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From: halleluyah (Rep: 155) reply to ftudorDate: 12/16/2012 20:14
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2339002Thread #673485016 (Rec: 0)
Re: Gnats and camels, empires and husks....Too much........I realize that you are condescending with a sneer because you are at a historical and knowledgeable disadvantage - and I can't be responsible for that ---- you are.
Perhaps it is too much, but I will try to simplify it for you even more -

221 years and 1 day ago the 1st and 2nd Amendment were enacted - Dec. 15, 1791 - they have NOT changed because they were valid then and are valid today. They were written first and foremost for a BIG reason that exists to this day.

That reason is because as the framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights recognized in much greater clarity than the masses of today's woefully ignorant that mankind exists and continues to exist because of divine providence, not the cruel, wicked, arbitrary rule of man.

The Amendments didn't alter anything - they replaced TYRANNY. That's it.
They replaced the form of rule of one person over another for the LIBERTY of conscience and FREEDOM to choose rather than be FORCED, almost exclusively to the detriment of the common people.

The main impetus was the tyranny of the King of England and the Church of England that followed after the immense power and authority of the leader of the Church of Rome - the papacy, headed by the tyrannical corruption of the so-called papas - better known as the succession of the Popes and the Roman Catholic religion.

The suppression of the Holy Bible was their mainstay. To keep the people ignorant and rule along with the secular leaders of the nations through FORCE and determinedly ungodly oppression.

Have you not heard of the "dark ages"?

Have you not heard of Hus, Wycliffe, Luther, Tyndale?

You make note of "two semi-good ones can combine to make a powerful third."

Do you not realize that you are describing the fasces?
(also on the reverse of the so-called Mercury Head dimes beginning in 1916 - after the formation of the Federal Reserve)

The symbol of Roman rule that gave rise eventually to Mussolini and "fascism".

The binding of several sticks or rods to make a stronger (albeit tyrannical) rod - (without any moral restrictions).

The Amendments to the Constitution are living and breathing, in the sense of the written word for governance of peoples, BUT the 1st and the 2nd are not amended and have not been amended for the choicest of reasons - they PROTECT the individual from the dastardly attempts of those that would seek to SUBVERT their rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of Happiness according to the dictates of each mind against the TYRANNICAL over lording by others.

The USA stands as a remaining lone beacon in the world.

An emotional knee jerk reaction from unfortunate murders can in no way impede this unless you want to return to a worse fate than that lived by millions upon millions of peoples that had no recourse but to die for their beliefs.

There has only been one amendment to the Amendments of the Constitution - the repealing of the 18th prohibiting alcohol with the 21th.

Reply to ftudor - Msg #2338987 - 12/16/2012 19:00

Gnats and camels, empires and husks. Too much.

Nice oratory skills and very picturesque but the first and second amendments can be altered because they alter something else.

The constitution will continue to be altered long after we are gone.

This is a framework. Frameworks decay. New frameworks replace old ones, or two semi-good ones can combine to make a powerful third.

Re: Posters - I say this with deep desire for a fullness of understanding.
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