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From: Faithalone (Rep: 210) reply to trendtnDate: 11/20/2019 18:05
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #12160Thread #674108801 (Rec: 0)
Re: quid quo pro is a normal way of doing business for government, you do und...

So it is acceptable if a Vice President admittedly withholds aid if they don't fire the prosecutor? So you are okay with Quid Pro Quo as what Biden himself said on camera is the very definition of Quid Pro Quo? You yourself say it doesn't matter at all and was justified.

It is also okay if the Dems investigate the Republican candidate and even use foreign assistance to do it? Since you believe he is corrupt right?

So by your own admission it is okay for Trump to both investigate the other candidate if they are corrupt and it is okay to withhold aid based on it being for a legit reason.

Yes of course it the very core of what we are talking about.....lol and you know it, being a writer and all I know you see that very clearly.

You can argue about the reason Trump or Biden did it, but the fact is Trump did exactly the same thing the Dems did and that is FACT!

Reply to trendtn - Msg #12157 - 11/20/2019 17:47

Re: quid quo pro is a normal way of doing business for government, you do underst...

Once again...deflection...not about Biden...not about Clinton

This is about a president asking a foreign country to gin up something he could use in an election...or else.

Beyond that think about this.
If Trump is acquitted he will go right back to this same playbook...asking China...Russia. . Indonesia...anyone he wants to smear his bect opponent.
Why would he stop? He has already told us he sees nothing wrong with enlisting a foreign country

And long after he is gone...other presidents would be free then to do the same.

Is that the kind of precedent you want?

Finally this...you know where this Ukraine interfered with the us election bs started?

With Putin.
Why on Earth is Trump repeating Russian talking points?
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