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Last updated on Sat Sep 23, 12:16 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
AMDHas no margin wafer agreement with Globalfoundry eomLionmaster2 days ago
GLBRRecord August and September on record pace. Lionmaster2 days ago
SPYBreaking news, fed to purchase 350 million pairs of sunglasses to distribute,...ramaji2 days ago
Studying Econ seems like a DISadvantage sometimes eombucyrus2 days ago
FRSXADAS_AI: China's Baidu launches $1.5 billion autonomous driving fundSunTzu7722 days ago
MRIC5%STAKEREPORT: Re: +36% Re: MRIC ....great pick...been nice winner for me eomspuds25 hrs ago
VSAROTIC and much money lost does it take for people to wake up and see...legendary20 hrs ago
Re: Its more than just NK or what anyone thinks they will or won't do. In 193...apmoore33 hrs ago
EPIC_FAIL: At least 21 million lose coverage in GOP bill, think tank sayshokk12422 hrs ago
AAPLWasted $$ on that falling knife - wow! eomramaji24 hrs ago
AMDRe: Has no margin wafer agreement with Globalfoundrymaybe2 days ago
Hurricane Maria Wrecks Puerto Rico; 100% without power and water.hokk1242 days ago
I say we go deep green today .....F*** North Korea and that fat man child. Se...mastermind124 hrs ago
DPRKRe: North Korea's Kim says will make deranged Trump pay dearly for U.N. speec...moltenlava37 hrs ago
OILWTI_TO_$60!!: Re: Hurricanes will help boost Crude Oil ..holding up well looking to add mor...moltenlava2 days ago
DPRKHawaii Is Prepping for a North Korean Nuclear Attackmoltenlava36 hrs ago
SPYMarket should go green here pretty soon... eomStockguy8924 hrs ago
North Korea foreign minister says may detonate nuclear bomb in Pacificinvestorjohn39 hrs ago
JNUG: smashed... eomStockguy892 days ago
GLBRRe: Would that get made up by more trading commissions as people get their mo...bucyrus2 days ago
DPRKI lived in Japan for 5 years, learned a lot about how crazy NK is, and now ho...tokyopua35 hrs ago
DPRKRe: North Korea's Kim says will make deranged Trump pay dearly for U.N. speec...supadupa36 hrs ago
VSARIn big here, There is the adult growth hormone data coming out soon. Stock is...Lionmaster26 hrs ago
VSARbroke 2.90 it can really go low eomamdolan22 hrs ago
DOWCAST: TVIX prediction algorithm back on track for the Dowcastapmoore44 hrs ago
HMNYNon-stop Krueg!msgreenacres25 hrs ago
PUERTO-RICO: Puerto Rico in dark, curfew set after island destroyed by Hurricane Mariamoltenlava2 days ago
EFXEquifax up over 5% - Crazy non-sensical market eomTheNextGoogle25 hrs ago
Whoever says that NK doesn't matter, should also call Yahoo - they got a big ...TheNextGoogle25 hrs ago
AMDNews out Tesla was fake news by CNBC. Down $1 premarket. eomLionmaster2 days ago
VSARBarclays new underweight rating and price target $4... eominvestorjohn26 hrs ago
FBFB- A great money maker but it risky now to own it. eomTitbit26 hrs ago
BRGOhold on to the shares as you never know down the road but the lesson is that ...legendary27 hrs ago
Re: In Japan they were obsessed with NK as I recall, do you remember all thei...Bender2427 hrs ago
VSARDoubled my position....Re: Hell I just got in at 3.30 and now I am all depres...amdolan26 hrs ago
CYCCBOUNCE-INTRADAY: Well, they attacked it quick but good bounce play now lol! Re: NICE find, gon...tokyopua26 hrs ago
CYCCin here 1.98 eomstormcat26 hrs ago
ALRT8k killed it eomHARLUM26 hrs ago
HOMRWhen a stock is beaten like this one and is under .10 I don't fear the halt m...cardlynn26 hrs ago
VSARRe: Please reference data coming out soon...Thanxs...Re: In big here, There i...UpAndAway26 hrs ago
ARGSwent down for no reason. will go up with no reason as well. I averaged down a...Attila190526 hrs ago
Re: Acanthe Developpement, per 3, undervalued. Dividend 40cmadrid26 hrs ago
AKTXNice Call! Steaks for breakfast! Re: boom eommsgreenacres26 hrs ago
AAPLAAPL Sep 22 2017 152.5 Call (Weekly) eomninjaninja26 hrs ago
AKTXboom eompbe116926 hrs ago
JUNOJUNO Perk eommsgreenacres26 hrs ago
ARGS.17 good entry here. forming a bounce i believe eomAttila190526 hrs ago
HOMRRe: exited the pop @ .11 KC scared me talking about halts on twitter lol St...HARLUM26 hrs ago
VSARThanks. An analyst just dropped his TP to $4. Can't be much here...Re: Please...investorjohn26 hrs ago
GERALLYTIME$$TRIG: Ge- huge short squeeze ahead enjoy$$ eomdudleydan26 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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