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From: deaconmike (Rep: 950) reply to supadupaDate: 01/11/2017 18:29
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #6016Thread #673898475 (Rec: 0)
Re: You knuckleheads keep thinking that the President is responsible for all ...

"Stop pretending to be Nostradamus"

For your information, I was Nostradamus in a previous life,,,so there

And of course you're going to disagree with whatever opinion I post
because it doesn't coincide with your views,,,,,
And here's the main reason political posts shouldn't be allowed on
the main stock message board,,,,
Because if someone has a different point of view and the gloves were
off, the banter back and forth would go on for hours,,,,

And like you said,,,,Trump has already made mistakes,,,,,
In what area? Picking guys for cabinet positions that you don't agree with??

Look, no matter what Trump does once sworn in as Pres., you will criticize it,,,
It's not in your nature to surrender that the guy you didn't vote for might actual
do something positive,,,,And I understand that.

Maybe next election, try and come up with a candidate that doesn't constantly
use the stupid **** women & children card to get votes,,,,
Every freakin campaign stop was endless, "women & children",,,,over and over ,,,,,sthu.
And picking that fumbass weasel Timmy for VP, who almost lost his home state
for Hillary was a pathetic choice,,,,another whiner,,,,

So, go ahead,,,bitch, complain and attack,,,,cause there's not a damn thing you
can do about it for another 4 years,,,,and most likely 8

Reply to supadupa - Msg #6015 - 01/11/2017 17:07

Re: You knuckleheads keep thinking that the President is responsible for all ...

You don't think we realize the President doesn't control every aspect of
the economy or what happens in the country??? Come on
------Yet you continue to create, post or agree with charts and articles that show how (Obama) destroyed every sector of the economy. Even when their are charts that show the exact opposite.

And I will be one of the first to post that Trump failed or made a mistake
when that happens,,,which it will,,,But there's a big difference between
Obama & Trump,,,,,
------He already has made mistakes....yet you fail to criticize ANYTHING.

Trump wouldn't have allowed what took place in Ferguson & Baltimore to
continue for as long as it did,,,,
-------You don't know that because he's not even president. Stop pretending to be Nostradamus

I'm also pretty sure he would have done whatever to try & help those
US citizens in Benghazi,,,
-------You don't know that because he's not even president. Stop pretending to be Nostradamus

I'm also pretty sure he wouldn't have shipped 1.7 billion in cash to Iran,,
whether it was their money or not,,,,That was definitely a matter of national
security. And anyone who thinks they aren't going to use that money for
terrorism or to advance their nuclear weapons potential is as you say,,,
a "knucklehead"
-------You may be right on this one, but you pretend to know what Iran is doing with that money and clearly haven't read the full reports on restrictions they have on them.

Hell, when Carrier announced that they were moving to Mexico, Obama came
out and said they've already made up their mind,,nothing we can do.
Trump got em to stay & saved 800 to 1000 jobs.
-----Good for Trump for saving some jobs. Imagine if you posted EVERY TIME Obama saved a few jobs. But you couldn't do that because Obama doesn't BRAG and TWEET for ego each time about saving a few jobs. I'm sure many of the THOUSANDS/MILLIONS of people in the auto industry and others connected (cars, parts,etc) were happy to keep their jobs when the auto industry was bailed out. Not all Obama's doing, but he is somewhat responsible.

Obama has been "fighting ISIS" for years,,,and not much has changed.
Watch how long it takes Trump & his Generals to go in & open a huge can
of whoop ****,,,,One that will turn the tables on ISIS and they will start living in fear,,,
Hopefully their cash will be frozen also,,,,and the oil.
------Obama was left this mess. Bush had already put in the legislation to pull out of Iraq....Obama just followed through. And when things began to heat up in Syria 2011, Obama recommended ground troops. But some seem to forget that that was the height of the economic crash and public and political sentiment was "we don't need to be spending $$$ on more wars, we need to be spending $$$ to fix our economy." Go back and watch the C-SPAN tapes for a refresher.

-----"Trump & his Generals"....These Generals have been serving our country way before Trump or even Obama. They are not HIS generals. Also, why is it that these old guys (Trump, Bush, Cheney, etc) that were big sissies and afraid to serve their country when they were young and actually had to pick up a weapon, but suddenly want to play Cowboys and Indians when they don't actually have to fight? I'll tell you why. It's because they can send someone else's son or daughter to do the fighting for them. Deferment Donnie (he had an owee on his foot) and is no brave commander. Also, The U.S. hasn't won a 'war' in a very long time. Lost Korean War, Lost Vietnam war, won 1st Iraq (but that really wasn't a war). Also, ask Russia/Soviet Union why they couldn't win in Afghanistan for a decade in the 1980's. It's because it's a little more difficult than you think. The world no longer fights in 'winnable' conventional wars. The world has been at war with the middle east terrorists (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, etc, etc, etc) SINCE THE 70's. Go back and watch some history bud.

Also watch what happens with all the shootings in Chicago,,,,
The screws are about to be tightened on the thugs in ChiTown,,,,
-------You don't know that because he's not even president. Stop pretending to be Nostradamus.
-------Also, the crime rate in NYC is at an ALL TIME LOW. That continued under Obama's watch. But Obama isn't taking credit (and shouldn't). The folks in NYC deserve the credit.

P.S. - Again, you made things political (anti-Obama) when I was discussing AUTOMATION. When you are still crying about Obama even though he is done in office....And still crying and not happy even after WINNING control of the presidency, house and senate. I think the problems run a little deeper than politics, my friend.
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