran...theMagician12/08/2016 15:29
Wall Street PitMBLXMBLX 45c another 50% winner from chart and dd eomtheMagician12/08/2016 15:26
MetabolixMBLXRe: MBLX chart says 42c or 50% higher penny under cash with small float chasi...theMagician12/08/2016 15:16
Wall Street PitNAKRe: Why was Nak at 20 cents.. the bet is new EPA head will approve it.. IMHO ...bucyrus12/08/2016 15:13
Wall Street PitNAKRe: Why Nak at 20 cents earlier in the year?... Fed EPA denial of mining perm...bucyrus12/08/2016 15:10
Wall Street PitTCCOOughta wake up on peer XGTI breakout eomEPR5316712/08/2016 14:47
Wall Street Pit2.10 in down here...radar future natgas demand w/ oilSunTzu77212/08/2016 15:00
Wall Street PitWYNNCasinos gettin' robbed here - wow...Macau news out put in a serious crush... eomEPR5316712/08/2016 14:36
Wall Street PitDISsold 3/4 DIS $105 calls +300% eomtheMagician12/08/2016 14:29
Wall Street PitFAZDoubled down - will add more tomorrow if the ridiculousness continues... eomEPR5316712/08/2016 14:19
Wall Street PitSSHRe: one question: what was the link between idxg and ssh? their businesses s...theMagician12/08/2016 14:03
Sunshine Hear...SSHone question: what was the link between idxg and ssh? their businesses seem ...luvb2b12/08/2016 14:00
Wall Street PitXGTIadded XGTI for 40c break 62-88c on chart..theMagician12/08/2016 13:51
Wall Street PitSSHSSH about to hit my 63c target I posted this mornin at 23c, almost 200% gain ...theMagician12/08/2016 13:44
Wall Street PitYRCWcalls up around 7x from initial entries Re: yrcw at 2016 highs not far from 5...luvb2b12/08/2016 13:41
Wall Street PitSSH23c alert printing 57c now eomtheMagician12/08/2016 13:34
Wall Street PitSSHSSHBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! eomtheMagician12/08/2016 13:34
Wall Street PitOHGIhere we gooooooooooo! eomtheMagician12/08/2016 13:22
Wall Street PitESRXRe: puts already up , lucky for those in the know ............huge Citron sl...efbailey12/08/2016 13:13
Wall Street PitRDUSAnd this is on GOOD news lol eomEPR5316712/08/2016 13:12
Wall Street PitOHGImy next TOP PENNY PLAY after IDXG and SSH massive moves..chart with notes..theMagician12/08/2016 13:05
Wall Street PitESRXtarget $45, Left on CNBC 5:30 EST>Re: getting hit, Citron eomjjkool_0112/08/2016 13:05
Wall Street PitESRXgetting hit, Citron eomjjkool_0112/08/2016 13:03 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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