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Wall Street PitGoogle "Trump Blames"....everyone including the Pope comes cluste...holland5503/23/2017 23:08
Wall Street PitTrump throwing Ryan under bus, this bill ain't passing eomtheMagician03/23/2017 22:50
Wall Street PitDucks win....and the Zags win!!....great games... eomholland5503/23/2017 22:14
Wall Street PitTrump says will leave ACA in place if healthcare bill fails eomefbailey03/23/2017 20:55
Wall Street PitHTGMRe: Think tomorrow they geh a call from Roth Capitalefbailey03/23/2017 19:45
Wall Street PitHTGMoh my $6.30s now eomefbailey03/23/2017 17:52
HTG MOLECULAR...HTGMRe: nice heads up $4.20 to $5.60 Service revenue increased to $2.4 millio...efbailey03/23/2017 17:47
Wall Street PitEBIORe: Long for earnings tmrw - $2/sh cash, no debt, 7mm float & nearly 20% shor...EPR5316703/23/2017 17:20
Wall Street PitEDITRe: I'm surprised this hasn't moved higher based on this article yesterday - EPR5316703/23/2017 16:05
Wall Street PitXENERe: ww over $9 if it prints>> $10 looks good,>> almost at tgt #1efbailey03/23/2017 16:02
Wall Street PitHealthcare vote.. after NY $$ carveout in bill rewrite, "christmas tree" bill...bucyrus03/23/2017 15:42
Wall Street PitVZU.S. Senate votes to overturn Obama broadband privacy rules... Verizon, Comca...bucyrus03/23/2017 15:33
Wall Street PitRepublican senators being told that House not likely to vote on healthcare bi...bucyrus03/23/2017 15:31
Wall Street PitNo Vote Today - CNBC eomcrainiac03/23/2017 15:30
Wall Street PitFNCXWas just a matter of time before this - question is whether it holds and if t...EPR5316703/23/2017 15:23
Pinks and one wants to scoop up my 300 shares at the $7.28 offer price?!?! I ...EPR5316703/23/2017 14:59
Wall Street PitVLRXRe: Did 1:8 r/s on 3/15 (was $25 that day!) & then priced s'dary this am @ $1...EPR5316703/23/2017 14:52
Pinks and BBLTSNderegistered so no dilution per filing just shorts - could be epic squeeze pe...theMagician03/23/2017 14:48
Wall Street PitRe: giddy up ....creeping upEPR5316703/23/2017 14:46
Pinks and BBLTSNLTSN 4-5c zone breaks that 10c target comes eomtheMagician03/23/2017 14:38
Wall Street PitPLUGRe: What a pos // and has been for better part of last 15 years ;) eomEPR5316703/23/2017 14:10
Westmoreland ...WLBRe: 14.22 14.85 boosts FCF guidance by $30M => Expecting .70-.90 eps vs (1.06...SunTzu77203/23/2017 14:03
Wall Street PitVLRXDid 1:8 r/s on 3/15 (was $25 that day!) & then priced s'dary this am @ $10 - ...EPR5316703/23/2017 13:57
Wall Street PitManaging Your Trading Time...theMagician03/23/2017 13:19
Wall Street PitSYRXRe: What is your cue to double down? If this does not move before earnings do...theMagician03/23/2017 13:16
Wall Street Pitlooks like no vote today eomtheMagician03/23/2017 13:13
Wall Street Pitlast thing mkt needs to be seeing is "freedom Caucus" in ANY headline..theMagician03/23/2017 13:11
Wall Street PitFreedom Caucus walks out of White House "WITHOUT agreement and no comment to ...theMagician03/23/2017 13:04
Got OptionsSHOPHolding this one for awhile , the fools are crazy about at 67.97 on som...SurgicalScalper03/23/2017 12:31
Wall Street PitEBIOLong for earnings tmrw - $2/sh cash, no debt, 7mm float & nearly 20% short; h...EPR5316703/23/2017 12:22
Wall Street PitEDITCRISPR patent applications this month - crainiac03/23/2017 12:09
Wall Street PitOILU.S. State Dept. to approve Keystone pipeline permit eombucyrus03/23/2017 11:52
Wall Street PitFrench man drives car at Antwerp shoppers day after London attacks eombucyrus03/23/2017 11:53
Wall Street PitGBTAn absolute machine - just astounding... eomEPR5316703/23/2017 11:38
Wall Street Pitnext several hours in mkt the algos will be writing "DEAL" "NO DEAL" headline...theMagician03/23/2017 11:26
Wall Street PitXRe: US Steel down in up market, portend something on infrastructure expectati...bucyrus03/23/2017 11:22
Wall Street PitGALTImportant - the Units cease trading TONIGHT. If you own GALTU you need to con...EPR5316703/23/2017 11:05
Wall Street PitCVXRe: i know about the dividends, what do you mean about the leases? West Texas...bucyrus03/23/2017 11:01
Wall Street PitCVXi know about the dividends, what do you mean about the leases? Re: 1. Chevro...luvb2b03/23/2017 10:53
Wall Street PitCVXRe: 1. Chevron has leases 2. Chevron pays divvys eombucyrus03/23/2017 10:52 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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