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ForumSymbolMessage Preview / SubjectAuthorDate (ET)
Wall Street PitRAD10,000 January 1.00 puts bought in one print for 0.09 eomsinghtelecom09/25/2018 01:41
Wall Street PitKORS2,016 November 70 calls bought for 3.10 earnings 11/05 eomsinghtelecom09/25/2018 01:39
Wall Street PitJDWECHAT messages of THAT nightsinghtelecom09/25/2018 01:37
Wall Street PitSPOT2,500 October 185 calls bought from 3.20 eomsinghtelecom09/25/2018 01:25
Wall Street PitAMRNI pounded on TABLE for 1500% gainer on options . hahah Re: Citi sees another ...singhtelecom09/25/2018 01:06
New Political...Re: Trump policies are loved by the world eomholland5509/25/2018 01:06
Pinks and BBI recommend that posters click the link since there is a lot more in the arti...crainiac09/24/2018 22:41
Wall Street PitRe: added 50k more .285 .29 area tx for the cheapies u morons.. some traders ...undervalued09/24/2018 18:44
Recon TechnologyRCONRe: RCON low float oiler $1.27 breakout..$1.63 afterhours yet another winner ...theMagician09/24/2018 18:00
Wall Street PitHUSAHUSA to 40-45c tomorrow off CEI and YUMA eomtheMagician09/24/2018 17:42
Pinks and BBEyes of the global marijuana industry are on Canada as it legalizes recreatio...crainiac09/24/2018 16:36
Wall Street PitRCONRCON low float oiler $1.27 breakout eomtheMagician09/24/2018 15:39
Wall Street PitOSN2.13 high alert- float 830k energy/materials 6 month eps quadrupled .24 vs .0...SunTzu77209/24/2018 15:38
Wall Street PitHUSAHUSA booom eomtheMagician09/24/2018 15:27
Wall Street PitPKDchart with notes...theMagician09/24/2018 15:25
Wall Street PitPKDlong PKD $3.55 lookin for $4-7, down 40% from its split 6.4m float oilertheMagician09/24/2018 15:22
Wall Street PitALTexited today at a small loss. the tiny share offering they had priced at suc...luvb2b09/24/2018 15:05
Wall Street PitWMLP$2.24--Re: $2.08/.10--Westmoreland Resource Partners,...1 Million +/- Float eomspeculator09/24/2018 14:50
Wall Street PitGURENet net cash (cash minus all liabilities) totaled $205,264,293 ($4.39* per sh...theMagician09/24/2018 14:03
Wall Street PitBRNBRN same float as GBR GBR 700k revs and BRN has $11m and BRN trades under ca...theMagician09/24/2018 13:37
Wall Street PitWMLP$2.20--Re: $2.08/.10--Westmoreland Resource Partners,...1 Million +/- Float eomspeculator09/24/2018 12:27
Wall Street PitJONEJONE turn then MXC eomtheMagician09/24/2018 12:12
Wall Street PitWMLP$2.08/.10--Westmoreland Resource Partners, LP......1 Million +/- Float eomspeculator09/24/2018 12:05
Wall Street PitMXC850k float 9% short and SEX at 22, Ill take my chances here for a move to $10theMagician09/24/2018 12:03
Wall Street PitHUSAin HUSA for 24c break on oil manai YUMA rippin from same price eomtheMagician09/24/2018 11:53
Wall Street PitMCXlast short squeeze took it from 5 to 14 in JUly, 9% short on 850k flaot - nex...theMagician09/24/2018 11:44
Intellipharma...IPCIRe: IPCI add for move over $3, 3.50-4 coming here on post split mania eomtheMagician09/24/2018 11:40
Wall Street PitMXCMXC 850k float oiler with 9% short interest - oh boy! https://stockcharts.c...theMagician09/24/2018 11:38
Wall Street PitBRNlong BRN low float oiler eomtheMagician09/24/2018 11:21
Wall Street PitJONEBOOOOM!~ eomtheMagician09/24/2018 11:20
Wall Street PitMXCIN MXC float under $1 can see $10 on SAEX eomtheMagician09/24/2018 11:14
Wall Street PitJDRe: In some shares and calls.. he has 80% voting rights and no successorbucyrus09/24/2018 11:07
Wall Street PitJONEtic tic tic eomtheMagician09/24/2018 11:07
Wall Street PitJONEJONE lock n load for mega run like SAEX eomtheMagician09/24/2018 10:58
Wall Street PitSAEXSAEX haled oil 3 yr highs up 30%, JONE ADD for 6-7 eomtheMagician09/24/2018 10:53
Wall Street PitSPYDeputy AG Rod Rosenstein to step down -- before Trump can fire him: report eomtheMagician09/24/2018 10:44
Wall Street PitOGENbooked 90% OGEN from 43c, profits into AGRX 35c eomtheMagician09/24/2018 09:36
Pandora MediaPHE knew? Re: 6,400 October 9 calls bought for 0.85 to 0.98 above open interes...singhtelecom09/24/2018 07:07
Wall Street PitAMRNHit 12 bucks . so those calls are 1200% eomsinghtelecom09/24/2018 06:39
Wall Street PitAMRN500-600% GAINER Re: 4,000 05October 4.50 calls bought from 0.58 to 0.65 again...singhtelecom09/24/2018 05:37

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