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From: trendtn (Rep: 166) reply to FaithaloneDate: 10/22/2019 15:50
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #11573Thread #674104068 (Rec: 1)
Re: This post is all anyone would ever need to see to know your "morality". Your ...

People of good conscience can of course disagree.
But your pov is small radical minority that equate ending a pregnancy before 24 weeks as murder.
Last I saw well over 70% of Americans support the law...and a right to choose

You oppose the law. You represent a minority.
In fact most Christians as I am believe a woman should decide what to do...not the govt.

Beyond that...abortions are at a 40 year low.
I wish there were none. The lower rate is because teens are getting access to birth control...thru groups like planned Parenthood.
Birth control is the key to preventing should be fighting to keep planned Parenthood open if you really believed that.

This is in the new today btw

Abortion rates have dropped again in Colorado, and health authorities are crediting increased access to birth control statewide.

Pharmacists have written thousands of prescriptions for the birth control pill since 2017, when Colorado became only the third

Reply to Faithalone - Msg #11572 - 10/22/2019 11:34

This post is all anyone would ever need to see to know your "morality". Your post shows you have no compassion and even when someone tells you a personal experience you just view it has an argument and only care about winning that argument based on your own reality. You know there is nothing scientific about calling something a "clump of cells", that couldn't be used to describe you personally right now and that is definitely not a technical term, except for the deranged left. Everything you say about the unborn baby can be used on you at some point in your life, once you become non-viable to society, which may already be the case, but folks like me will still be fighting for your right to life, even if personally we think you are the scum of the earth, we will fight for your right to speak even though everything you say is a detriment to society. And you know the fact is abortion is not getting less, it is not getting rarer, in fact the left is making it a virtue to have an abortion as if it is better for society and/or the environment. Dr. Wen is proof of that. You can say whatever you want about a "clump of cells", but we all know and you know it is murder and you are killing a created being made in the image of God which any Christian would understand plainly and they are killing their own baby for convenience and selfish reasons. Mothers have died on that abortion table murdering their own child being the last thing they ever did and met their maker for judgment while murdering their own child, there is not a worse way to die then that. Then to claim you are the party of science when you don't even know what a woman or a man is and which one has a period and which was doesn't and/or the difference between a sperm, egg and fertilized egg. Yet want to scream at us about the environment and how we only have 10 years left for the last 80 years we have been hearing this junk, all the while having their hand in our wallet and not allowing other to prosper by the very means we did. Every response you have is canned and the same line I will hear every news outlet say all at once, you are just a mouthpiece with no individual thought a perfect subject for totalitarian rule, no values that you wouldn't change in a heartbeat if it became beneficial to you, you stand for nothing, like a reed swaying in the wind! Re: everyone knows its murder, ripping a baby apart piece by piece. You may n...
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