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Wall Street PitLate expanded volumebman06/27/2017 19:32
Wall Street PitLABDGreat hedge if you play biotechs on long side. Many here paired this up. eomLionmaster06/27/2017 16:09
Wall Street PitCXRXRe: Quietly had a green day on a down day...Lionmaster06/27/2017 16:08
Wall Street PitEYESRe: Got it. Thanks! Re: Orion? I dont see that mentioned on their website. I ...Lionmaster06/27/2017 16:07
Wall Street PitEYESRe: Orion? I dont see that mentioned on their website. I see Argus I and Argu...Lionmaster06/27/2017 15:38
Wall Street PitEYES$1.36 Rtq hod. Their Orion device about to start enrollment for FDA submissio...Lionmaster06/27/2017 14:56
Wall Street PitRHPretty incredible - and sickening - strength. Sticking with the short for now...EPR5316706/27/2017 14:54
Wall Street PitRADOld retailers are closing down stores. Why would Walgreens keep adding more j...Lionmaster06/27/2017 14:53
Wall Street PitRADFake chatter site putting out fake buyouts. I remember one of those sites bef...Lionmaster06/27/2017 14:51
Wall Street PitALDRAveraged down $13.90, picked up some deep ITM Jan '18 calls for very little p...EPR5316706/27/2017 14:48
Wall Street PitRVPCBI 35% up huge today on favorable court ruling. Market caught by surprise. R...PornStarTrader06/27/2017 14:40
Wall Street PitLABDBoooom eomLionmaster06/27/2017 14:23
Wall Street PitLABDBeen buying this inverse biotech ETF. Great hedge here. Many bloated biotechs...Lionmaster06/27/2017 13:27
Wall Street PitALDRReloaded once again $14.65 after stop-gained out 'fore Noon... eomEPR5316706/27/2017 13:00
Wall Street PitSCON up dime here someone fly drone over $SCON plant see whats happening eombman06/27/2017 12:58
Wall Street Pit.43--Re: .37--Uni-Pixel, Inc.......Bottom Watch.............Chart eomspeculator06/27/2017 12:48
Wall Street PitEBIOEBIO bottom bio ph3 ww over 155 if we ever breech point eombman06/27/2017 12:47
Wall Street PitSCONMARA AMDA CYHHZ JASNW etc etc , add wait bank eomtheMagician06/27/2017 12:41
Wall Street PitSCONSCON in b4 the scanner chasers find it 25% higher, news anytime next 3 days o...theMagician06/27/2017 12:40
Wall Street PitJASNW 75% from alert yesterday at 8c on warrant momo eomtheMagician06/27/2017 12:27
Wall Street PitSCON3 days left for SCON news, chart is ripe - big move time like AMDA yesterday eomtheMagician06/27/2017 12:01
Wall Street PitMYOMyomo, Inc. Announces Publication of Significant Clinical ResearchSunTzu77206/27/2017 12:00
Wall Street PitSCONread SCON transcript from last eps they said news by end of June 35m order,,,...theMagician06/27/2017 12:00
Wall Street PitRVPRe: Loaded some RVP here at 1.10 over weeks. "REFUNDABLE LOTTERY TICKET" trad...PornStarTrader06/27/2017 11:53
Wall Street PitFCSCUp ~65% from posted cost. Too bad I'm all on my own here :(... eomEPR5316706/27/2017 11:50
Uni-Pixel Inc.UNXL.41--Re: .37--Uni-Pixel, Inc.......Bottom Watch.............Chart eomspeculator06/27/2017 11:38
Wall Street PitCRMD.48--Re: $CRMD .45--CorMedix, Inc.....Bottom Watch......Tight Stop.....Chart eomspeculator06/27/2017 11:25
Wall Street PitRHNice start - would LOVE to see RED today :) eomEPR5316706/27/2017 11:00
Wall Street PitTRCHTRCH 155 add ..1.60 spot small oil eombman06/27/2017 10:56
Wall Street PitHUSAadd 65c on chart breakout here on oil pop, retraced from $1 could be a fat bo...theMagician06/27/2017 10:51
Wall Street PitCEIadded CEI 22xx on dip for bounce with DXTR romping eomtheMagician06/27/2017 10:33
Wall Street PitMSDIMSDI - LOI provides that Innovate would have a valuation of $60 million and ...theMagician06/27/2017 10:26
Wall Street PitAAOI$60.38 after nice pullback these last couple weeks eomEPR5316706/27/2017 10:26
Wall Street PitMSDIThe companies further stated that the LOI provides that Innovate would have a...theMagician06/27/2017 10:23
Wall Street PitAMDARe: FDA News this week per earnings report, big vol last week could see large...theMagician06/27/2017 10:22
Wall Street PitFCSCJust doesn't stop eomEPR5316706/27/2017 10:10
Wall Street PitRHRe-shorted $64.08 after stopped out yesterday on 60 break... eomEPR5316706/27/2017 10:06
Wall Street PitAVGRAVGR will go BIG soon eomtheMagician06/27/2017 10:02
Wall Street Pitbig money alerts all month - hope u are all BANKING! eomtheMagician06/27/2017 10:01
AMEDICA CORPAMDARe: FDA News this week per earnings report, big vol last week could see large...theMagician06/27/2017 10:01 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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