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Pinks and BBOregon marijuana measure rakes in another $800,000 from big out-of-state dono...crainiac10/22/2014 18:28
Wall Street PitYELPyelp reviews are mostly fake, if u dont pay the co they list bad reviews, u d...theMagician10/22/2014 16:21
Wall Street PitCTXShuge revenue miss - so now orcl sap ibm vmw ctxs - all the enterprise computi...luvb2b10/22/2014 16:20
Wall Street PitYELPbeat top and bottom line, guidance soft vs analyst estimates. not sure you g...luvb2b10/22/2014 16:09
Wall Street PitYELPyelp! eomluvb2b10/22/2014 16:06
Wall Street PitIWMrussell underperformed hard today. i took some gains into the close as vix ra...luvb2b10/22/2014 15:57
Wall Street PitXLEbroke yesterday's low. easiest short i've seen in a while with oil not holdin...luvb2b10/22/2014 15:50
Zbb Energy Co...ZBB$ZBB .89-- .75--ZBB Energy Corporation.....Chart Watch.....Link eomspeculator10/22/2014 15:32
Wall Street Pityou remember what it was like when gold went down, although those redemptions...luvb2b10/22/2014 15:15
Pinks and BBMCIGStarted position in MCIG, which is vape + cannabissteeledge10/22/2014 15:13
Wall Street Pitdid you see my post to you? curious if you are hearing about people pulling $...luvb2b10/22/2014 15:12
Wall Street PitIGCtraders may have 4gotten IGC pot play and not otc...theMagician10/22/2014 15:06
Wall Street PitIGCRe: IGC is one I'm in ...Re: Guys, wake up! Pot plays are flying, remember ea...theMagician10/22/2014 15:01
Pinks and BBGRNHpushing hod............. eomcrainiac10/22/2014 15:00
Pinks and BBVAPERe: Have to get in on the fun. I have my pancakes for the munchies. ;) Tryi...crainiac10/22/2014 14:58
Pinks and BBPot plays dont care about the price of oil........... eomcrainiac10/22/2014 14:54
Pinks and BBDouble diit pot gainers today - crainiac10/22/2014 14:46
Wall Street PitGuys, wake up! Pot plays are flying, remember earlier this year with 1000% ga...crainiac10/22/2014 14:42
Pinks and BBCNABanother pot low floater, in here, just startng up.............. eomcrainiac10/22/2014 14:41
Pinks and BBIGCRe: accumulating this mj as well, only Naz listed one out there. crainiac10/22/2014 14:39
Pinks and BBVPCOrunning again........... eomcrainiac10/22/2014 14:33
Wall Street Pitcrude oil approaching $80 already Re: broke 82 earlier, now broke 81... so mu...luvb2b10/22/2014 14:32
Wall Street PitPot plays running large the last 3 days, legalization vote in 2 weeks...........crainiac10/22/2014 14:25
Castle BrandsROXRe: this chart pattern says DOUBLE coming, these are the small cap charts mak...theMagician10/22/2014 14:20
Wall Street PitUSObroke 82 earlier, now broke 81... so much supply out there. eomluvb2b10/22/2014 14:19
Wall Street PitXLEcappy you hearing of any energy based hedge funds getting redemptions yet? if...luvb2b10/22/2014 14:16
Wall Street PitXLEi guess someone finally figured out oil hadn't moved up at all. eomluvb2b10/22/2014 14:00
Pinks and BBCANVCANV chart - crainiac10/22/2014 13:53
Pinks and BBCANVwas over 200, now at 3.15, low float profitale pot play, can run on legalizat...crainiac10/22/2014 13:50
Wall Street PitFREEFREESEAS INC: A Homerun Buying Opportunity In Dry Bulk Shipping.crainiac10/22/2014 13:40
Wall Street PitFREEheating up again............... eomcrainiac10/22/2014 13:37
Wall Street PitVPCOmajor mover the last two days with legalization of marijuana vote in two week...crainiac10/22/2014 13:29
Pinks and BBHEMPbreaking .05........... eomcrainiac10/22/2014 12:59
Wall Street Pitno more posts like that cappy you're stopping the decline! Re: In VXX 34 call...luvb2b10/22/2014 12:59
Pinks and BBAlaska, Oregon, Washington DC vote for recreational MJ, Florida for medical n...crainiac10/22/2014 12:55
Pinks and BBGRNHback over .17............... eomcrainiac10/22/2014 12:43
Wall Street PitXLEcracking now Re: cappy how long they gonna hold up energy? oil inventories ca...luvb2b10/22/2014 12:36
Wall Street PitNSSCused to lock down schools and govt and commercial building during shootings eomtheMagician10/22/2014 12:35
Wall Street PitIBMit was buffett himself. first time he ever bought a tech co. and he always s...luvb2b10/22/2014 12:32
Wall Street PitNSSCNSSC is a low float INTRUSION prevention security co that sells globally to g...theMagician10/22/2014 12:32 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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