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Wall Street PitRe: back into day trading..... low floaters is Superman's world... put him on...bucyrus05/28/2015 18:22
Wall Street PitSAGEdeluxe eomEPR5316705/28/2015 15:55
Wall Street PitJUNOrunning into the close, CAR Ts ahead of ASCO............. eomcrainiac05/28/2015 15:52
Wall Street PitONCSONCSD uplisting tomorrow...cancer uplister...could be fun one. eomsteeledge05/28/2015 15:44
Wall Street PitOPGNLooks like some Lionites have been ( secretly, quietly) jumping on board?? eomEPR5316705/28/2015 15:43
Wall Street PitJUNOfollowing CLLS ,heading into the 50s................. eomcrainiac05/28/2015 15:40
Wall Street PitJune 3 new modified data due eomsinghtelecom05/28/2015 15:38
Wall Street PitBISRe: ASCO starts the rumor sell the news, in 1000 common @29.8...bucyrus05/28/2015 15:32
Cellectis SACLLSRe: Back in recent IPO 32's.=>Closing in on 42>>sweet trade touched $50 earli...efbailey05/28/2015 15:31
Wall Street PitGALEnot much reaction - Galena Could See Lucrative Partnershipscrainiac05/28/2015 15:30
Wall Street PitCNBC's Meg Tirrell explains how CAR T cell therapies work to help your own im...crainiac05/28/2015 15:26
Wall Street PitBISRe: last alert - ASCO starts tomorrow........and be over Mon.. trying to shor...bucyrus05/28/2015 15:16
Wall Street Pitlast alert - ASCO starts tomorrow.................. eomcrainiac05/28/2015 15:14
Wall Street PitJUNOgetting nice pop now.................. eomcrainiac05/28/2015 15:10
Wall Street PitCLUBinteresting chart... fitness clubs in NYC area.. in some calls eombucyrus05/28/2015 15:01
Wall Street PitOPGNJust waiting for QP buy rec's and some volume - I'm thinkin' $5+ is very legi...EPR5316705/28/2015 14:49
Wall Street PitTOURclassic shakeout pattern - if she resumes her upward trek, could be EZ run to...EPR5316705/28/2015 14:14
Wall Street PitWe won't get Fuld again eomefbailey05/28/2015 12:33
Wall Street PitSAGEAfter two-day snooze, turning monsta' again - new highs within reach!!! eomEPR5316705/28/2015 12:02
Wall Street PitPBMDRolled SGNL $ back into PBMD for $2.37 which I sold two days ago at $3.83 & $...EPR5316705/28/2015 11:55
Wall Street PitSGNLOut last batch $2.15 up 38% - Spectacular :) and yea, already prepared to hav...EPR5316705/28/2015 11:51
Wall Street PitSGNLRe: Out more $2.05 up 33%crainiac05/28/2015 11:47
Wall Street PitSGNLOut more $2.05 up 33% eomEPR5316705/28/2015 11:42
Wall Street PitASCO 2015: What to Watch in Immunotherapy crainiac05/28/2015 11:42
Wall Street Pita lot of small bios running today.............. eomcrainiac05/28/2015 11:38
Wall Street PitSGNL+21% eomEPR5316705/28/2015 11:34
Wall Street PitSGNL+18% eomEPR5316705/28/2015 11:29
Wall Street PitSGNLOut 1/4 shares $1.78 for 15% gain o/n - holding rest for now with some orders...EPR5316705/28/2015 11:23
Wall Street PitATOS SGNL strong moves.............. eomcrainiac05/28/2015 11:21
Wall Street PitOPHTpowerful reversal from am sell off - calls moving... eomEPR5316705/28/2015 11:11
Wall Street PitSGNLUp 10%+ from yesterday posted entry / more to come??? eomEPR5316705/28/2015 11:07
Wall Street PitTBIOwild low volume action eomcrainiac05/28/2015 11:07
Wall Street PitThe Tanker Market Is Sending a Big Warning to Oil Bullscrainiac05/28/2015 11:02
Wall Street PitJUNOon the move.................. eomcrainiac05/28/2015 10:46
Wall Street PitBIOCRe: BIOC a boring fade comingcrainiac05/28/2015 10:19
Wall Street PitBIOCMemorial Sloan and liquid biopsies - crainiac05/28/2015 10:07
Wall Street PitHNGSFtanked 50% eomnolan05/28/2015 10:06
Wall Street PitUEPSUEPS today announced that it has acquired a 43.88% interest in Transact24 Lim...steeledge05/28/2015 10:01
Wall Street PitRe: Agreed! The silence is kinda creepy...Re: Shanghai composite down 6.5%! ...nolan05/28/2015 09:50
Wall Street PitBLUEhit another all time high todaty at 194.57............... eomcrainiac05/28/2015 09:41 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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