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Wall Street PitAGMHThis low floater doesnt die. eomSuperman05/25/2018 08:16
Wall Street PitKORSJune 70 strike had 10000 Volume yesterday eomsinghtelecom05/25/2018 07:47
Wall Street PitGBTHuge vol in 35 PUTS and 65 CALLS HUGE DATA =do or die- SICKLE cell eomsinghtelecom05/25/2018 06:43
Wall Street PitBTAIBTAI is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing drug...singhtelecom05/25/2018 06:39
Wall Street Pit5,585 November 85 calls bought for 17.80 $9MILLION BET eomsinghtelecom05/25/2018 06:29
Wall Street PitIWM5,000 exp 01June strike 164 calls bought for 0.33 eomsinghtelecom05/25/2018 06:26
Wall Street PitDHI2,938 June 41.50 calls bought from 1.35-1.37 eomsinghtelecom05/25/2018 06:24
Wall Street PitCLR2,900 July 70 calls bought for 2.10 eomsinghtelecom05/25/2018 06:23
New Political...'It's a f---ing circus': Experts are floored that White House officials atten...holland5505/24/2018 18:54
Pinks and BBShort postions in cannabis related stocks at record highs.efbailey05/24/2018 18:25
Wall Street PitCYTXhere we go another big winner today !!!!! BIOL CHCI now CYTX baby! eomtheMagician05/24/2018 15:28
Wall Street PitBIOLBIOL KABOOOOM! CYTX next eomtheMagician05/24/2018 15:14
Wall Street PitUBXRolled ICLK $ into more UBX - looking for $15+ potentially by Tuesday on QP e...EPR5316705/24/2018 15:02
Wall Street PitICLKStop-gained out $8.48 eomEPR5316705/24/2018 14:55
Wall Street PitICLKRe: Buckle up and batten down the hatchesEPR5316705/24/2018 14:43
Wall Street PitCYTXCYTX 1 for 10 split today was at $3 after the open should fly on this $2.36 b...theMagician05/24/2018 14:35
Wall Street PitICLKBuckle up and batten down the hatches eomEPR5316705/24/2018 14:30
Pinks and BBarticle passed around on Twitter suggest Right to Try bill includes cannabis ...efbailey05/24/2018 14:28
Wall Street PitRe: Google news great improvement, now move quotes to Google - still think li...efbailey05/24/2018 14:11
Wall Street PitICLKGetting frisky on size bids and chart says she could go back to year high for...EPR5316705/24/2018 14:03
Wall Street PitIRe: Why fight it going to 20EPR5316705/24/2018 14:01
Wall Street PitIRe: Why fight it going to 20EPR5316705/24/2018 13:52
Wall Street PitCRSPLooks like the party may have ended for now - will be ready to reload on a fu...EPR5316705/24/2018 13:44
Wall Street PitRe: Google news great improvement, now move quotes to GoogleLionmaster05/24/2018 13:35
Wall Street PitNETSBooooooomm over $3. Been up 6 straight trading days since mentioned last weds...Lionmaster05/24/2018 13:29
Wall Street PitBRZUDoubled down - hoping those bastardos get their house in order ;) eomEPR5316705/24/2018 13:26
Wall Street PitIPut in order to average down on puts - the harder she runs now, the more spec...EPR5316705/24/2018 13:20
Pinks and BBWell timed entries are holding up!...Re: In for 15k shares at 1.18......Re: f...crainiac05/24/2018 13:14
Wall Street PitRe: Nice way to kill a summit , should've called Bolton a Dummy too Re: North...deaconmike05/24/2018 12:41
Wall Street PitGoogle news great improvement, now move quotes to Google eombucyrus05/24/2018 12:17
Wall Street PitVYGRNHOD & Looking like it may want to blast off shortly... eomEPR5316705/24/2018 12:17
Pinks and BBHEMPIllinois governor gets bill legalizing industrial hempcrainiac05/24/2018 11:43
Wall Street PitBZUNSold rest of long shares for $14+ gain and out calls up nearly 300% - had to ...EPR5316705/24/2018 11:42
Wall Street PitWUBACould she go green???? eomEPR5316705/24/2018 11:35
Pinks and BBfilled at 1.17 on the dip................ eomcrainiac05/24/2018 11:03
Wall Street Pitmarket trashed today but crispr plays all green -CRSP EDIT SGMO NTLA eomcrainiac05/24/2018 10:56
Wall Street PitTURanother plunge eomnolan05/24/2018 10:50
Wall Street PitIRe: one day, soon this will be down 5.00EPR5316705/24/2018 10:22
Wall Street PitOSNUp nearly 25% from reload coupla weeks ago eomEPR5316705/24/2018 10:16
Wall Street PitSBOTSBOT silly shorts megabooom! eomtheMagician05/24/2018 10:09 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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