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From: deaconmike (Rep: 950) reply to supadupaDate: 01/11/2017 02:31
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #6013Thread #673898475 (Rec: 0)
Re: You knuckleheads keep thinking that the President is responsible for all the ...

You must think the majority of us are all a bunch of dumbasses because
we don't think like you or agree with most of your views,,,,
You don't think we realize the President doesn't control every aspect of
the economy or what happens in the country??? Come on,,,

And I will be one of the first to post that Trump failed or made a mistake
when that happens,,,which it will,,,But there's a big difference between
Obama & Trump,,,,,
Trump wouldn't have allowed what took place in Ferguson & Baltimore to
continue for as long as it did,,,,
I'm also pretty sure he would have done whatever to try & help those
US citizens in Benghazi,,,
I'm also pretty sure he wouldn't have shipped 1.7 billion in cash to Iran,,
whether it was their money or not,,,,That was definitely a matter of national
security. And anyone who thinks they aren't going to use that money for
terrorism or to advance their nuclear weapons potential is as you say,,,
a "knucklehead"
Hell, when Carrier announced that they were moving to Mexico, Obama came
out and said they've already made up their mind,,nothing we can do.
Trump got em to stay & saved 800 to 1000 jobs.
And before Trump is even sworn in we've seen several other large companies announce
they are stay or investing money into the US and some are building new plants which
will create thousands of new jobs.
IMO, this is just the start,,,,Why? It's called respect,,,,and maybe some fear that
Trump will charge a tax to get foreign made products by US companies back into
the country. Either way,,,it's good for us,,,and it will get better.
Obama has been "fighting ISIS" for years,,,and not much has changed.
Watch how long it takes Trump & his Generals to go in & open a huge can
of whoop ****,,,,One that will turn the tables on ISIS and they will start living in fear,,,
Hopefully their cash will be frozen also,,,,and the oil.
Also watch what happens with all the shootings in Chicago,,,,
The screws are about to be tightened on the thugs in ChiTown,,,,
I might be wrong but, I think Trump will do a decent job and so will his cabinet,,,
and if they don't,,they'll be replaced by someone who will.

Reply to supadupa - Msg #6011 - 01/10/2017 22:33

You knuckleheads keep thinking that the President is responsible for all the problems with our country. You soon will find that Trump will do the same or worse than Obama. Why?

Because AUTOMATION is what's causing the economic problems, NOT Politics. But you think your job is safe right?

Robots are taking everyone's job. Not the brown people.

Bank clerks -----> ATM Machines
Customer service ---------> Self service kiosks
Agriculture ----------> Machines
Assembly lines --------> Robot machines
Accounting -----------> Software (Turbo Tax, Quicken)
Traders -------------> Algorithms/Computers (Nobody on the stock room floor anymore)
Truck/Drivers ------------> Slowly being replace by self-driving cars.

I could go on forever with the endless jobs lost to automation.

Not everyone has the mind to become a software engineer to invent the robots. And even so, it only takes a handful of engineers to create the machines that do the work of 100s or 1000s of humans.

But you knuckleheads keep crying about Obama. And when you're done crying about Obama and finished wiping Trump's goo off your upper lip. Watch this:
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