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 114 wins in a row NOW!!! in my theLION portfolio 114wins-0loSSes-14actives

LASt year managed 126 wins w/o a loSS & zero remaining open trades i.e. 126-0-0

looking for TEFLON4X ?

TEFLON4X might be posting at times on the yahoo USO message board

but has DEPARTED theLION after waiting forever for LIONMASTER and LUPIN

to remove me from posting ban in thePIT meSSage forum here

Might return once in awhile to sEE how the newest perfect portfolio is faring 


otherwise eFFectively gone from theLION as I wiLL NOT be posting any more trade setups or DD here

unleSS LIONMASTER figures my timeout has bEEn long enough and welcomes me back under my original ID



So true that "talent walks."


2/26/2010 end of day

DiD IT !!!  100 bagger successfully built in 3 days and two more 10X-ers UNDERWAY:


previous trade setup presented reached 1,300% or 13X gain in 1 week and now the

CURRENT TRADE SETUP UNDERWAY  (at +150% gain on its first day, has reached 200% gain on its second day)

and is expected to become a +1,000% gainer or 10X

or even 10,000+% (yes that is 100+X)  gainer trade setup

detailed explanation link here :::


I opened a new theLION portfolio middle of this week.

The previous one had a winning streak of 126 wins - 0 losses - 0 remaining active unclosed trades with wins averaging 8% gain per trade.

(care to see part of it? then cut and paste this text 

"" (without "" quotation marks)

into this web archive engine

In my newest portfolio

as of 3/1/2010 end of day I am at a +172% gain within 4 days with lots of singles , no homeruns yet  :-) 

after closing 60 trade picks with 3 active and underway at present

and three were actual trades

1) was long QQQQ Mar $45 caLLs at 36 cents looking for homerun i.e. +100% gainer that were built into a 10,000% gainer setup and then sold at a profit

2) was long USO Mar $41 caLLs bought at 21 cents that reached  being 10,000% gainer conversion but were sold at a 50% gain instead

3) now still long STEC MAR $9 puts bought between 5 and 7 cents that might be spread to make 1,000% 10X or even 10,000% or 100X gainer setup or just cashed in along the way like the QQQQ and USO calls were.

details in link near top of this comment section or the user messages or blogs listed below.



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Telefonica S.ATEF999.8676% gain 2day did it a gain anoTHeR 10Xer03/21/2014 15:09
GoogleGOOGOk made 999.8676% gain today 03/21/2014 15:06
Telefonica S.ATEF129 wins no losses in theLION portfolio03/14/2014 16:09
GoogleGOOG129 wins in a row Re: TEFL0N4X 128-0-0 back for 1 more eom03/14/2014 16:02
Telefonica S.ATEFRe: Yep, opinion = 2300% & 4250% gains today Re: "just my opinion of course, ...03/14/2014 13:47
GoogleGOOGRe: 23x & 42.5x gains in the 90-120 minutes of watCH&leaRN today03/14/2014 12:35
Telefonica S.ATEFYep, opinion = 2300% & 4250% gains today Re: "just my opinion of course, in c...02/28/2014 17:40
GoogleGOOG23x & 42.5x gains in the 90-120 minutes of watCH&leaRN today02/28/2014 16:35
GoogleGOOGRe: 260X gain ??? Re: watCH&leaRN time ????????? :-)02/28/2014 13:40
GoogleGOOGRe: 260X gain ??? Re: watCH&leaRN time ????????? :-)02/28/2014 13:16
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bucyrus (Rep: 3466)OK02/27/2014 11:23
lottoplus (Rep: 142)u cracked me up...07/02/2010 10:19
lottoplus (Rep: 142)I like Tef!02/26/2010 09:04
phil235 (Rep: 14)Great call on the move in oil this week, hopefully Lion will let you have your forum back soon.02/17/2010 10:54
phil235 (Rep: 14)You may not always agree with Tef but she can make some great calls, especially on oil.02/05/2010 15:38

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ERXClosedBuy39.1605/06/2010 09:2344.5611/05/2010 15:59--
SZOClosedShort48.2605/06/2010 09:2148.2108/03/2010 00:0048.25-
OLOClosedBuy13.4905/06/2010 09:2013.7911/12/2010 00:0013.50-
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129 Wins In A Row Re: Tefl0n4x 128-0-0 Back For 1 MoreTheLion.com03/14/2014 16:05
Team Tefl0n4x Wooooo Hoooooooo 129 Wins In A Row With No LossesTheLion.com03/14/2014 12:41
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