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Last updated on Tue Jun 30, 21:31 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from TheLion.com forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
LUPIN: The Futes thing is busted on the board -TheNextGoogle2 days ago
FREERe: 24m o/s but 880k, or 44m presplit traded today crooks Re: an outstanding...smokeeater1133 hrs ago
SPYin SPY Jul 17 2015 215.00 Call eomninjaninja8 hrs ago
FREETime to suck in the suckers like NEWL.....Re: Will retest $2 again soon....Re...supadupa6 hrs ago
JUNOnice! Re: A lot more life now. Hope you got some. Re: Beaten down from 69 d...ninjaninja29 hrs ago
SPYAdd more 7/2 looking for 208-9 eomramaji10 hrs ago
MKT: considering the news shorts have to be frustrated with muted Greece reaction eomtheMagician35 hrs ago
RITT.86 first quarterly profit in entire history of company..MTSL in comparison m...SunTzu77210 hrs ago
Greek banks attempt limit rush of customers. Only rear doors open this week. eomdiligence36 hrs ago
Welcome Home Bender! msgreenacres36 hrs ago
FITwhew. nice close. eomninjaninja5 hrs ago
FREERe: So many tried to time NEWL time and time again & got burned hard....Re: 2...smokeeater1132 hrs ago
Good advice during this Greek crisis.diligence32 hrs ago
PVACovered the Pump +.41 :-) eomBeacher34 hrs ago
TWTRThe Intregation - twtr & Google today's fuel ....linkdmccoy7 hrs ago
Re: Ok I'll say it....conservatism is deadfranconia2 days ago
Already priced in. Re: Greece will default today eomalmlk12 hrs ago
It really is terrible. A geography that could be paradise, has been and rema...msgreenacres31 hrs ago
Ok I'll say it....conservatism is dead3dron2 days ago
Re: Gov. Christie Announces His Presidential BidMousetrap10 hrs ago
OPXAIMMUNO-TCELL: Re: Juno- celgene....cart for autoimmune disease OPXAdiligence11 hrs ago
FATEtraders REALLY sleeping here - JUNO NEEDS AND USES FATE car t tech eomtheMagician11 hrs ago
JOEhey joe where you goin with that gun in your hand eomJesseLivermore11 hrs ago
SGNLdamn, sold sgnl too early eomMousetrap11 hrs ago
RITT.81 vol radar - first profit in co. history - Invencom 6m warrants @ $2.50 pe...SunTzu77211 hrs ago
NFLXKABOOOOOOOOOOOM: calls up >60% from yesterday posted entry...and not planning to sell just yet...EPR5316711 hrs ago
FATERe: JUNO uses FATE CART T tech, paid $8 for it in May, should romp on JUNO de...dmccoy11 hrs ago
JUNOThis news totally legitimizes CAR-T, hard for the funds to ignore. JUNO will ...BMWNTUX11 hrs ago
GENEin Gene on sgnl strenght eomMousetrap11 hrs ago
SGNLAWESOME: Out 1/2 of my remaining 1/2 $2.45 - unexpected gift :) eomEPR5316711 hrs ago
SGNLBoomer...float is 875K if there are any shorts in from $10 high they better r...BMWNTUX11 hrs ago
U.S. June consumer confidence index 101.4 vs May revised 94.6 eombucyrus11 hrs ago
SGNL$2$2$2$2$2$2$2: Re: WowMousetrap11 hrs ago
DELTBOOMING: She's alive!!!! And with 7mm shares outstanding and down 87% in <1 month, I d...EPR5316711 hrs ago
FATE$6.75 from alert +40c, should see 7's eomtheMagician11 hrs ago
PTBILooks like we heading down for good,Shame intentions sound good save life's, ...bradbeard11 hrs ago
OPXARe: Juno- celgene....cart for autoimmune disease OPXA3dron11 hrs ago
HYSRTried this dip @ .0258. Seems like healthy bid support and a bounce-able char...cardlynn11 hrs ago
OPXAIMMUNE-TCELL: The all out hunt for immune disease T-Cell stocks is on. OPXA primo #1.diligence11 hrs ago
IDRAIn some eomrocket11 hrs ago
LFAP.004's on deck, nice eomryanh11 hrs ago
SUNEAdd short/puts eomramaji11 hrs ago
SPYP's moving. Pop failing. Trojan Horse? eomninjaninja11 hrs ago
SGNL$2$2$2$2$2$2$2: Re: Wow $3 oxcharge!!! eomkrueger10 hrs ago
Gov. Christie Announces His Presidential Bidmsgreenacres10 hrs ago
TWTRLife off upgrade..... going !! FB vs GOOGLE eomdmccoy10 hrs ago
CALAcala boom eomMousetrap10 hrs ago
OPXARe: Juno- celgene....cart for autoimmune disease OPXA3dron10 hrs ago
OPXAIMMUNO/T-CELL: Up nicely. Already traded higher than daily average. CAR-T crowd moving in.diligence10 hrs ago

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