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Wall Street Pit125b this week in 2 days it's here just not as obvious as prior ones for now eomtheMagician09/19/2019 20:23
Wall Street Pithas sold off on several good prs lately, license to sell direct to retailers ...efbailey09/19/2019 18:29
New Political...Re: How long will it take to find out who Trump sold us down the river for. T...deaconmike09/19/2019 17:54
Wall Street PitSPYIf people realize there's no QE coming a big hole opens in the market eombucyrus09/19/2019 17:47
Wall Street Pit"it's crucial that investors understand that this isn't really "QE", per se" ...bucyrus09/19/2019 17:45
Wall Street PitRe: stated it to a question after testimony,,The reference is to Powells pres...theMagician09/19/2019 17:34
Wall Street Pitcorrect me if I'm wrong. Reading Powell's testimony I see no QE.. I do see a...bucyrus09/19/2019 17:11
Wall Street Pit$MYT .35-- .31--Urban Tea, Inc.......On Watch......Chart eomspeculator09/19/2019 16:10
Wall Street PitDMTKRe: This has warrants, trying to determine strike price/date Re: Starting to ...steeledge09/19/2019 15:37
DermTechDMTKRe: This has warrants, trying to determine strike price/date Re: Starting to ...SunTzu77209/19/2019 15:19
Wall Street PitCRCWhat the heck?????!!! eomEPR5316709/19/2019 15:17
Wall Street PitEROS$3.78 rtq whaddaadaayyyyy eomLionmaster09/19/2019 14:40
Wall Street PitUAVSthis Drone company has that look. HOT sector and a nice PR this morning. Poss...acinvestorblog09/19/2019 13:52
Wall Street PitAMZNAmazon orders 100K electric delivery trucks from Rivian .. owned by Amazon an...bucyrus09/19/2019 13:47
Wall Street PitJNUGGOLD-yupppppppppppp!!!! eomEPR5316709/19/2019 13:45
Wall Street PitBottow just left on vacation for a few days to clear his head eombucyrus09/19/2019 13:39
Wall Street PitRTTRRe: RTTR 27c add for a move to 34c+....29.9c so far eomtheMagician09/19/2019 13:33
Wall Street PitIRIXthis low float deserves your attention. Huge accumulation under way after a b...acinvestorblog09/19/2019 13:29
Wall Street PitSLRXAdded more shares $5.70s - when this turns, look out above! eomEPR5316709/19/2019 13:16
Wall Street PitJeez eomEPR5316709/19/2019 12:01
Wall Street PitMRSNthere goes. I think we could break $2 today. eomacinvestorblog09/19/2019 11:55
Wall Street PitMRSNpatience, it's all about patience. Stock is forming a nice bottom pattern wit...acinvestorblog09/19/2019 11:45
Wall Street PitRTTRRTTR 27c add for a move to 34c+. Dropped on bad news the same time as NTRP th...theMagician09/19/2019 10:58
Wall Street PitTWMCthis low float has that look. Positive MACD divergence within a falling wedge...acinvestorblog09/19/2019 10:48
Wall Street PitDMTKRe: Public float confirmed 729K so looking at Qualcomm founders, HLM Venture ...steeledge09/19/2019 10:31
Wall Street PitDMTKPublic float confirmed 729K so looking at Qualcomm founders, HLM Venture Part...SunTzu77209/19/2019 10:18
Wall Street PitJNUGJust as predicted - what spectacular buys yesterday afternoon!! eomEPR5316709/19/2019 10:08
Wall Street PitAPDNRe: APDN big news but the company morons talked to Maxim, buying their shares...theMagician09/19/2019 10:08
Wall Street PitCLWT4.82 in here *Euro Tech Holdings Company Limited Declares Issuance of Bonus S...SunTzu77209/19/2019 10:07
Wall Street PitBPMXBPMX $5m mkt cap with phase 3 drug ready for trials is INSANE there are bio ...theMagician09/19/2019 10:07
Wall Street PitLVGONice start - looking for quick bounce to $26-28 eomEPR5316709/19/2019 09:57
Wall Street PitEROSHuge Microsoft news. Hope all picked up days and weeks ago. eomLionmaster09/19/2019 09:54
Wall Street PitPW$IIPR and next up 1m float $PW -> Cannabis real estate is one of the most in...Superman09/19/2019 09:52
Wall Street PitTNAVpicked up 20k shares just now. Clear head and shoulders break on 10 days char...Lionmaster09/19/2019 09:45
Wall Street PitCSLT$CSLT $1.60--Castlight Health, Inc.....On Watch......Chartspeculator09/19/2019 09:39
Wall Street PitAPDNAPDN big news but the company morons talked to Maxim, buying their shares lis...theMagician09/19/2019 09:15
Wall Street PitBABASEP 23 INVESTORS DAY - Tiktok App might help boost $$singhtelecom09/19/2019 05:40
Wall Street PitMSFTThat's why I have ?? after my post. I am not a PSYCHIC . haha Re: announces n...singhtelecom09/19/2019 05:39
Wall Street PitAPDNand now the good news. Just out: LineaRx and Takis/Evvivax Anti-Cancer Vaccin...acinvestorblog09/19/2019 05:15
Wall Street PitAPDNRe: could see an HGSI type move. Insiders converted their debt into approxima...acinvestorblog09/19/2019 02:32 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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