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Wall Street PitRe: Yea right. The "Benghazi thing is over" you so brazenly declare. I'm sure...deaconmike07/23/2016 17:03
Wall Street PitRe: Clinton lied, Trump is worsedeaconmike07/23/2016 15:10
Wall Street PitRe: One more thingdeaconmike07/23/2016 12:47
Wall Street PitRe: Wikileaks releases DNC emails colluding with media to destroy Sanders cam...deaconmike07/23/2016 12:43
Wall Street PitWikileaks releases DNC emails colluding with media to destroy Sanders campaig...efbailey07/23/2016 11:20
Wall Street PitGreat video for all you Hillary supportersdeaconmike07/23/2016 10:06
Wall Street PitRe: Gop ideasdeaconmike07/22/2016 23:35
Wall Street PitRe: Hillary picks Tim Kaine -deaconmike07/22/2016 21:01
Wall Street PitRe: Train wrecks overdeaconmike07/22/2016 18:34
Wall Street PitRe: Train wrecks overdeaconmike07/22/2016 18:32
Wall Street PitS&P 500 Q3 earnings growth rate est go negative this wk, that would be 6 stra...efbailey07/22/2016 17:41
Wall Street PitDMD + Breast CANCER Play singhtelecom07/22/2016 16:00
Wall Street PitI'd be surprised if we don't see a slew of financings from these low float mo...theMagician07/22/2016 15:56
Wall Street PitRLYPsep 32 call vol 50000 eomsinghtelecom07/22/2016 15:50
Wall Street PitSRPTLong 21 PUT and 26 call Weekly 07/29 eomsinghtelecom07/22/2016 15:42
Wall Street PitRLYPACAD or SGYP I guess !! Let's see !Re: Sep 32 calls VOL 30000 eomsinghtelecom07/22/2016 15:31
Wall Street PitNSYSAnother profitable low float play yet to move is NSYS. $120 million in annual...undervalued07/22/2016 14:54
Wall Street PitRLYPRe: Sep 32 calls VOL 30000Superman07/22/2016 14:50
Wall Street PitGLBSTOPS flying again GLBS low float shipper started that move 52c now eomtheMagician07/22/2016 14:45
Wall Street PitSYRSAssuming they get the 25-day version, QP ends Monday so expect buy ratings fr...EPR5316707/22/2016 14:38
Wall Street PitRLYPSep 32 calls VOL 30000 eomsinghtelecom07/22/2016 14:26
Wall Street PitORPNRe: It is my one laggard right now, but I figure patience will pay off and I ...undervalued07/22/2016 14:21
Wall Street PitORPNORPN so coiled and ready to move higher. Down from $8 back in March on its mo...undervalued07/22/2016 14:21
Wall Street PitPublic transportation halted in Munich.......... eomcrainiac07/22/2016 14:16
Wall Street PitZika fears grow with second possible local case in Floridacrainiac07/22/2016 14:11
Wall Street PitRe: Very possibly will run early next week. Buying some Re: Bids keep tickin...EPR5316707/22/2016 13:55
Wall Street PitBRNadding BRN last of the low float energy plays off GBR $2.20+ chart target eomtheMagician07/22/2016 13:44
Wall Street PitIDRAgetting play, could pop here, imo.......... eomcrainiac07/22/2016 13:38
Wall Street PitGBRlow float energy huge moves GBR MXC LEI eomtheMagician07/22/2016 13:36
Wall Street PitEDITRe: very strong...............crainiac07/22/2016 13:28
Wall Street PitUWTISeems cheap eomEPR5316707/22/2016 13:14
Wall Street PitFlorida May Have a Second Non-Travel-Related Case of Zikacrainiac07/22/2016 13:01
Wall Street PitVIImass shooting in German shopping center, security stocks on watch eomtheMagician07/22/2016 12:48
Wall Street PitEDITvery strong............... eomcrainiac07/22/2016 12:39
Wall Street PitPHMDCPHI SNTA 40% moves from 25c - PHMD next eomtheMagician07/22/2016 12:22
Wall Street PitSRPTWeeklt 07/29 Action 30 and 35 calls eomsinghtelecom07/22/2016 12:16
Wall Street PitCMGI wished you POSt strike price too at first alert ( thanks) Re: in some C's eomsinghtelecom07/22/2016 12:10
Wall Street PitTSLAAmber Heard Dating TSLA? ceosinghtelecom07/22/2016 12:04
Wall Street PitPHMDIn February PHMD sold one of its divisions for $48m. The company buying howev...theMagician07/22/2016 11:47
Wall Street PitVLTCLooks about to blow up?!?!?! eomEPR5316707/22/2016 11:00 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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