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Last updated on Thu Jun 20, 07:20 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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zzzzzzzzzzzzzz eomtheMagician19 hrs ago
SPYWhy is the Fed talking about cutting interest rates with the stock market at ...BottomofChart45 hrs ago
KERN: $9.3 mkt cap vs cannabis peers well up into the billionsSunTzu77244 hrs ago
BYNDRe: I see one more squeeze here , looking for the 220 area for my puts BY...HARLUM44 hrs ago
CHWYRe: Next BYND? -uhm, no.....way higher float - has to have the right ingredie...kcprinters44 hrs ago
MGILIONMASTER-BOOM: Congrats to Lionmaster at yet ANOTHER thesis proved valid! Re: WOW!!!! Up h...tokyopua2 days ago
SPYGET_A_CLUE: Re: Why is the Fed talking cutting rates.. the EURO cut rates.. eombucyrus44 hrs ago
1930's Germans are shaking their heads at u sheep eomtheMagician10 hrs ago
MTECKERN: Re: $19.75 How a marijuana-software company became first to list on Nasdaqblacksheep32 hrs ago
KERN: Marijuana tech company backed by early Facebook investor debuts on the NasdaqSunTzu77231 hrs ago
DPWRe: DPW NEWS OUT,,,fade it fast before the 1:40 r/s in two weeks Ault lmao,, eomscorcher40 hrs ago
MTECKERN: made $12k but left $20k on the table and the meter's still running lol eomefbailey13 hrs ago
KERN: Historic squeeze? listed like TLRY..large share imbalance - 52.6% fund owned....SunTzu77231 hrs ago
DPW14c dumper,,,another 1:40 r/s happy 4th from Ault and the gang,, eomscorcher18 hrs ago
AFH.73 watch this one eomAttila19052 days ago
ICONICON: nhod ;-) gonna be huge soon Re: Calm before the upward storm :-) Re: Very nic...tokyopua43 hrs ago
MTECRe: MTech, MJ Freeway will name their merged marijuana company Akerna eomblacksheep2 days ago
KERN: $18 bidder in the A/H eomHARLUM35 hrs ago
CVSI: meeting with Oppenheimer today, maybe get analyst coverage....... eomcrainiac20 hrs ago
OILOil soars 4% on hopes U.S.-China trade talks resume, Mideast tensionsqueeze43 hrs ago
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 - 2 pmFOMC decision 2.25-2.5%- 2:30 pmJerome Powell press...TheNextGoogle18 hrs ago
PETZI see PETZ as a warrant/option on CHWY ,, decent gamble for a spike ,, with a...tripleplay42 hrs ago
TYMELong 10K shares TYME overnight. MACD is displaying a positive divergences and...acinvestorblog2 days ago
KERN: tapping $63 now eomburp14 hrs ago
J Powell was probably ready to retire, and Bullard because he was the lone Fe...franconia16 hrs ago
KERN: Re: $9.3 mkt cap that's crazy for A Nasdaq traded stock in the Cannabis ind.HARLUM43 hrs ago
KERN: Has warrants exercise $11.50 KERNW trading at $2.60 way undervalued Re: $30 ...pmony21 hrs ago
PETZ.59 .95 PETZ direct CHWY peer real move yet to come imo.SunTzu77244 hrs ago
KERN Game Over for The Shorts eomBottomofChart16 hrs ago
KERN: $27 rip...really going now. eomrasputin21 hrs ago
CLDCLDPQ: Added at .0685. Back up at .07 eomTraderJT45 hrs ago
AFH.81 new HOD eomAttila19052 days ago
KERN...JSYN: Re: $45 assault ::: seems like JSYN has good chance to follow KERN on impend...kcprinters15 hrs ago
IFRX$20-TARGET: Strong head and shoulder breakout about now. If the data comes out reanalyzed...Lionmaster15 hrs ago
KERN: Re: 11.10 ~ 29.48 ~ 48.70 Historic squeeze? TLRY who?..large share imbalance ...SunTzu77215 hrs ago
MTSLRe: MTSL 6k out last night makes them back in compliance with Nasdaq listing ...theMagician21 hrs ago
RIOTRIOT STRONG eommsgreenacres2 days ago
GUSHGUSH. $7,$8,$9,$10.HOW HIGH TOMORROW? eomonfirestocks39 hrs ago
ICONICON: Calm before the upward storm :-) Re: Very nice close. Undervalued in the EXTR...tokyopua2 days ago
ISIS launches big attack on Syrian Army positions south of Al-Raqqagargoyle41 hrs ago
PETZRe: 81c they come..$1 rip..SunTzu and Magician beast. eomrasputin42 hrs ago
UBERhi ninja - good to see you. will try to pop back in here more often Re: in s...luvb2b19 hrs ago
KERN: Re: 11.10 29.44 Historic squeeze? listed like TLRY..large share imbalance - 5...SunTzu77220 hrs ago
BYNDDid nicely holding some calls last night. I don't think this one's dead, yet...Hblaze42 hrs ago
US Navy drone shot down by Iranian missile over Strait of Hormuzgargoyle4 hrs ago
MLNTout 4.65....Re: Trading like a snake!!!!...Re: in at 4.30 and watching.... eomamdolan21 hrs ago
AGIn some more shares. eomuser1220 hrs ago
EBOLA: The treatments approved for shipment to Uganda were Mapp Biopharmaceuticals Z...bucyrus21 hrs ago
BYNDBYND: Short sellers lining up will trigger another rally eompnnymn20 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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