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Wall Street PitFish see the bait, but not the hook; men see the profit, but not the peril.JesseLivermore05/01/2014 20:135 yrs ago
Wall Street PitHistorically, the worst month on the S&P (since 1928) is September. The seco...maxamus05/01/2014 13:335 yrs ago
Wall Street PitReal value plays are coming. Don't get excited and pay too much when you wil...ftudor04/16/2014 23:045 yrs ago
Wall Street PitKOLreminds me of my JO when no one cared :) eomJesseLivermore03/13/2014 14:075 yrs ago
ADAMIS PHARMACEUTICLADMPLow Vol Sale today DD New Buy Coverage started $15 Target DD on ADMP tiny Bio...pmony02/28/2014 12:425 yrs ago
Wall Street PitUQMThe system developed by the Colorado company can help reduce the cost of EV a...theMagician02/28/2014 12:535 yrs ago
Wall Street PitAFRMFAFRMF 5 mil float $5 3d printing ADR from Germany..trades at less ...willabee02/10/2014 09:545 yrs ago
Wall Street PitLuke murray @ elitedaytraders. Follow his trades, even practice paper but you...benzoate12/23/2013 11:155 yrs ago
Wall Street PitTAHOIF U WANT SILVER this your play.. no one in here gonna out smart me ...stormcat12/10/2013 11:495 yrs ago
Wall Street PitDDanatomy of 'dd' JesseLivermore12/15/2011 09:227 yrs ago
Wall Street Pithey magician hows your charts---now you are waiting on repubs to be outnumber...stihlman107/30/2011 04:197 yrs ago
Wall Street Pitgoing full time into trading only very strong sector or theme momentum and sp...RichJr06/16/2011 20:397 yrs ago
Wall Street PitRe: may i be so bold as to give you some trading advice? just be a sector tr...RichJr03/17/2011 22:008 yrs ago
Wall Street PitAccording to the book "Winner-Take-All Politics" the share of [national] inco...TheNextGoogle11/14/2010 22:258 yrs ago
CHINA MEDIAEXPRESSCCMERe: "Not looking to start a beef" Neither am I-- learned that lesson a...jimmenknee11/02/2010 20:018 yrs ago
Wall Street PitHindenburg Stock Market Crash Omen Confirmedch9008/25/2010 07:078 yrs ago
Wall Street PitEveryone Pointing to a bond bubble .... Blackrock has a TON of bond etf's ......hugh08/18/2010 13:408 yrs ago
Wall Street Pit20 GOLDEN RULES FOR TRADERS borzwa08/04/2010 17:208 yrs ago
Wall Street PitHow to find a 10 bagger ?Sqwii07/28/2010 19:008 yrs ago
Wall Street PitI'm starting the Forex Palace again.. I think there is MUCH opportunity tradi...hugh07/25/2010 22:498 yrs ago
Wall Street PitThe longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitud...Sqwii07/21/2010 18:578 yrs ago
Wall Street PitAISNo Sex Please, Were Middle Classjburk406/28/2010 02:548 yrs ago
Wall Street Pitbought a boat, enjoying fun in the sun! so many solutions to the BP mess ye...santelli06/22/2010 08:268 yrs ago
Wall Street PitBPRe: was there actually drill pipe in the well for plugging? In hard rock we...JesseJames9021006/17/2010 02:118 yrs ago
Wall Street PitBPRe: don't ya think someone would notice 16,000 feet of 11 inch steel pipe lay...JesseJames9021006/16/2010 01:418 yrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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