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50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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Powell, MO (st louis shooting #2) caught on tape...Griswold22 hrs ago
VRNGthose that put the symbol on ignore just missed a 100% runner...every dog has...bucyrus2 days ago
VRNGNo Resistance at $1.58. We must restore the pps back to where it was before ...msgreenacres2 days ago
FIXITGOOG!: The thing that most traders are unaware of is that the CAFC decision that say...msgreenacres46 hrs ago
VRNGHold tight.....It's getting HOTmsgreenacres28 hrs ago
To Whom It May Concern: Please refrain from your vacuous "Yahoo Message Boar...msgreenacres26 hrs ago
This is the BEST stock website, and it is free. We trade together, and excha...msgreenacres3 hrs ago
VRNGHOD: about 80K now.....Re: Curious how much you're down on this? If you don't mind...msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGHOD: I was able to average down. I cannot sell because of "Wash Sale" rules. Som...msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGAs I mentioned the other day, the stock was trading sideways, and perhaps thi...msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGMY_CALL: Ok....Sold the 100k in hubby's account. Took the mental stop @ 1.40 for 55k$ ...m4e2 days ago
VRNGCongratulations to all of you. I am holding long, but I am hedged. Be caref...msgreenacres2 days ago
Shorts should cover, Tutes are buying.....right now! eommsgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGFIGHTINGGOOG!: 34% short TODAY, and 36% short yesterday with this news......Going to GAP HAR...msgreenacres47 hrs ago
VRNGVRNG is going to need big ammo to fight GOOG, will they merge with MSFT to do...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
Now, that would be something to watch..... eommsgreenacres29 hrs ago
Kicking a Beehive with a Snuff Film.....Fighting a Tipping Point...trendtn28 hrs ago
VRNGNEXT_LEG_UP: Thinking we bust another move here soon. eomDELTA2 days ago
VRNGVRNG Up over 100% in days from the lows on Friday weeeeee eompumpanddumps2 days ago
VRNGWHAT_NEXT!: Only strong hands now, wait for PR........ The time elapse tells me that they...msgreenacres2 days ago
PLEASE_DONATE: Bucyrus, Lion, can anyone answer this question about a donation through a cre...msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGGOING2FIGHTGOOG: VRNG is filing EnBanc Review......per Dan Ravicher Should gap hard in Pre.....msgreenacres47 hrs ago
VRNGGOOG doesn't oppose...... GOOG gives VRNG approval. eommsgreenacres47 hrs ago
VRNGVERYSTRONGBUY: VRNG is a sleeping dog today, soon to be awakened!!!! eomMakinMula230 hrs ago
Sometimes people who only trade charts are blindsided to the possibilities, o...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
That certainly explains the delay En Banc hearing.....Oh boy, now that is jui...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
At this price, you have to know that someone is thinking they want that War C...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
VRNGTAKEONGOOG: Shorts should cover, there are too many of you...., and things are looking GO...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
VRNGSOMETHINGISUP: MM You better get those shares back, you are going to need them....People a...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
VRNGSOMETHINGISUP: Yep, I think they could use the help. Always felt that the two of them would...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
They are shaking retail awful hard, and by the way, institutions are now at 3...msgreenacres29 hrs ago
WATTWOW!: Re:Wow Does it actually work?? I have always wanted this if they have it and ...pumpanddumps25 hrs ago
LOL. This one is so stupid it really is funny, but things just as ridiculous ...fragonardium24 hrs ago
KNOWTHEFACTS!: Let's talk about the MSFT settlement. First, the settlement happened like li...msgreenacres22 hrs ago
Re: Powell, MO (st louis shooting #2) caught on tape...ridiculous...they don'...kcprinters20 hrs ago
John Oliver explains Ferguson Mo... don't miss itbucyrus2 days ago
Short Analytics for VRNG 36% todaymsgreenacres2 days ago
JRJCLOL, wow, the conf call is a joke, ceo getting nailed, cannot even tell us wh...jjkool_012 days ago
Israel strikes gaza again eomspringbok2 days ago
VRNGWow, strength and volume are amazing! We go for a run above $1.58 with ver...msgreenacres2 days ago
Hamas Rocket Fire and Israeli Response Break Cease-Firemoltenlava2 days ago
good job ..,,,Re: Tutes built the ladder in 100 increments to take us to $1.5...Jackal2 days ago
VRNGRe: VRNG HOD I am not selling.....PUSH to $1.50..This is like winning t...MakinMula22 days ago
VRNGHOD: It's hard work for me. I spent last night reading the ruling, crunching numb...msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGJust kicked the doors open and is running through the 1.40's eomMakinMula22 days ago
VRNGCHOMP_CHOMP: On fire! eomDELTA2 days ago
VRNGRe: VRNG Up over 100% in days from the lows on Friday weeeeeesmokeeater112 days ago
VRNGSat on my hands. Great job Ms G. I'm happy for ya girl. Re: As I mentioned...jonnyb2 days ago
VRNGRe: those that put the symbol on ignore just missed a 100% runner...every dog...crainiac2 days ago
VRNGMY_CALL: was an opportunity for sure. I have the 50k shares I bought this mo...m4e2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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