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Last updated on Mon Feb 27, 15:14 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
Re: Father of first military member killed under Trump refused to meet the Pr...pmony26 hrs ago
Father of first military member killed under Trump refused to meet the Presid...supadupa26 hrs ago
Re: Father of first military member killed under Trump refused to meet the Pr...supadupa26 hrs ago
RANT: Getting close to that time of year. Wondering what changes will be in our fu...franconia25 hrs ago
FNCXOk well whatever you are comfortable with then.....$100 sound good? All in go...isalutelordk2 days ago
GALTGALT: Re: $GALT gearing up for the Golden Cross, you seen what happen to previous a...invisiblehand6 hrs ago
North Korea executes 5 senior security officials with anti-aircraft gunsmoltenlava3 hrs ago
GUSHRe: in a bitEPR531672 days ago
GNKShippers seem like the next to move IMO, minus drys haha eommotz24 mins ago
OVASCC on Thursday. Can't imagine there not being positive catalysts from that ca...hedgefundmgr6 hrs ago
regular cannabis user since '78 only gateway for me was to the refrigerator. eomefbailey2 days ago
Re: anyone on this...Nope, it's a plant. Let people grow it in their garden ...holland552 days ago
today would have been a good fishing day zzzzzzzzzzzzz eomefbailey50 mins ago
ESEAIn at $1.41. Compressed due to DRYS bagpile eomTraderJT55 mins ago
Charlie Munger on Getting Rich, Wisdom, Focus, Fake Knowledge and Morebucyrus29 hrs ago
IPDNGRVY: $GRVY was dead at $10 for 2.5 months now $39 1.4m float. $IPDN 4-500k float...Superman3 hrs ago
AMD15.20...before the closing ...16 tomorrow eombeat3 hrs ago
UGAZin a bit. $13.82 eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
CIDMLooks ready for round 2 of the uptrend started from the earnings report Re: N...tokyopua3 hrs ago
MBRXlooks to be heating up. Great time to get in. Re: Gotta like the 4 million s...stephen12053 hrs ago
TEUM: Re: What is up with this one, anybody?nolan3 hrs ago
IFANBITCOIN.0011: .0016 .0018 break to .004 then .01 R...chart1013 hrs ago
UNGbottom might be coming soon. eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
BLPHAND_ADD: BLPH I'm not a seller here. DATA coming now, plus they are J&J acquisition ...msgreenacres4 hrs ago
BOXbreakout on tap. testing 52 week highs. eomninjaninja4 hrs ago
LITEnice candle forming. back thru 21d ema amidst a downgrade. eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
BLPHBLPH Not a fundamental take down, just over sold and shaking weak hands. eommsgreenacres3 hrs ago
GUSHhasn't taken out Fridays highs. eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
JNUGhod eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
CEMPHead and Shoulder pattern should move us to around that. Re: $CEMP today will...stephen12053 hrs ago
IFANBITCOIN: IFAN will get a name change to IFUN at .01 Re: ADDED .0013 ...chart1013 hrs ago
AMDAwheres the love beaten with good news today? eomshurtha20003 hrs ago
GUSHout a bit +3% eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
JNUGback thru 21d ema eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
FB$FB (FB) Facebook stock back up,StockConsultant3 hrs ago
BOXpulled off of breakout area but setup for earnings on 3/1. eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
VALEVALE/CLF are my target due to infrastructure play. eomTitbit3 hrs ago
SPYnew high today = warning to shorts to cover before next hopium move higher im...ramaji3 hrs ago
MCZAmazon's Twitch to Sell Video Games on Streaming Site, sector heatin up, Amaz...theMagician3 hrs ago
SQhod on tap eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
CNBXBest Marijuana Stocks to Watch in 2017purugloss3 hrs ago
ASTIRhymin Narrows mind. Who cares about taxes coming back. You seem to forg...msschm23 hrs ago
AMD15'S: slice eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
TTD: in a bit. 5d ema eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
SING.10ish in the next day or 2 with the bounce off the pullback. Re: This one li...cardlynn2 hrs ago
TWXTWX- will be acquired it seems. eomTitbit2 hrs ago
ADXSADXS-nice move cross licensing. eomTitbit2 hrs ago
DXTRDXTR similar chart drop as HTGM up 100% today, float and chart on $1.30 break...theMagician2 hrs ago
DRYS$1.85 dumper,, still heavy selling eomscorcher2 hrs ago
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