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Wall Street PitGSmarket hasn't picked up on significance of Bannon firing.. now trade talks ca...bucyrus08/19/2017 12:31
Wall Street PitIMMUESMO data posible singhtelecom08/19/2017 10:16
Wall Street Pityou never know just how you look through other peoples eyesefbailey08/18/2017 22:28
Wall Street PitRVPRe: Only for some people like killary/obama etc....Re: What the ruling says i...Lionmaster08/18/2017 19:58
Wall Street PitRVPWhat the ruling says is that if you just admit your wrongs and post it on you...PornStarTrader08/18/2017 17:59
Wall Street PitRVPRe: drops from $1.20 to 70c THEN the bad news pr comes out, ya no one was lea...PornStarTrader08/18/2017 17:50
Wall Street PitDCIX$0.485 AH. Wow. eomLionmaster08/18/2017 17:42
Wall Street PitRVPRe: drops from $1.20 to 70c THEN the bad news pr comes out, ya no one was lea...PornStarTrader08/18/2017 17:37
Wall Street PitRVPRe: drops from $1.20 to 70c THEN the bad news pr comes out, ya no one was lea...PornStarTrader08/18/2017 16:37
Wall Street PitDCIXRe: Rate increase by 30% next DRYS. Website eomLionmaster08/18/2017 16:06
Wall Street PitDCIXDirect Link. And also home page just updated 8/18 their entire fleet. Lionmaster08/18/2017 16:05
Wall Street PitDCIXRate increase by 30% next DRYS. Website Lionmaster08/18/2017 16:03
Wall Street PitDCIXRTNB move on Monday. Huge revenue per ship rate increase updated. eomLionmaster08/18/2017 15:57
Wall Street PitRVPdrops from $1.20 to 70c THEN the bad news pr comes out, ya no one was leaked ...theMagician08/18/2017 15:55
Wall Street PitDCIXShipping rate jumped on news. Not many know yet also on updated home page fro...Lionmaster08/18/2017 15:49
Wall Street PitDCIXIn this turd stock on 10 days decline same as RTNB. Lionmaster08/18/2017 15:48
Wall Street PitRVPRe: They are trying to talk the CEO off the tower, get him sober and release ...PornStarTrader08/18/2017 15:43
FalconStor So...FALCRe: FALC vol coming in big time here 18c for run to 22-25c area...24c eomtheMagician08/18/2017 15:38
Wall Street PitRVPRe: Is there a good bottom out price? or is it toast?-- Maybe the CEO will ju...PornStarTrader08/18/2017 14:57
CPI Card Grou...PMTSRe: 1.05 1.10 largest US provider of plastic credit and debit cards - SunTzu77208/18/2017 14:49
Wall Street PitRVPI spoke to IR. The court upheld BDX was guilty and engaged in everything they...PornStarTrader08/18/2017 14:45
New Political...Re: i'm sorry to say this but Trump has proven not qualified and needs to lea...deaconmike08/18/2017 14:35
Wall Street PitRVPRe: what's worse case scenario here??-- This IS the worst case. IMHO eomPornStarTrader08/18/2017 14:10
Wall Street Pitwith Bannon out we're not withdrawing from Afghanistan but increasing eombucyrus08/18/2017 13:52
Wall Street PitKelly and Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Bannon's last day eombucyrus08/18/2017 13:44
Wall Street PitRVPstill cratering on no news eombucyrus08/18/2017 13:00
Wall Street PitRe: Western Civilization is in trouble.. we've been killing them 15+ years.. ...bucyrus08/18/2017 12:57
Wall Street PitNew York Times reports Trump has decided to remove Bannon as chief strategistbucyrus08/18/2017 12:54
Wall Street Pitwho does those genetic tests? eombucyrus08/18/2017 12:39
Wall Street PitWhite Nationalists Are Flocking to Genetic Ancestry Tests--with Surprising Re...bucyrus08/18/2017 12:38
Wall Street Pitbig spike in oil here eomtheMagician08/18/2017 12:12
Wall Street PitRe: Bannon's likely exit..Monday... all hands meeting today at Camp David tod...bucyrus08/18/2017 12:06
Wall Street PitFPPoil spiking check out FPP 35c was 50c yesterday on vol and dipped here low vo...theMagician08/18/2017 12:04
Wall Street PitThe Axios report said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly would decide whet...bucyrus08/18/2017 11:59
Wall Street PitWall Street pares losses on report of Bannon's likely exit eombucyrus08/18/2017 11:57
Wall Street PitPMTS1.05 in down here..chart/ eps/ $120k insider buys 1.05-1.38SunTzu77208/18/2017 11:46
Wall Street PitBWRe: I read they had like 2 billion in backlog though. ... hmm... maybe this i...bucyrus08/18/2017 11:27
Wall Street Pitthey flipped on the BTFB FANGS algos eomtheMagician08/18/2017 11:26
Wall Street PitBWRe: I read they had like 2 billion in backlog though... all foreign.. France ...bucyrus08/18/2017 11:25
Wall Street PitRe: No DD needed. Perfect market conditions for the P&D express train and gar...Lionmaster08/18/2017 11:22 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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