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Wall Street PitCLDNAppears to be wilding a/h, though its on almost no volume....cupid2 trial dat...EPR5316703/30/2015 16:45
Wall Street PitGENE5+ in ah......... eomcrainiac03/30/2015 16:42
Wall Street PitTSLA; move attributed to headlines about China growth (190.57 +5.57) eomsinghtelecom03/30/2015 16:17
Wall Street PitTCPIWow- with all the negativity on this, seems a sure shot to be >$4 by next wee...EPR5316703/30/2015 16:14
Wall Street Pitnever mindjjkool_0103/30/2015 16:10
Wall Street PitGENEclosed at 4.95, hod............... eomcrainiac03/30/2015 16:00
Wall Street PitNLNKWhat a day...simply spectacular (part 3)!!! eomEPR5316703/30/2015 15:59
Wall Street PitSCMPWhat a day...simply spectacular (part 2)!!! eomEPR5316703/30/2015 15:54
Wall Street PitNEOTWhat a day. Simply spectacular... eomEPR5316703/30/2015 15:49
Wall Street PitNEOTAn $8 print today sure would be the icing on a sick day...not to mention woul...EPR5316703/30/2015 15:11
Wall Street PitNLNKOption premiums still insane - looking at 80's or 30's by May. Rewrote my cov...EPR5316703/30/2015 14:33
Wall Street PitSGYPSLXP Competitor / Had buyout rumors/ 13% stake last month by one fund Re: SGY...singhtelecom03/30/2015 14:24
Wall Street PitSGYPSGYP Jul 5 calls are seeing interest with 2020 contracts trading vs. open int...singhtelecom03/30/2015 14:23
Wall Street PitRe: LOLLLL I still have the blue Lion shirt... Re: My AMTD so slow I'm gettin...crainiac03/30/2015 14:04
Wall Street PitRe: My AMTD so slow I'm getting Datek quotes now Re: All of my Ameritrade L2 ...crainiac03/30/2015 13:54
Wall Street PitGENErunning again, new hod............. eomcrainiac03/30/2015 13:52
Wall Street PitSMLRBid up 7% from posted entry - needs volume but don't be surprised to see $4+ ...EPR5316703/30/2015 13:05
Wall Street PitSCMPLooks strong - trick will be to cross back over 50DMA @ $15.71, in which case...EPR5316703/30/2015 12:50
Wall Street Pit1 dead after driver tries to ram gate at NSA headquarterscrainiac03/30/2015 12:26
Wall Street PitRe: AMTD a lot of my quotes stopped 20 mins. ago , anyone else?crainiac03/30/2015 12:16
Wall Street PitAMTD a lot of my quotes stopped 20 mins. ago , anyone else? eomnolan03/30/2015 12:06
Wall Street PitRe: Seriously, what is going up??crainiac03/30/2015 12:06
Wall Street PitGENEGene has nothing to do with the news its being pushed on, PLUS news is 3 mont...theMagician03/30/2015 11:53
Wall Street PitI'm popping No-Doz here like candy... eomholland5503/30/2015 11:34
Wall Street PitNLNKWhat a beast eomEPR5316703/30/2015 11:12
Wall Street PitSMLRReloaded long avg $3.42 after selling low-to-mid $5's coupla weeks 11:10
Wall Street PitRP103 for Pediatric Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH): In the Phase 2b ped...singhtelecom03/30/2015 13:41
Wall Street PitSLTDNuts eomEPR5316703/30/2015 10:50
Wall Street PitGENEHoly Smokes!......... eomcrainiac03/30/2015 10:38
Wall Street Pitan absolute chaser mkt- only stuff getting vol or interest is stuff already u...theMagician03/30/2015 10:33
Wall Street PitXONBought back may 50's @ $3.20 after selling Apr 45's @ $5.20... eomEPR5316703/30/2015 10:16
Wall Street PitXONRe: Are you buying? Trying to see where the bottom is. :) Re: Gonna be a fin...EPR5316703/30/2015 10:06
Wall Street Pitcalled for a 200-250 point rally THIS WEEK in the weekend video and to buy ca...theMagician03/30/2015 09:55
Wall Street PitSONSSONS chart setting up for a relief bounce. Down from $16 2 weeks ago. Should ...undervalued03/30/2015 09:50
Wall Street PitPRANASPX boughtout for huntingtons/neurological pipeline = PRAN PEER eomtheMagician03/30/2015 09:37
Wall Street PitGENEpoppin'.......... eomcrainiac03/30/2015 09:35
Wall Street PitXONGonna be a fine day today, ladies & gentlemen :) eomEPR5316703/30/2015 09:26
Wall Street PitXONWow eomEPR5316703/30/2015 08:39
Wall Street PitAmzing XXX being acquired last word , Consipiracy theory?? eomsinghtelecom03/30/2015 07:17
Wall Street PitHPTXHorizon Pharma to acquire HPTX for $46.00 per share eomsinghtelecom03/30/2015 07:16 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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