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ForumSymbolMessage Preview / SubjectAuthorDate (ET)
Wall Street PitSTAFDon't think folks realize the enormity of this news. Pretty epic for a co. th...EPR5316709/19/2017 15:56
Wall Street PitIMRNNews totally missed by the street:EPR5316709/19/2017 15:51
Wall Street PitMYOSMega/boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom eomEPR5316709/19/2017 15:32
Wall Street PitMYOSRe: What a turnaround - unfortinately missed cheap shares earlier this am ......EPR5316709/19/2017 15:18
Wall Street PitMYOSWhat a turnaround - unfortinately missed cheap shares earlier this am ...anyo...EPR5316709/19/2017 15:15
New Political...Re: 9 11 Was a total inside job look at WTC 7 You can see the Bombs going off...deaconmike09/19/2017 15:06
Wall Street PitCATBData Oct 4th phase 2 mini SRPT eomsinghtelecom09/19/2017 14:06
Wall Street PitHMNYJust wow eomEPR5316709/19/2017 13:55
Wall Street PitSTAFBought back @ $.85 two times the shares I got stop gained out of at $1.05 thi...EPR5316709/19/2017 13:45
Wall Street PitPTLAMight we see a close near the HOD?!?! eomEPR5316709/19/2017 13:32
Wall Street PitPTLAAwesome Reversal back up - now up close to $2 on net cost basis and will writ...EPR5316709/19/2017 12:50
Wall Street PitPTLARe: Reloaded long on ole favorite after substantial pullback - some common an...EPR5316709/19/2017 11:37
Wall Street Pit$YTRA Superpower India to Replace China as Growth Engine Superman09/19/2017 11:16
Wall Street PitBZUNHello $37's!! Beautiful Reversal Day in the making?!?! eomEPR5316709/19/2017 11:06
Wall Street PitBZUNHello $37's!! Beautiful Reversal Day in the making?!?! eomEPR5316709/19/2017 11:06
Wall Street PitPTLAReloaded long on ole favorite after substantial pullback - some common and so...EPR5316709/19/2017 11:03
Wall Street PitAAOICrazy eomEPR5316709/19/2017 10:40
Wall Street PitSTAFJust a gut feeling but thinking we could see $1.28-1.35 eomEPR5316709/19/2017 10:07
Wall Street Pit$SLN0 .69--Soleno Therapeutics.........Chartspeculator09/19/2017 10:00
Wall Street PitAXON$5.00 or $50.00 in few weeks eomsinghtelecom09/19/2017 09:51
Wall Street PitVSARHIGH risk OCt 30 call at $2.20 = could go 40 or 10 DATA due anyday eomsinghtelecom09/19/2017 09:51
Wall Street PitSTAFCan't tell you how happy this makes me :) eomEPR5316709/19/2017 09:31
Wall Street Pit$VERI big gap... AI theme here to stay... $GSUM $MARK next in line imo eomSuperman09/19/2017 09:29
Wall Street PitMARK$MARK AI tweet for Food safety China Superman09/19/2017 07:43
Wall Street PitCC huge potential in 1 year next PBYI imo singhtelecom09/19/2017 08:15
Wall Street PitSTAFRe: should move nicely will be buying premkt.EPR5316709/19/2017 07:26
Wall Street PitIGCthat have paid a fee to NNW to provide advertising, news and public relations...singhtelecom09/19/2017 04:06
Wall Street PitAAOILeft myself another ~$9 upside with covered calls - will it be enough?!?! eomEPR5316709/18/2017 14:14
Wall Street Pit$GSUM launch pad .,,..more legit than VERI imo...MARK also has tons of poten...Superman09/18/2017 14:11
Wall Street PitBZUNFWIW, 6 Form 144 filings totaling ~220,000 shares filed in last coupla weeks ...EPR5316709/18/2017 13:40
Wall Street PitPOLAAveraged down $4.40 eomEPR5316709/18/2017 13:15
Wall Street PitTHST$THST $2.25--$2.18--Truett-Hurst, Inc....Volume Watch.....small float 4.2Mil....speculator09/18/2017 12:11
Wall Street PitBZUNRe: what strike price? Re: Shorted and picked up some Nov puts - expecting R...EPR5316709/18/2017 12:03
Wall Street PitTHST$THST $2.18--Truett-Hurst, Inc....Volume Watch.....small float 4.2Mil.....Cha...speculator09/18/2017 12:02
Wall Street PitI have now written covered calls against practically every optionable long po...EPR5316709/18/2017 12:01
Wall Street PitOPXAOPXA vote is tomorrow even better - pushes over $1,.10 25-40% upside on charttheMagician09/18/2017 11:46
Wall Street PitBZUNShorted and picked up some Nov puts - expecting RH-month-of-August-type colla...EPR5316709/18/2017 11:27
Wall Street PitOPXAOPXA $1.07 breakout ahead of shareholder merger vote today could rocket like ...theMagician09/18/2017 11:20
Wall Street PitCLVSJust incredible eomEPR5316709/18/2017 11:06
Wall Street PitBLCMThe "forgotten" Car-T play is forgotten no more!!! eomEPR5316709/18/2017 10:59

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