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Wall Street PitJust turned on the news,,saw the report about the NYC dude attacking policedeaconmike10/23/2014 21:33
Wall Street PitSWHCRe: if a dog gets Ebola and starts running around NYC, what stocks do we pump...holland5510/23/2014 21:19
Wall Street PitGOOGanybody using the new Gmail INBOX? I just got an invite eombucyrus10/23/2014 20:32
Wall Street PitMSFTgiving up gains now eomnolan10/23/2014 17:55
Wall Street PitA man who potentially has Ebola went bowling in Williamsburg last nightcrainiac10/23/2014 17:27
Pinks and BBCNN: Possible NYC Ebola Patient Took Uber to Williamsburg Bowling Alleycrainiac10/23/2014 17:25
Wall Street PitAMZNhasn't been for a long time. this stock made it so hard to get short. going ...luvb2b10/23/2014 17:14
Stocks For A ...RRMSRaises Dividend to 57.5c>found 57.98>Re:consider taking some here now 48.30. ...jjkool_0110/23/2014 16:24
Wall Street PitAMZNyou know this stock is one i've wanted to be short for a long time and it has...luvb2b10/23/2014 16:17
Wall Street PitAMZNwow amazon -20 eomluvb2b10/23/2014 16:02
Wall Street PitBIDUtook a small put position in bidu. eps next week, most reports from other co'...luvb2b10/23/2014 15:54
Wall Street PitRe: The guy isolated himself. Zero risk to other people.crainiac10/23/2014 15:37
Wall Street PitAPTbounce $1 off low eomnolan10/23/2014 15:21
Wall Street PitRe: a doctor in NYC returned from Africa and has a biggie eombucyrus10/23/2014 15:15
Wall Street PitRe: rumored ebola case in NYC Re: what the hell just happened?undervalued10/23/2014 14:57
Wall Street Pitwhat the hell just happened? eomundervalued10/23/2014 14:56
Wall Street PitPBRdown to $12 eomnolan10/23/2014 14:42
Wall Street Pitnope. said canadian shooter was one off. oil bounced up to where it was yest...luvb2b10/23/2014 14:34
Wall Street PitIWMman i don't know i saw iwm up way more than the spy this morning on just 10m ...luvb2b10/23/2014 14:30
Wall Street PitRe:IWM puts.. you can walk away from a triple leveraged ETF? BIG stones eombucyrus10/23/2014 14:26
Wall Street PitDSNKYOn January 9, 2014 Daiichi Sankyo announced the submission of an NDA for SAVA...singhtelecom10/23/2014 14:22
Wall Street PitAMDA$AMDA $1.93--$1.45--Amedica Corporation.....In a Few......T/Sspeculator10/23/2014 14:09
Wall Street PitXLErussia conspiracy by usa and saudis that's the zerohedge story and they are a...luvb2b10/23/2014 13:55
Wall Street PitDallas hospital scrub soap may have been culprit.. not CDC approved.. knockof...bucyrus10/23/2014 13:33
Wall Street PitIBIORe: Not in the USA... the ONLY USA infections were medical workers in Dallas eombucyrus10/23/2014 13:31
Wall Street PitIBIORe: they're going to die of dysentery, malaria, or AIDS.. they can't afford m...bucyrus10/23/2014 13:28
Wall Street PitRe: people who cannot not get vaccinated ? they make $0.90/DAY av.. they're g...bucyrus10/23/2014 13:24
Saratoga Reso...SARA$SARA .85-- .72--Saratoga Resources Inc. Oil & Gas.....In Starter............speculator10/23/2014 13:00
Wall Street PitXLERe: I'm convinced it's Russia and US shale... Saudis want to hurt both and th...bucyrus10/23/2014 12:55
Pinks and BBAGTKAGTK pot playexploding up 52% eomcrainiac10/23/2014 12:52
Wall Street PitXLEall of the commodity collapses over the last couple years have lasted a long ...luvb2b10/23/2014 12:39
Wall Street PitAAPLApple, GT Advanced Technologies in agreement on sapphire materials eombucyrus10/23/2014 12:39
Wall Street PitIBIOif GSK & J&J produce a VACCINE there's no need for a CURE eombucyrus10/23/2014 12:37
Pinks and BBGRNHRe: looks like .16 was the bottom, could get some play on TRTC momo.........crainiac10/23/2014 11:52
Wall Street PitWOOFRe: if a dog gets Ebola and starts running around NYC, what stocks do we pump...nolan10/23/2014 11:45
Wall Street PitEWZnearing $40, beat down continues eomnolan10/23/2014 11:44
Wall Street Pitmkt up huge today on good econ data, tomorrow down on same news? good econ da...theMagician10/23/2014 11:41
Wall Street PitRe: if a dog gets Ebola and starts running around NYC, what stocks do we pump...theMagician10/23/2014 11:37
Wall Street Pitif a dog gets Ebola and starts running around NYC, what stocks do we pump? eomholland5510/23/2014 11:28
Pinks and BBGRNHlooks like .16 was the bottom, could get some play on TRTC momo......... eomcrainiac10/23/2014 11:09 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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