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Wall Street PitGSL$GSL Global Ship Lease Announces Agreement to Acquire 8,063 TEU Vessel http:/...speculator09/18/2014 07:35
Global Ship L...GSL$GSL $4.18--$3.77--Global Ship Lease, Inc......Bottom/VolumeWatch.....Chartspeculator09/18/2014 07:27
Wall Street PitIWMoh and there was one other thing which spurred me to action - the dow made a ...luvb2b09/17/2014 21:33
Wall Street PitQQQwith two of the major indexes lagging, breadth readings lagging, bond yields ...luvb2b09/17/2014 21:27
Wall Street PitAverage mkt gain year 6 of President is 23%, rally begins Sept 11 on average ...theMagician09/17/2014 20:23
Wall Street PitIWMcarrying a chunky short position overnight tonight. really feel like the risi...luvb2b09/17/2014 19:48
American Tele...AIDeclares $0.875 per Share Dividend for the Third Quarter of 2014jjkool_0109/17/2014 16:57
American Tele...AIDeclares $0.875 per Share Dividend for the Third Quarter of 201jjkool_0109/17/2014 16:57
Wall Street PitISNSreally losing it now, 4.12>Re: 4.31>5.14>Re: added more shorts, patience pays...jjkool_0109/17/2014 15:36
Wall Street PitIWMwith bonds cratering have to take a shot at equity shorts here eomluvb2b09/17/2014 15:25
Image Sensing...ISNS4.31>5.14>Re: added more shorts, patience pays; short since $9 eomjjkool_0109/17/2014 15:13
Wall Street PitWLT$140 to $3.65 in 3 years eomnolan09/17/2014 15:13
Wall Street PitRe: 5/5 times SP 500 moved less than half percent for over 10 days RALLY, we ...theMagician09/17/2014 15:08
Wall Street PitRe: we have yet imo to see a mother of a mkt short squeeze, shorts everywhere...Ry557709/17/2014 14:46
Wall Street Pitwe have yet imo to see a mother of a mkt short squeeze, shorts everywhere, in...theMagician09/17/2014 14:35
Wall Street PitScotland elected their version of the teabaggers to power ,ones driving this,...theMagician09/17/2014 14:26
Wall Street PitScotland aint voting YES come on, and even if the 1% chance it did pass would...theMagician09/17/2014 14:25
Wall Street PitFed 5 min influence on mkt over, back to rally eomtheMagician09/17/2014 14:13
Wall Street Pitotc stocks banned on the forum guys eomtheMagician09/17/2014 14:11
Wall Street PitThe Fed cut its 2015 GDP outlook to 2.6%-3% and sees a slightly weaker 2.6%-2...theMagician09/17/2014 14:06
Wall Street PitBABARe: years ago I was buying bulk on Alibaba and selling on eBay until USPS ePa...bucyrus09/17/2014 13:12
Wall Street PitGIGMTAOBAO is Alibaba company..theMagician09/17/2014 12:21
Wall Street PitGIGMAlibaba + GIGM...theMagician09/17/2014 12:02
Wall Street PitFDXRe: Fed Ex VERY bullish earnings report for the US economytheMagician09/17/2014 11:39
Wall Street PitFDXFed Ex VERY bullish earnings report for the US economy eomtheMagician09/17/2014 11:22
Wall Street PitVLTCVLTC low float cash rich mobile loyalty play on news Apple is rolling out a l...theMagician09/17/2014 10:24
Wall Street PitVLTCVLTC AAPLE PAY loyalty program eomtheMagician09/17/2014 10:23
Wall Street PitDRYS3.10............................ eomcrainiac09/17/2014 09:47
Wall Street PitNETENETE and AAPL Pay - my dd ROCKS...yes Im patting myself on this but I absolut...theMagician09/17/2014 09:21
Wall Street PitSINORe: SINO exploding in pmcrainiac09/17/2014 09:10
Wall Street PitIFONMay be U shorted it? that;s why !! jk haha Re: IFON Exploding in the pre mark...singhtelecom09/17/2014 09:02
Global Ship L...GSL$GSL $4.09--$3.77--Global Ship Lease, Inc......Bottom/VolumeWatch.....Chart eomspeculator09/17/2014 07:49
LIQTECH INTL INCLIQT$1.81--$1.55--LiqTech International, Inc...Cleaner Air and Cleaner Water...In...speculator09/17/2014 07:18
Wall Street PitDRYSChina Broadens Stimulus in Reported $81 Billion Injectioncrainiac09/16/2014 22:19
Wall Street PitIFONRe: IFON Anyone know why this one is going Nuts for?? Dont see any news..trad...theMagician09/16/2014 17:29
Wall Street PitLIQThows a 30c gain in a few mins! told ya this stock would be the big winner on ...theMagician09/16/2014 15:44
Wall Street PitLIQTKABOOOOOM eomtheMagician09/16/2014 15:39
Wall Street PitTEU1.45...................... eomcrainiac09/16/2014 15:33
Wall Street PitTEUBOOOOMMM!!!!.................... eomcrainiac09/16/2014 15:24
Wall Street PitCNTFLooking for $1.65 200 day on chart...engaged in the original design, developm...theMagician09/16/2014 15:23 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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