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Last updated on Thu Feb 26, 17:50 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
CLRXthink 1,65 is the price offering eomyogibear25 hrs ago
LOCOadded at $25....builds another tight base here.... could see some further ups...acinvestorblog27 hrs ago
ACSTACST positive Phase 2 results expected today or tomorrow per company. Full d...theMagician6 hrs ago
BIOTECH_BUBBLE: no else saying it so i will. i think this biotech rivals the one of 2000. in...luvb2b25 hrs ago
CLRXSTOP_PUMPING: Re: You reek of desperation - Could you guys take it to email? eomTheNextGoogle21 hrs ago
LOJNThat's a gorgeous chart. Re: $LOJN $2.56--LoJack Corporation.....Volume/Chart...ninjaninja31 hrs ago
CLRXBIO_MANIA: and THAT'S how you stop bio stock mania eomrecolect25 hrs ago
Think this song says it bestspringbok2 hrs ago
3000_VOTES!: LILLIE HITS 3000 VOTES! Thank you, and please continue to circulate! I prom...msgreenacres2 days ago
BHPwith commodity prices like COPPER PALADIUM PLATINUM all down last 14 months ...stormcat2 days ago
AXPWRe: if by "hype", you mean tweet where and why a person is buying then that T...maxamus2 days ago
JNUGLONG: Long again $25.75 after selling >$31 bout 2 wks ago eomEPR531672 days ago
OILBAS, SSE, are some names.Re: Probably time to start looking for companies tha...sumsavvy2 days ago
CHGGchgga chgga chgga chgga chgga choo choo eomluvb2b2 days ago
AMDAweak hand sellers gonna be buying back over .80 lol eomryanh30 hrs ago
Short CLRX 2.25 eomnobreak25 hrs ago
Re: Happy to see some Steak love today! Don't forget to reward your peers!hy_hawarya22 hrs ago
CLRXcan truly now say after 20 yrs of trading I have seen it all, TWO 50% under h...theMagician20 hrs ago
METALS: Re: Got small chunk gold trades under 1200 here. Stops tight.supadupa10 hrs ago
QQQlooks very tempting to short, but I gotta side with ninja, surely it will tes...bdawgp8 hrs ago
RGDXout RGDX, thanks for scalp. eomavgJoe7 hrs ago
AMDA.79...Re: .73.......Re: added another 15k .652, long 65k at .68 avg eomryanh7 hrs ago
CLRXBIOC: These Bio-Barfamania CEOs and principles are probably watching to see when th...TheNextGoogle7 hrs ago
ARCWKeeping ARCW on radar with the 3D printers. No position yet, but this one has...undervalued6 hrs ago
BIOCRe: in on dip at 3.68mastermind16 hrs ago
CLRXRe: WATCH, BIG PR will come out tomorrow, not lying, just like BIOC, MM's loa...smokeeater115 hrs ago
ISIS destroys Mosul museum, smashing ancient statues smokeeater115 hrs ago
UWTIOIL: will buy half size on the close today.... these 3X ETF usually make lows at t...cjlupard3 hrs ago
AMDAfinancing at $1.14 in Dec. AMDA at 50% discount to that right nowryanh3 hrs ago
ACSTbuy zone eomamdolan2 hrs ago
Bioelectronics pffft .....Widening Tcell Theme...The Truth Bitestrendtn2 hrs ago
EPR next guru??? eomnobreak64 mins ago
CPCanadian Pacific Rail CP 188 Great news. They are going to buy back another...jack2000man2 days ago
IFANIFAN Financial, Inc. (IFAN) White Paper Reveals Trends and Challenges in Paym...QualityStocks2 days ago
ISIS is losingBender242 days ago
SRCOSparta Commercial Services, Inc. (SRCO) Tallies 14 Years of Growth through Ta...QualityStocks2 days ago
BRWCBoreal Water Collection, Inc. (BRWC) is a Boutique Bottler with a Pure Spring...QualityStocks2 days ago
NETENet Element, Inc. (NETE) Moving Mobile Payments to a New Levelmissionir2 days ago
TZARe: Bought TZAstockodile2 days ago
AXPWNot a word on the 30% dump,after it was hyped on Twitter,thieves.Lets call th...windmill2 days ago
AXPWRe: Not a word on the 30% dump,after it was hyped on Twitter,thieves.Lets cal...JesseLivermore2 days ago
AXPWRe: Not a word on the 30% dump,after it was hyped on Twitter,thieves.Lets cal...supadupa2 days ago
BPZDead cat play 20% moves and get out. GLRe: looking for entry at .15 to .17 eomclt_00002 days ago
Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers saybucyrus2 days ago
ECIGNice move today. Finally held the .08's. Re: Yep. I'm holding some .06's. Loo...jonnyb2 days ago
ECYTECYT: Re: Does anybody know if Endocyte is reporting their earnings at close?UpAndAway2 days ago
AXPWif by "hype", you mean tweet where and why a person is buying then that Twitt...RichJr2 days ago
ARCWEVERY superman pump winds up in the ashes Re: $6.20 Re: $ARCW remem...chart1012 days ago
BPZRe: looking for entry at .15 to .17kider2 days ago
AXPWAgree, their financing which is about 1.4M shares should be almost over, watc...recolect2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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