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Last updated on Wed Oct 1, 04:10 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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GOAL: Re: Yes i have noticed too,, just would like to be able to follow easier than...Beacher12 hrs ago
I just purchased a HazMat suit off of Ebay,,,I'm all set for my Saturday trip...deaconmike9 hrs ago
GOAL: today marks 1 year from when I started $1k account and goal of $100k...curren...ryanh13 hrs ago
VRNGWell, I'm in, looks like a bounce coming. eommaxamus40 hrs ago
SHORTS: look at any stock up on the day on twitter and all u see is SHORT ABC etc etc...theMagician36 hrs ago
GOAL: Re: Ryan has shared... he's just not "loud" enough for some eombucyrus13 hrs ago
Obama says U.S. intelligence underestimated ISISsqueeze34 hrs ago
GPROEYE_SPAM: Re: you assume that everyone else's life is more interesting... interesting e...bucyrus15 hrs ago
Re: Well.....we do know that Obama is effiminate, and is married to a "lineba...diligence2 days ago
Re: most of the world problems/conflicts/wars are because of religion. we wou...deaconmike2 days ago
GOAL: Re: Would be nicer if youd share your picks and strategies, not just say "hey...mcscott506813 hrs ago
FBRe: Fb starting to charge 2.99 starting Nov unconfirmed...hoax that has been ...kcprinters2 days ago
GOAL: Would be nicer if youd share your picks and strategies, not just say "hey" i ...pucara13 hrs ago
Re: New gpro camera $500 wait till kids realize they can tape their iPhone t...3dron38 hrs ago
LION2.5MIL_MSGS: Re: congratulations all.... of course 2 million of those were CCME, VRNG, DE...bucyrus14 hrs ago
OILRefugees Flood Turkish Border as ISIS moves tanks, artillery to Kobanimoltenlava39 hrs ago
Re: Pepperidge Farms Italian bread crumbs make the PERFECT fish coating somet...bucyrus2 days ago
OILOil is moving, and I am adding oil and Nat Gasmsgreenacres39 hrs ago
IWM100MBET: IWM Bullish wedge approach 111 trendline....and off we go! eommsgreenacres16 hrs ago
High Beta weekly and next week get Puts imo eomJackal16 hrs ago
VRNGFigures that SPEX is up huge while this POS does nothing. eommaxamus16 hrs ago
RGSEVSLR_IPO: this weeks hot IPO is VLSR - RGSE does same thing puny mkt cap could move bigtheMagician16 hrs ago
CYBRD#$@. Got some but shot right past my contingent add on. eomninjaninja16 hrs ago
ASTIASTI is low float solar that could run big on VLSR eomtheMagician16 hrs ago
IWMbeginning a short position in here ..110.89 will fade all the pops as I ...stormcat16 hrs ago
CYBRIf it can hold 30's for a bit it might get one more push to 31.50 eomcardlynn16 hrs ago
VRNGRe: VRNG Now, settlement news.....see Leap volume.....BIGsunny8816 hrs ago
GPROTRIPLE_DIGITS: Are we back to regularly scheduled programming? LOL eomshervin216 hrs ago
IWMhow you know you only been trading 3 decades lol,,,,Re: beginning a short pos...Jackal16 hrs ago
RGSEVSLR: SOLAR IPO: Vivint . Multiple times oversubscribed eomtheMagician16 hrs ago
NETEbuys NETE eomavgJoe16 hrs ago
RGSEi really like RGSE chart and it is THE peer of VLSR, chart and IPO could rip ...theMagician16 hrs ago
ISRA Drop In The Bucket_Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Have A Tentative Deal Reached Wi...sierraworld16 hrs ago
USURe: If I understand correctly USU shareholders should receive roughly 1 new L...jianwei16 hrs ago
TSLARe: Thoughts on a buy hereBeacher17 hrs ago
RGSEIPO: big IPO this week VSLR, solar installations - RGSE peer eomtheMagician16 hrs ago
TSLAlike the price and chart, but I wouldn't until we get the 1900 test coming,,,...Jackal17 hrs ago
ELRA- Elray gaming to explode to .01-.02 up coming PRNGATS17 hrs ago
FNMAAbout To Blossom_Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) And Blue Star O...sierraworld17 hrs ago
HRDNDup 320% today Re: .002 Re: .0016 Re: .001 Re: .0008 ...chart10117 hrs ago
Re: Russell looks tired...critical bounce needed in small cap land.investorjohn17 hrs ago
QQQshorting more here 99.05 eomstormcat17 hrs ago
IWMCome on boys...Huge short position in the Russell...Squeeze could be epic.......msgreenacres17 hrs ago
BIDU $220 calls, bought them near the lows today! up nicely already eomtrend_trader17 hrs ago
IWMIWM $111 coming eommsgreenacres17 hrs ago
possible up in 1990's then its rap if it make it,,, Re: 1982 today may be i...Jackal17 hrs ago
AAPL safe haven stock. eomtrend_trader17 hrs ago
CYBRNo sooner said than done! Re: Wedging chart. Gonna pop soon. eomninjaninja16 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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