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Wall Street PitElon Musk Wants To Put A Million People On Mars. Here's Whysinghtelecom10/01/2014 02:09
Wall Street PitFord announced one of the largest deployments for LED lighting. Sector on dea...bman09/30/2014 22:16
Wall Street PitRe: My Mad Cow disease is acting up today....thanks for the chuckles... class...bucyrus09/30/2014 21:19
Wall Street PitRe: EBOLA Terrorists crossing border with contaminated body fluids of willing...deaconmike09/30/2014 19:09
Wall Street PitI just purchased a HazMat suit off of Ebay,,,I'm all set for my Saturday trip...deaconmike09/30/2014 19:06
Wall Street PitPot decriminalization for small amounts takes effect in Maryland on Wednesd...bucyrus09/30/2014 17:23
Wall Street PitAgain, Ebola kills too quickly to be a pandemic... several breakouts over the...bucyrus09/30/2014 17:20
Wall Street PitRe: Ebola is less deadly than hep... it is too efficient.. it kills before it...bucyrus09/30/2014 17:18
Wall Street PitRe: Every plague known to man somehow begins in Africa...even human beings.. ...bucyrus09/30/2014 17:15
Wall Street PitRe: Disaster folks, uncontrollable disease Ebola now in USA...the patient had...bucyrus09/30/2014 17:12
Wall Street PitLAKElooking higher AH on Ebola eomnolan09/30/2014 17:02
Wall Street PitCBDERe: printing $3.10 now from $2.47-50 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ next $4+theMagician09/30/2014 16:07
Wall Street PitCBDERe: $2.78 break gives $3.10 then $4 on crazy low float mania...chart.. $3.20...theMagician09/30/2014 15:42
Wall Street PitCBDEprinting $3.10 now from $2.47-50 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ next $4+ eomtheMagician09/30/2014 15:28
Real Goods So...RGSERe: big IPO this week VSLR, solar installations - RGSE peer.. $1.74 from $1.5...theMagician09/30/2014 15:24
Wall Street PitCBDE$2.78 break gives $3.10 then $4 on crazy low float mania...chart..theMagician09/30/2014 15:07
Wall Street PitRe: Ryan has shared... he's just not "loud" enough for some eombucyrus09/30/2014 15:05
Wall Street PitCBDEVSLR is expected to be this weeks big IPO. They install residential solar sys...theMagician09/30/2014 14:57
Wall Street PitGPROthis is starting to remind me of 1999. was darn near impossible to short thes...luvb2b09/30/2014 14:43
Ascent Solar ...ASTIRe: ASTI is low float solar that could run big on VLSR $2.24 now from $2 ale...theMagician09/30/2014 14:17
Wall Street PitPIMCO execs on CNBC- those guys look real uncomfortable....... eomcrainiac09/30/2014 14:04
Wall Street PitGPRO22M shares and only up $2, someone's unloading/going short here, short-term t...Ry557709/30/2014 13:57
Image Sensing...ISNScovered $3.45>Re:...short since $9 eomjjkool_0109/30/2014 13:47
Wall Street PitLIONRe: congratulations all.... of course 2 million of those were CCME, VRNG, DE...bucyrus09/30/2014 13:42
Wall Street PitLIONRe: congratulations all.... eombucyrus09/30/2014 13:41
Wall Street PitAMTDRe: is ameritrades charts not working .. they've NEVER worked.. go to finviz....bucyrus09/30/2014 13:31
Image Sensing...ISNS$3.50>Re:sub $4 now>...short since $9 eomjjkool_0109/30/2014 13:12
Wall Street PitGPRORe: you assume that everyone else's life is more interesting... interesting e...bucyrus09/30/2014 12:47
Wall Street PitSBGLa gold stock that's actually up eomnolan09/30/2014 12:25
Wall Street PitCRRdown 50% from Aug. 1 eomnolan09/30/2014 12:23
Wall Street PitSDRe: it's the drilling program with SD... way below projections, stopped progr...bucyrus09/30/2014 12:22
Wall Street PitUSOslowdown in china and europe is just killing it. Re: crude oil getting trashe...luvb2b09/30/2014 12:16
Wall Street Pitno more tanker hijackings.. remember them? ISIS will be the same.. nobody re...bucyrus09/30/2014 12:14
Wall Street PitUSORe: crude oil..geopolitics.. Saudis & US punishing Putins excursions by tanki...bucyrus09/30/2014 12:12
Wall Street PitUSORe: crude oil getting trashed here. maybe some end of quarter commodity fund ...theMagician09/30/2014 12:09
Wall Street PitUSORe: crude oil getting trashed here. maybe some end of quarter commodity fund ...theMagician09/30/2014 12:08
Wall Street PitUSOcrude oil getting trashed here. maybe some end of quarter commodity fund liqu...luvb2b09/30/2014 12:04
Wall Street PitRGSE$1.80 50 day ma then $2+, the pure play on tomorrows HOT IPO, mkt cap $77m wi...theMagician09/30/2014 11:57
Wall Street PitRGSESOLAR IPO: Vivint . Multiple times oversubscribed eomtheMagician09/30/2014 11:35
Wall Street PitRGSEi really like RGSE chart and it is THE peer of VLSR, chart and IPO could rip ...theMagician09/30/2014 11:34 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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