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Last updated on Sat Nov 1, 07:40 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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JNUGQUESTION: Re: For all the guro's in here. Could someone explain to me why the huge drop...EPR5316743 hrs ago
VRNGPrinted 1.07 AH, somethings up :) eomMakinMula22 days ago
FB19BGOODWILL: Re: The utter insanity here is reminiscent of the days ago
QUESTION: I'm just a flea on the big dogs tail but... I second what EPR said and will a...m4e43 hrs ago
Re: And that's $160 for the high end ChemMax 4. ChemMax1 is like $ va...kcprinters2 days ago
JNUGQUESTION: Re: For all the guro's in here. Could someone explain to me why the huge drop...nolan43 hrs ago
CDTI30m vol, seems ONE stock every day in small cap land gets 90% of the vol in s...theMagician40 hrs ago
MKT: Re: nothing but "shorting X" buy puts on SPY posts everywhere, here, twitter ...theMagician20 hrs ago
Re: Will this market ever go down again?..only when a small cap goes green eommoltenlava20 hrs ago
USNAGet real, complete nonsense. This is just another Utah MLM pyramid. Re: Loo...qtrain132 days ago
Re: QE expected in Europe to start around Feb,,,my bottom month huh\theMagician2 days ago
SPYIn some SPY OCT 31 2014 200 C's just in case this a darn walk down. eomninjaninja2 days ago
MARKETS_GREEN: Raise your hand if you thinks MARKETS will be GREEN by close today. LOL eomshervin22 days ago
give me 300 down to wash yest.... eomclt_00002 days ago
MARKETS_GREEN: This economy is STRONG. It will do fine "without" FED as babysitter... eomshervin22 days ago
QQQanyone who believes economies are on an UPTREND n IMPROVING give your h...stormcat2 days ago
SPYAnyone who didn't see QE ending is an idiot. Saying that today is somehow sig...Schopenhauer2 days ago
DRYSlast raise only was for a few hundred million. they got 6 billion in debt, ha...luvb2b2 days ago
BIDUactually even the guidance isn't that bad, if china is slowing down they don'...luvb2b2 days ago
LAKELAKE 1m suits x 250 dollars3dron2 days ago
Re: Huh? Their ChemMax suits retail for $160. Which means they're selling t...highyield882 days ago
LAKERe: And that's $160 for the high end ChemMax 4. ChemMax1 is like $10. eomhighyield882 days ago
VRNGRe:somethings up :)..the only thing up is MsG rec-ing all VRNG posts eomholland552 days ago
SLVis this still going to $5,000/oz or is it going to $9? hmmmm eomxjcomx47 hrs ago
LL$50$50$50$50$50: Beauty eomEPR5316746 hrs ago
JNUGIn a few JNUG. Due for a good bounce from this level back to $8+ eomundervalued46 hrs ago
IAGANV: starting to see distressed selling in the gold shares imo eomluvb2b45 hrs ago
Sold 100pct,,, Re: Pop toward 206 tomorrow Im get puts eomJackal45 hrs ago
UVXYOdd trading, will wait for expected dip to add more eomramaji45 hrs ago
Get short and go fishing is my suggestion eomJackal45 hrs ago
AAPLTim Cook just keistered an IPhone6+ eomxjcomx44 hrs ago
RGLSOUT-ALL!: Out all puts for fairly small net gain; covered short for ~$3 - NEXT!! eomEPR5316744 hrs ago
BIDUIt's time to get in on the short side. I see a bleed down for profit taking. ...techie9944 hrs ago
LAKEoxfire!!!! eomkrueger43 hrs ago
JNUGMY2CENTS-WORTH: Re: all these 3x bear and bull etfs are a scam, they ALL go to zero then reve...EPR5316742 hrs ago
the vrng junk isnt delisted yet ? whens the reverse split/? eommako539 hrs ago
GPRODITTO: See comment on LNKD below eomEPR5316739 hrs ago
LNKDThanks for comment,,,,,Re: gut feeling shorts will be in for upside surprise ...Jackal39 hrs ago
FSURe: Too bad they can't win with integrity. Nobody respects them. eomhighyield8832 hrs ago
MKT: Re: i believe we saw the lows for the year...+1000 points from my post eomtheMagician22 hrs ago
DEEPFRIEDSHORTS: Good bye all foolish shorts eomdudleydan22 hrs ago
KUTVRe: Alibaba is seeking partners among the big Hollywood studios to satisfy mi...qtrain1321 hrs ago
MKT: one of the most boring 1500 point 2 week rallies I've seen in 16 yrs of tradi...theMagician20 hrs ago
VRNGJUSTICE: En banc approval seems a forgone conclusion at this point, imo. Re: VRNG A...Schopenhauer16 hrs ago
Just p/u my mail. Neighbor who is laid up with messed up foot and on disabil...msgreenacres16 hrs ago
Virgin Galactic Spaceship in catastrophic explosion and crashmoltenlava16 hrs ago
HAPPYHALLOWEEN!: Halloweenmsgreenacres15 hrs ago
ZLTQZLTQ: ZLTQ excellent reportksharmon2 days ago
RADAR: European Society of Surgical Oncology to hold a conferencesinghtelecom2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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