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Wall Street PitSNDKThanks But I sold at breakeven . I AMA A CHICKEN Re: trading 69 a/h I GOT Oct...singhtelecom10/13/2015 18:27
Wall Street PitUnusual STRENGTH , I have $40 or .40c target in in my mind 3 years Mkt cap 5...singhtelecom10/13/2015 18:26
SanDisk Corpo...SNDKRe: trading 69 a/h I GOT Oct 62 at 1.30>> very nice trade singh eomefbailey10/13/2015 17:24
SanDisk Corpo...SNDKtrading 69 a/h NO NEWS yet Re: HUge November 80 calls . I GOT Oct 62 at 1.30 eomsinghtelecom10/13/2015 16:33
Wall Street PitRe: Wow some articles have stated Renaissance the most succesful fund ever. S...efbailey10/13/2015 16:28
Wall Street PitINTCNotebook platform volumes down 14%, desktop -15%, tablet - 39% eomefbailey10/13/2015 16:17
Wall Street PitIBBnot bad for one days work and u can ride half into tomorrow with stops $5 see...theMagician10/13/2015 15:46
Wall Street PitIBBbook half IBB puts $8.30+ for a nice $5 gain in one day 175% baby! eomtheMagician10/13/2015 15:42
Wall Street PitIBByehaaaaaaaaaaa! Puts from call yesterday romping hard!!!!!!!! eomtheMagician10/13/2015 15:39
Wall Street PitRenaissance Tech closing futures fund, even algo traders going bust in volati...efbailey10/13/2015 15:39
iShares NASDA...IBBRe: Dem debates tomorrow bio pricing likely a big topic could see another $10...theMagician10/13/2015 15:19
Wall Street PitIBBBIIB just broke its double bottom and china tank low - dive dive dive eomtheMagician10/13/2015 15:17
Wall Street PitZFGNnearing 52 wk low $16.01 currently $16.45 eomefbailey10/13/2015 15:13
Wall Street PitEVLV$EVLV $2.80--$2.76--EVINE Live Inc......Chart/Volume Watch......Linkspeculator10/13/2015 14:53
Wall Street PitIBBputs up 90% from yesterday entry eomtheMagician10/13/2015 14:33
Wall Street PitMVISRe: Added MVIS on pullback>> me too $3.07efbailey10/13/2015 14:14
Wall Street PitMVISrumor circulating that their product in iphone 7 eomefbailey10/13/2015 13:48
Wall Street PitPTCT17.50 PUT has action expire in 3 days stock 29.50 eomsinghtelecom10/13/2015 13:42
Wall Street PitCIDMRe: Based on action so far, where do you think this is going? I t seems read...theMagician10/13/2015 13:32
Wall Street PitZFGNRe: No New news on SEC site -efbailey10/13/2015 13:13
Wall Street Pitthe big thing not being talked about much is GLENCORE in UK, if it was listed...theMagician10/13/2015 13:11
ZAFGEN, INCZFGNRe: creamed after getting pulled from road show...no data coming for a few mo...efbailey10/13/2015 12:20
DyaxDYAXRe: Up 50% AH to $36 on buyout chatter. No one wanted...theMagician10/13/2015 12:04
Wall Street PitLOOK1 for 1 on merger - LOOK appears to be WAAAAAAY undervalued, 1st time sec fil...theMagician10/13/2015 12:01
Wall Street PitLOOKLOOK merger details out in filing - this is going over $1 eomtheMagician10/13/2015 11:57
Wall Street PitCYCCCYCC Potential Doubler or More on Phase 3 Trial CompletiontheMagician10/13/2015 11:50
Wall Street PitCRMbought 84 at .21 sold 90 at .10c risk $110 profit $6k I know it'd worthless b...singhtelecom10/13/2015 11:45
Wall Street PitGSKdammmm JAN 43 call vol. 25000 eomsinghtelecom10/13/2015 11:21
Wall Street PitGOOGLmight see 800 after earnings eomsinghtelecom10/13/2015 10:52
Wall Street PitZGNXThey did secondary at 18 few months ago Re: 1500 shrs ZGNX $13.01 tight stop....singhtelecom10/13/2015 10:51
Wall Street H...XNPTDEC 5 Calls active NOV 5 also but Expensive eomsinghtelecom10/13/2015 10:50
Wall Street H...IDRAstill love it Milano paid $4.00 for 200k BAKERs $3.75 for 5.3 million eomsinghtelecom10/13/2015 10:49
Wall Street PitATHXATHX positive macd cross and chart breakout heretheMagician10/13/2015 10:30
Wall Street PitRe: Not getting political here...but wonder if there will be any discussion a...theMagician10/13/2015 10:26
Wall Street PitChina imports plunged 20.4% Y/Y last month, while exports slipped 3.7%, BUY B...theMagician10/13/2015 09:53
Wall Street PitSUNERe: SUNE institutional ownership is 114% with 93,378,865 shares short INSANE...theMagician10/13/2015 09:49
Wall Street PitTRILHuge Jeffries detailed update on anti-CD47 program at $CELG and also mentions...Superman10/13/2015 08:48
Wall Street PitAAMCRe: amazing call on this one>> thanks, nolan brought it to my attention a cou...efbailey10/13/2015 08:39
Wall Street PitTWTRRe: just jumped to 30.50 ...gotta look for news>> forecast revs at high end o...efbailey10/13/2015 08:37
Wall Street PitVIX back down to low 16s eomefbailey10/12/2015 15:42

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