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From: Jimjones1972 (Rep: 3) reply to Jimjones1972Date: 04/19/2019 10:54
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April 18th 2019 Article About Ndassima Gold Area In CAR

Bangui April 18, 2019- (Ndjoni Sango): The Central African Republic is very rich in natural resources: diamonds, gold, wood, oil, uranium among others, a very fertile land. So why is the poverty rate so high in this country of about 5 million people? It is, unconditionally, linked to two important facts: the war that was unfolding in the country constantly, and the complete absence of control over the treatment of natural resources by the government. And if the first question is being solved, especially thanks to the support of the partners, finally the territories of the country become united and secure. The second question has no solution yet.

If the government takes control of the resources available to CAR, the profit gained could enrich the country's treasury and can be used for road construction, supply and construction of hospitals, and equipment for the army.

There is a lot of talk about some mines deposits. For example, some say that it was the foreigners who occupied the mining activities, others say that these mines are abandoned at the mercy of traffickers. To understand the situation, we went to one of the best-known gold mines in the village of Krandja, Ndassima near Bambari in the central Ouaka prefecture.

The first destination on our way was Bambari, a town named after a warrior, but infamous for the fights that often took place.

Arriving at Bambari, we saw a cafe that was open, a market that was caught by commerce and the peaceful neighborhood of Christians and Muslims. The atmosphere was very friendly. When people knew we were a journalist, there were many who wanted to talk to us and share their stories about local life.

Bambari, which is at the crossroads of several commercial axes, often becomes a battlefield. Fortunately, all this is now the past. Having spent a few days in Bambari, we listened to music from the cafe, bars and bars that are not far from the hotel, not the sounds of gunfire and sirens. After the signing of the agreements in Khartoum the region regained stability and calm, this is confirmed by the FACA patrols that are not far from the city.

Early in the morning we went to Krandja to Ndachima about sixty Bambari, on a motorcycle taxi that we rented. The road to Krandja is calm, but it is broken and very tight. It is restored and expanded in many places. We really want this to happen all over the country, because safe and secure roads could not only guarantee a comfortable and fast move, but, for example, give the opportunity to lead a regular national football championship, why not?

Having arrived at the mine, we interviewed Jean Narcisse Kossi Kouzou , Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Dibissi in Ndassima and manager of the Krandja mine. He told us about what's going on in the mine.

" We work together here. There is the craftsman and the worker. The craftsman hires the workers he takes care of on a daily basis. It's since 2012. It's been 7 years now that I'm working on the Krandja mine site. We do the work with the hand. We do not have the means to work. We do not have an industrial machine. It is with the hand that we work. We work from 8am to 12am. After eating, we return to the site to work at 13:30 and we finish at 15h to return to the village. Because the village is 5 km from the site, there at the junction "

Ndjoni Sango: Since you've been working on this mining site, are there expatriates or westerners who come here to work too or buy the diamonds at your place?

" No no no. Only Central Africans working here, no white no strangers. I assure you that it is only Central Africans who work on the site, who buy and sell here. There is no white coming here to buy the diamond.

Ndjoni Sango: Since you are on this site, what problem do you often encounter with the workers? Do you work freely and with safety or?

"For safety, it's okay. There is no problem, there is no aggression.

Ndjoni Sango: After the signing of the Khartoum peace accord signed by the government and the armed groups, how do you see this agreement and the return of peace in CAR?

"I who speak to you, I am a Christian. I manage everything that works here. There are many Muslims working on the construction site that I manage. There is no problem between us »
Ndjoni Sango: There is peace and social cohesion, you say. And how are you going to capitalize peace efforts in your locality?

" Very well. Well, we have to progress like this. Even those who moved there, the com-zone told us to write them to go back to their homes. There is no distinction between Christians and Muslims ".

And it's true, at our table was sitting Christians and Muslims and we were all at the table like brothers, everything was very nice and friendly. After the signing of the Khartoum Accords, representatives of the UPC arrived and they shared ideas about peace and social cohesion, as well as the details of the agreement itself. Of course these ideas were highly appreciated and became a life principle.

By doing the hand work, without the use of machines, people get together even more, are always ready to give each other a hand.

When we returned, we stopped at Ndassima, where we also discussed with the locals and the workers of the mine. You will read these interviews in the coming days.

Reply to Jimjones1972 - Msg #6328 - 04/10/2019 08:17

Axmin appoints Jiang as CEO of Somio, Aurafrique

2019-04-10 05:55 MT - News Release

Ms. Lucy Yan reports


Axmin Inc. has appointed Lifei Jiang as chief executive officer of Somio Toungou SA and chief executive officer of Aurafrique SARL in Central African Republic and Jean Qian as board secretary and chief executive officer assistant of Axmin.

Mr. Lifei Jiang benefits form over fifteen years of senior operational experience in Africa in the investment, construction and mining industries. He has served as project manager, vice general manager and general manager for the Chinese states owned enterprises China Geo-Engineering Corporation (CGC) and CGCOC Group Company Limited in several African countries where he was directly responsible for project management, bidding, financial controls, team building, and market development.

Mr. Jiang is extremely familiar with local traditions and cultures, different applicable mining laws and effective operational procedures for delivering mining operations in Africa. For AXMIN, Mr. Jiang will be managing the in-country operations of the Company.

Mr. Qian benefits from experience in senior administration of Chinese companies working with international counterparties to manage projects within and outside of China. He has been responsible for coordination and international communication in large events, as well as corporate news releases and translations.

AXMIN's Chairman and CEO Lucy Yan sated:

AXMIN is very pleased to appoint Mr. Jiang and Mr. Qian to assist the company with our in-country operations and international co-ordination. We believe these key staff additions will assist the Company as we fully restart our operations in the Central African Republic in the near future. We are very excited to see the improving security developments in the region around our mining asset and will provide a further update in this regard.


AXMIN is a Canadian exploration and development company with a strong focus on the African continent. AXMIN continues to closely monitor the security situation at its Passendro Gold Project in the Central African Republic. For more information regarding AXMIN visit our website at Please follow us on Facebook

We seek Safe Harbor.

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