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Wall Street PitNFLXRe: I agree Sir. Carl Icahn must have seen their books too before he took sta...PornStarTrader02/09/2016 06:03
Wall Street PitNFLXI agree Sir. Carl Icahn must have seen their books too before he took stake b...singhtelecom02/09/2016 05:51
Wall Street PitVRNGLong VRNG at $1.51 Don't get too excited Ms Greenacres, its just a small po...PornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:44
Wall Street PitMLNKLong MLNK at $1.81 eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:41
Wall Street PitKOPNLong KOPN at $1.77 eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:40
Wall Street PitGNWLong GNW at $1.81 eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:39
Wall Street PitLong FUEL at $2.69 eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:38
Wall Street PitECRLong ECR at .74 cents eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:36
Wall Street PitDWSNLong DWSN at $3.04 eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:34
Wall Street PitLong DATA at $37.06 eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:37
Wall Street PitLong AAVL at $4.21 eomPornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:37
Wall Street PitCHKRe: CHK has almost $12 bln in debt, but high debt levels in an energy company...PornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:19
Wall Street PitDBRe: flirting with a 16 handle. the 15 puts i am in still have a year to play...PornStarTrader02/09/2016 05:13
Wall Street PitCHK has almost $12 bln in debt, but high debt levels in an energy company is ...singhtelecom02/09/2016 03:16
Wall Street PitTokyo stocks slide 5% amid growth fears eomsinghtelecom02/09/2016 03:06
Wall Street PitTSNlargest holding in my agressive ira is pluggin the holes. gotta eat eomefbailey02/08/2016 21:08
Wall Street PitRe: Former New York Mayor Bloomberg says he is eyeing a 2016 run for the Whit...deaconmike02/08/2016 17:34
Wall Street PitRe: LINK>> here's 1 from CNBC 20min ago. Bloomberg bounce coming?efbailey02/08/2016 16:25
Wall Street PitLINKsinghtelecom02/08/2016 16:13
Wall Street PitFormer New York Mayor Bloomberg says he is eyeing a 2016 run for the White Ho...singhtelecom02/08/2016 16:09
Wall Street PitETEmassive down vol on close almost as high as the open. -42% today. eomefbailey02/08/2016 16:05
Wall Street PitVKTXNice comeback - any good news tonight / tomorrow at the conference could have...EPR5316702/08/2016 15:58
Wall Street PitMedved trader is LIVE out of beta, free for now BEST TRADING platform for dis...theMagician02/08/2016 15:55
Wall Street PitGOOGLOh HELL YEA!!!! Today's calls at ~50% gains and oughta be double in potential...EPR5316702/08/2016 15:55
Wall Street PitFHCOZIKA plays moving nicely especially CERS - FHCO looks bottomed here eomtheMagician02/08/2016 15:48
Wall Street PitVKTXGrabbed s'more ahead of tonight/tomorrow's presentations eomEPR5316702/08/2016 15:46
Wall Street PitQQQalmost hod............. eomcrainiac02/08/2016 15:43
Google Class AGOOGLRe: Ok it's about time for something to trigger a rally as the vomit factor s...EPR5316702/08/2016 15:41
Wall Street Pit16 Zika virus cases reported in Florida eomcrainiac02/08/2016 15:32
Wall Street PitMNSTRe: long Feb19th $129P @ $3>> out the last 1 @ $12.60efbailey02/08/2016 15:20
Wall Street PitDXCMWow what a bounce - bought just a few minutes too early but IMHO could easily...EPR5316702/08/2016 14:54
Wall Street PitGLDRe: Perfect bullish retracement on 10 year chart from highsundervalued02/08/2016 14:33
Wall Street PitRe: Blizzard in New England is the only reason the market is downdeaconmike02/08/2016 14:16
Wall Street PitNATguy should go on CNBC more often!! lol eomefbailey02/08/2016 14:12
Wall Street PitQQQtaking off a few spy shorts here, but thinking it gets uglier later as vix is...luvb2b02/08/2016 13:49
Wall Street PitMNSTRe: Beauitful,,,Re: Out 1/2 130 puts $11.90 from low $3's avg cost...EPR5316702/08/2016 13:37
Wall Street PitYELPStrange intraday earnings release +17% and halted 4 times eomEPR5316702/08/2016 13:34
Wall Street PitMNSTOut 1/2 130 puts $11.90 from low $3's avg cost... eomEPR5316702/08/2016 12:57
Wall Street PitCMGRe: Free CHIPOTLE Sandwich on MEdeaconmike02/08/2016 12:57
Gen-Probe Inc...GPRORe: knew when i stopped friday i'd regret it. oh well someone had to be the s...efbailey02/08/2016 12:28

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