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From: luvb2b (Rep: 2104)Date: 08/18/2009 20:17
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #1724139Thread #672716833 (Rec: 17)
i am a trader, not a thief. trading means taking risk, analyzing risk/reward, making judgements. many of which are often wrong. at the end of the day when i go to bed, and win or lose i competed with the best.

taking a stock that has no volume and promoting it with questionable research at best is not trading. it is stealing from those who don't know better. people can learn that from me here, or maybe they will learn it from some federal agency down the road.

now i know lots of people do that. but a guy like me can only take so much of it. i think i spoke for a lot of people who are simply fed up with worthless promotion that clearly has little to do with trading. and here on this board, which is a high quality forum. that type of nonsense reduces the quality of this board.

so you want to say i am a jealous hater because i don't play the promotion game? fine. you want to censor my posts? fine. it's part and parcel of the promoter's playbook.

first discredit the opposition. that doesn't work? buy yourself influence and censor them. that doesn't work? try to make nice so the opposition ignores you. no? try to come out looking like you hold moral high ground. all else fails? well what would the mafia or any self-respecting tyrant do...

students of political history will recognize what this would be in politics.

frankly I HAVE HAD ENOUGH and that's what has me raging. let me censor something lionmaster. let me censor obvious promotion that crosses into gray areas of legality.

as i said before, i came up through the pits of chicago. i don't go crying when someone calls me names, when a trade doesn't work, or when i lose money. i just got pushed. fine. i come back harder. with smarter research. with better trades. with the competitive fire that it takes to squash whatever the opposition may throw at me. the last 2-3 days have been some of the best trading for me in the last few weeks. this is what happens when i get pushed, how i fight back.

you want me to be quiet, then don't come at me with nonsense. don't pretend you don't know or don't understand or it was a mistake - as it was it was explained clearly and the promotion games continued anyway.

i have ignored and blocked emails from enough people because frankly enough is enough. you want me to be civil, quiet, a passive bystander? i would suggest to ignore me, if you can afford to do that. i don't care to have a discussion about this.

as with most things, in a very short amount of time i won't care. most of the promoted stocks are not places i can operate anyway, so as usual i will move on to what i do... which is research, trade, and have a helluva good time.

as far as someone's record and bank account? who cares. not me. someone's record is what they did in the past. what are you doing today? what have you done lately? most of us know what it is and most of us see it for what it is. we have all seen traders that had psychological meltdowns and the mess it leaves behind.

all promoters tout their records and protect their image. they have to. if their record wasn't great, who would follow them? why not go back and look at how real those companies were in the end. where did those companies go in the long term. if most of them fizzled and died, then hmmm - were they really 'long term' winners or just a fabricated reality? if 1000 morons band together to move a stock that is being promoted, does that mean the promoter a great stock picker? a great trader? the promoters want you to believe it. they need you to believe it.

if you think i would sit on a losing trade forever without action, then you don't know how i trade or perhaps even how to trade. at one time, i didn't know well enough and promoters may have had my respect. but not any more. because here is the thing... i am a trader. not a thief.

can you recognize the difference?

we all know the great traders on this board. blacksheep. jennyjones. magician. speculator. too many others to name. i mean it when i say i am not in the same league as many of them. the difference between me and them? they are quiet. but i am sure many would agree with what i have said.

"There are those who market trades, and there are those who trade markets.
There are those who follow marketers, and those who follow markets.
The marketers feast on their followers; the traders feast on the markets." -luvb2b

***Disclaimer & Disclosure***: I make no guarantee as to the accuracy or validity of information in this message. Messages posted reflect my own opinions and/or those of others, and are posted for entertainment purposes only. My messages should not be construed as investment advice. Always make investment decisions in consultation with your own financial advisor. Daytrading is not suitable for everyone. You trade at your own risk. Daytrading involves considerable risk and could result in significant losses, including losses in excess of invested capital. Any information posted here is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be assumed to be accurate. It is expected that the readers of this information do their own research and due diligence when making trading or investment decisions. I may have long or short positions in any of the stocks that are mentioned, and these positions may change at any time.
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