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Last updated on Sat Aug 17, 18:56 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
ACRS$2.54-CASH: ACRS @ .80s: The LionMasters best pick this year. Great entry eomHin531 hrs ago
FCEL'Department of Energy Announces $40 Million in Funding for 29 Projects to Adv...acinvestorblog2 days ago
TSLATesla short sellers up some $3 billion so far in 2019Bender242 days ago
FCELrockin' roller..... eomglitter2 days ago
REALREAL-REAL-QUICK: Took the quick 15% 2-day gain. Just in case :) eomEPR5316731 hrs ago
FCELin here .39 eomstormcat32 hrs ago
DBDB been causing the world to end for years lol... Re: DB Collapse Could Lead...pmony2 days ago
FCELIn 0.39 eomhany_am33 hrs ago
DBDB Collapse Could Lead to the Next Great Depression Deutch Bank WarnsBottomofChart2 days ago
Re: Ouch Briggs and Stratton closing 600 people losing there jobs Recession s...jaceak2 days ago
MNKPHASE3-NEWS: Re: Always sell at the market always go short always leave em holding the bag...theclipper2 days ago
AMDup nicely AH on NVDA earningsRe: 8/30c $31.5 .75ish eomFaithalone2 days ago
SINTTOXIC: 70% hidden dilution in the past three weeks eombucyrus2 days ago
FCELGOODCAUSE: FCEL... if the Dept of Energy sees cause to give 5% of all funds allocated to...franconia32 hrs ago
INPXOTC: Re: Revenue growth,,,yes Ali dumped more shares than usual this qtr,, eomscorcher2 days ago
Russia, Venezuela sign deal on warship visits to each other's ports: Ifaxhokk1242 days ago
DPWThis fraudulent entity is right up there with GBSN.smokeeater112 days ago
BREAKING_NEWS : Re: Denmark said they would start negotiations if Trump could do 2 things.HARLUM20 hrs ago
MNKPHASE3-NEWS: positive news crazy short % 36.5 mill vs 77 mill float phase 3 news pmony2 days ago
CEPUOn the move eomred_dog2 days ago
GUSHMASSIVEBRKOUT$$: GUSH #1 OIL PLAY 3x leverage 1-2 week oil 8-12% rallyX3 eomdudleydan28 hrs ago
UBERFunny how Mega company GE gets a massive amount of critique over its valuatio...TheNextGoogle28 hrs ago
Re: What happened to all the DoomGloomers? I'm starting to get the impression...luhkonik25 hrs ago
SFETRe: Bro , U know the float isnt that low anymore , respect U but ???? SFET ...HARLUM32 hrs ago
LEJU1.35 good case for the Mondays -SunTzu77232 hrs ago
TARGET_.25: after shares dumped cash is .80/sh.. loss was .78/sh....expect them to contin...bucyrus29 hrs ago
SCORSCOR: Re: Very nice! SCOR also 13G now, shorts in trouble here Re: Volume coming in...moltenlava2 days ago
MNKMeeting primary endpoints means FDA approval. Lowball shorts are playing with...theclipper2 days ago
Norway detects radioactive iodine after Russian missile site explosiongargoyle30 hrs ago
SPY: Trump tweeting like a OTC promoter this evening , he is watching every tick ,...HARLUM2 days ago
CHINA: Playing games with US markets, strategically supported their Mkt overnight &burp2 days ago
MNKSomeone bought 30K calls @ $13 strike. Maybe wake up to a JNJ buyout after th...theclipper2 days ago
DBRe: DB been causing the world to end for years lol... Re: DB Collapse Could ...jaceak35 hrs ago
Russia bird strike: 23 injured after plane hits gulls and crash lands. Bender242 days ago
Re: Ouch Briggs and Stratton closing 600 people losing there jobs Recession s...deaconmike2 days ago
SGRPTOCUHED $1: Hit $1... Reported strong earnings on Wednesday. eomtotemojoy32 hrs ago
PAMMerval Index up another 3%..another Argentine (utility) play I like.SunTzu77232 hrs ago
SFETRe: Bro , U know the float isnt that low anymore , respect U but ???? SFET ...theMagician32 hrs ago
CFMSstopping this 1.80 not working... will buy lower not looking good.. ...stormcat32 hrs ago
KXIN: damn missed a helluva a bounce this week eomHARLUM31 hrs ago
Mexicos Supreme Court Orders Lawmakers to Regulate Medical Cannabisefbailey31 hrs ago
SFETSFET 372k float next micro runner after PSTV can see $1.50-2 on vol and its f...theMagician32 hrs ago
SPXLpicked up a few Sept puts... early IMHO but gonna be traveling next week eombucyrus31 hrs ago
BUYERBEWARE: BROKER HAS just warned me of a MONDAY SELLOFF eomdudleydan32 hrs ago
50/50SELLROUT: 50/50 chance of MONDAY MARKET SELLOFF it has happened 2 straight Weeks.(BROKE...dudleydan32 hrs ago
GUSHONFIRE: GUSH ONFIRE eomonfirestocks32 hrs ago
MTC$5 assault eomsqueeze30 hrs ago
PSTV$15 assault...halt +233% blowup eomsqueeze32 hrs ago
SFETRe: GL how u make $$theMagician32 hrs ago
NWLNWL: adding calls eomelbobo32 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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