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From: Faithalone (Rep: 210) reply to trendtnDate: 11/20/2019 17:11
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #12155Thread #674108801 (Rec: 0)
quid quo pro is a normal way of doing business for government, you do understand that don't you. The real question is did Trump do it for personal gain or for the Country, that is what has to be proved, good luck with that.

Just like Biden and his quid pro quo and his son working for Burisma and the fact that Chris Heinz: "through a spokesperson, told the Washington Post that he strongly objected to Hunter Biden and Archer taking the board seats. “Mr. Heinz strongly warned Mr. Archer that working with Burisma was unacceptable. Mr. Archer stated that he and Hunter Biden intended to pursue the opportunity as individuals, not as part of the firm,” the Post reported. “The lack of judgment in this matter was a major catalyst for Mr. Heinz ending his business relationships with Mr. Archer and Mr. Biden.”"

That is obvious quid pro quo and we all know it was, doesn't mean it is easy to prove the intent though, even though all the arrows point to Biden selling his position through his children's employment.

Same for the Clinton Foundation - obvious quid pro quo but hard to prove intent.

This is just a charade that the dems are hoping cast Trump in a bad enough light that he won't be re-elected.....that is all, BUT they are taking it to the point that they will have to send it to trial in the Senate and that will open up so many people to exposure when the witnesses and line of questioning can't be controlled.

The dems are being set up and the majority of people in this country don't care about the Trump quid pro quo, just like they don't care about the Clinton and Biden quid pro quo.

Re: Yep, presumptions that when he asked Trump directly, Trump directly told ...

Reply to trendtn - Msg #12153 - 11/20/2019 16:56

Re: Yep, presumptions that when he asked Trump directly, Trump directly told him ...

I think we can agree Trump is a notorious liar.
That is not in doubt.

The guy lies Everytime he speaks.. 13000 lies in three years

So...if you ask a bank robber...did you rob a bank and he say no..I want nothing from that bank...nothing...should you believe him....or the people all around.. republicans...that he appointed

If you think there is any doubt now about what happened you're lying to yourself.

He did it.. they were all in on it.
He will be impeached and perhaps removed.

If the Senate fails to act the GOP Senate will be swept out

Or as lt cool vindman said
"Here.. right still matters"
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