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From: halleluyah (Rep: 155) reply to apmooreDate: 03/18/2018 16:03
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2725313Thread #673998297 (Rec: 1)
Re: Whats the point of capitalism, when socialist/communist countries can just st...

I think you are making a mistake in assuming that America is a capitalist country wholly and separate from fascism and socialism which is a precursor leading directly to communism.

The USA is not a capitalist country and never has been although early on there were capitalists that
existed prior to governmental and societal controls and restraints.

The only true capitalists were the land, oil, mineral, financial and early industrial barons.

They were not fenced in by modern restraints.

They are now and that has made the USA as a country a fascist socialist country.

Fascism is the combination of (corporate) capitalism and government that leads directly to socialism.

Socialism leads directly to communism. (Marx and Lenin were Jesuit first and non-genetic Jew second.)

Look at the many examples of national monuments that show the true nature of America.


The statue of Jesuit freemason George Washington with the fasces.

The Lincoln monument with the fasces.

The U.S. House of Representatives Chamber with the fasces.

The formation of the Federal Reserve and the 1916 Mercury 10c with the reverse showing the fasces.

etc. etc. etc. --- The list goes on and on.

The Federal Reserve is certainly a fascist socialist entity.

These are all symbols of the Roman fasces that clearly demonstrate the true nature of America going
all the way back to before the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Most people aren't aware that the government of the USA has been since the very beginning a
Roman Catholic Jesuit government and country and that the form of government has always been
of Roman nature.

The so called democracy is purely Roman in nature and does not make allowance for the masses to rule simply because democracy is and can be easily manipulated and controlled - swayed this way and that
by those in power -- Authoritarian and Totalitarian.

Our government was not formed by Protestants but by Jesuit freemason crypto Catholics.

The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights shows this clearly as it was instituted by over 50 Jesuit freemasons that made provision for the inclusion of the Roman Catholic entity whereas it was illegal and banned prior to that Amendment.

That Amendment allowed the Roman Catholic church headed by the Pope in Rome to enter and slowly take over the government of the USA.

The true capitalists only existed for a relatively short period of time until the beginning of the institution of
the combining of capitalism and the governmental socialism.

America is certainly not a capitalist nation.

If it was there would not be anything standing in the way of capitalism - the pure pursuit of capital.

Taxes, state and federal restraints (laws) and social conformity along with vast social programs forced
upon the population show this clearly.

In case anybody doesn't know it -- the words democracy, new world order, one world order, communism and globalism all mean the same thing and come from the same entity - the Roman Catholic church headed by the Pope in Rome.

Catholic means universal.

Not only did Ancient Rome try to own the known civilized world until the fall of Rome but their successor in the Papal ruler ship went further and claimed ownership of the entire world - I believe in 1455.

It has never changed.

Reply to apmoore - Msg #2725300 - 03/17/2018 13:11

Whats the point of capitalism, when socialist/communist countries can just steal innovation/intellectual property and mass produce the goods and services arising from that innovation using government subsidized industry? Its as if there was never any distinction between the two countries' economic principles. I always thought capitalism's main goal was to incentivize the individual to innovate, buts what the advantage to that if your innovation isn't proprietary and can be used on a global scale. Capitalism would function ideally if capitalist countries only traded with other capitalist countries. The West is always speaking out against the evils of socialism/communism but at the same time allows their economy to not only do business with them, but also give away (on a silver platter) any and all economic advantage. Now those socialist countries can continue to advocate their philosophy while growing their economy on another countries's innovation.
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