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From: TheNextGoogle (Rep: 531)Date: 10/15/2008 20:20
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #1442110No Thread (Rec: 0)
World Stock Indices & Stock Futures

World Stock Indices - 5 Day Graph Form - Starting in order of who starts first after we close

Firing Order:
^AORD - All Ordinaries (Australia) 7:45

^KS11 - Seoul Composite 8:00

^n225 - Japan 8:30

^TWII - Taiwan about 9:30

^SSEC - Shanghai,China 10:00

^HSI - Hong Kong 10:00

^STI - Singapore

^BSESN - India 12:45

^FCHI - France (CAC 40) 3:00

^FTSE - UK 3:00

^GDAXI - Germany’s DAX 3:00

^IXIC - Nasdaq
^SPX - S & P
^RUT - Russel 2000

^BVSP - São Paulo, Brazil - Latin America’s largest stock exchange

^MXX Mexico
Indices in Up / Down List Form - Click on for news,%5EKS11,%5ETWII,%5EN225,%5ESTI,%5EHSI,000001.SS,%5EBSESN,%5EFCHI,%5EFTSE,%5EIXIC,%5EGSPC,%5ERUT&d=v4

Stock Futures:
International News


Business Standard
British Telegraph;jsessionid=NQAAM05KHUDDXQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?menuId=242&menuItemId=-1&view=SUMMARY&grid=F2&siteId=1&targetRule=2

China Daily

China View - Business
Rotating World

Better Hemisphere Map
Info to explain the indices:
Asian Pacific Indices
Link Explaining Global time zones
Topix Japanese stock exchange

^AORD - All Ordinaries (Australia)


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Stock List">

News Links:">

Check Futures / Foreign Markets">

Check Economic Events Calendar">

Check Earnings Calendar">

Trading halts">">
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