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Wall Street PitIt wasn't much fun trading the dow mini futures on crazy trading days like wh...deaconmike09/01/2015 19:45
Wall Street PitQQQRe: Is it even possible this is a stock market tantrum to not have a rate hik...crainiac09/01/2015 16:58
ALIBABA HOLDI...BABAit may be their buyback. i think they're just blowing cash trying to defend ...luvb2b09/01/2015 16:34
Wall Street PitQQQmoving higher over the bell, China was only down 1% while we were down 3%. Wh...crainiac09/01/2015 16:08
Wall Street PitChina was only down over 1% last night on poor PMI data. If China gets over i...crainiac09/01/2015 15:46
Wall Street PitSelloff? What market selloff?? eomcrainiac09/01/2015 15:41
Wall Street Pit1.70, hod................ eomcrainiac09/01/2015 15:05
American Asse...AAMCRe: +$7 in 3 days, I'll take itnice still got 200 sh I'm gonna try to hold fo...nolan09/01/2015 14:39
Wall Street PitZIOPin two weeks - We have completed the Phase 2 monotherapy studies in melanoma ...crainiac09/01/2015 13:56
Wall Street PitXONTaking on a Pest with Deadly Sexcrainiac09/01/2015 13:39
Wall Street Pitsneaky buying lately........... eomcrainiac09/01/2015 12:32
Wall Street PitAAMCRe: +$7 in 3 days, I'll take itnice still got 200 sh I'm gonna try to hold fo...efbailey09/01/2015 12:23
Wall Street PitRe: once a stock is delisted from nasdaq where does it end up at? eombucyrus09/01/2015 11:52
Wall Street PitTLTweak usa pmi, weak china pmi, s&p's gap 50 points lower and treasuries making...luvb2b09/01/2015 11:15
Wall Street PitZIOPMore ZIOP news today - Advanced Screening Tool Can Help Expand Cancer Immunot...crainiac09/01/2015 11:15
Wall Street PitAAMC+$7 in 3 days, I'll take it Re: could run $10 again from here eomnolan09/01/2015 11:08
Wall Street Pit90% of MD Anderson's ENTIRE US portfoilo is made up of ZIOP and XON stock. Th...crainiac09/01/2015 10:38
Wall Street PitZIOPThe solid tumor market is humongus and this is a major breakthrough. eomcrainiac09/01/2015 10:29
Wall Street PitZIOPModified CAR T cells can preferentially target cancer cells and spare normal ...crainiac09/01/2015 09:56
Wall Street PitZIOPgoing green on solid tumor treatment by CAR T cells............. eomcrainiac09/01/2015 09:50
Wall Street PitXONalmost green, Cramer comments yesterday and they supply technology to ZIOP wh...crainiac09/01/2015 09:46
Wall Street PitZIOPRe: my thoughts also. Would not be surprised if we go green on ZIOP.crainiac09/01/2015 09:32
Wall Street PitZIOPBig opportunity to take advantage in a down market. No one has had any real s...crainiac09/01/2015 09:20
Wall Street PitBABAnice morning crush. i expect it to trade 10-15% below the ipo print of 68. w...luvb2b09/01/2015 08:53
Wall Street Pitninja posting in all caps? wow this must be big! Re: RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Re: ...luvb2b09/01/2015 08:50
Wall Street PitFXI vs. SPYnolan09/01/2015 08:37
Wall Street PitZIOPZIOPHARM Announces Cancer Research Publication of Study Demonstrating Prefere...crainiac09/01/2015 08:21
Wall Street PitINTCbeen adding some intel puts into the upgrade. i felt they gave very aggressi...luvb2b08/31/2015 15:32
Wall Street PitTLTincreased size today around 30%, up to around 70% of the total trainload that...luvb2b08/31/2015 15:31
Wall Street PitBABAcompared to baba i thought bidu is a 'value' play. but china exposure hits b...luvb2b08/31/2015 15:29
Stocks For A ...RRMStook what I hope is my last bunch 28.55 Tuesday. I see your KMI looking bette...jjkool_0108/31/2015 14:07
Wall Street PitEOXgoing againRe: going nuts eomnolan08/31/2015 12:33
Wall Street PitOGXIIT has huge 5 catalysts phase 2 and phase 3 trading at cash and TANG capital ...singhtelecom08/31/2015 11:34
Wall Street PitECYTECYT re-appeared on our relative heightened volatility scan on Aug 11 ahead ...singhtelecom08/31/2015 10:44
Wall Street PitBABAtesting the ipo print again eomluvb2b08/31/2015 10:11
Wall Street PitOGXIKevin Tang GOOGLE him VNDA LJPC HRTX eomsinghtelecom08/31/2015 10:10
Wall Street H...TXMDonly worry is MKT is 1 BILLION scares me though eomsinghtelecom08/31/2015 07:53
Wall Street PitCHINAwhat i said in 2001-2002 You cant make a living working the land, he said. ...luvb2b08/31/2015 07:28
Wall Street H...TXMDVVA is a chronic condition resulting from the decrease in naturally occurring...singhtelecom08/31/2015 07:23
Wall Street Piti am positioned short china a-shares and short alibaba... i am also short us ...luvb2b08/30/2015 23:49

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