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Last updated on Sat Jan 20, 20:08 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
TISAtrader who called FORD long TISA now eomtheMagician30 hrs ago
Re: There will be a worldwide banking coin that's about to unveiled with all ...deaconmike2 days ago
We all join our sister MS for tribute to our friend & colleague PBE. Won't yo...Titbit2 days ago
Our moderators and myself will ban any person for trash talking and posting c...Lionmaster28 hrs ago
I am sorry to hear that. He was a blessing to this board. > Re: TODAY IS PBE...rocket33 hrs ago push brings 1.50 Re: this one needs some help.can t get out o...ryanh30 hrs ago
ARDMshort 2K @$2.38 eomblockchainfan28 hrs ago
REVISED: Re: 99% of current coins are mostly scams - I was looking at some of them. Ma...TheNextGoogle2 days ago
JAGXaccumulating JAGX on chart breakout for run into CC on Monday, same as NSPR a...theMagician2 days ago
JAGX5x volume. Conference call Monday. Will get bid up into the weekend.highyield882 days ago
XSPAXSPA CONFIRMED sold patents to $MARA owns a piece of MARA now tootheMagician2 days ago
MNGAR/S Float approx 533K Re: hanging tough vol will send it thru the roof Re: ...pmony2 days ago
Re: There will be a worldwide banking coin that's about to unveiled with all ...rocket2 days ago
ARDMbrace for impact and get your money burnt when FDA kills it. eomblockchainfan28 hrs ago
TISARe: TISA in play on FORD buyout peer - IoT data mining stock . Downtrend brea...theMagician29 hrs ago
XSPAXSPA could romp HARD off MARA on this news eomtheMagician2 days ago
KODKHere's the heart of what they're claiming - We are using Ethereum Smart Contr...TheNextGoogle2 days ago
KODKRe: Be the bettor on blockchain - People seem to be swallowing all the bogus ...TheNextGoogle2 days ago
BTCNorth Korea seen developing submersible barge capable of launching missileshokk1242 days ago
Trump positives: Cheated on wife with better looking women than Bill Clinton.leadform2 days ago
IFONAAPL: if i had a $1 for every IFON / APPLE "rumor" the past few years....i'd be ric...ryanh29 hrs ago
Re: Trump positives: 150 lbs. lighter than Micheal Moore.lemoyati2 days ago
MNGAMNGA is garbage. will be $1 again, they will dilute this imo Re: shook me lik...Griswold2 days ago
PINKS&BB: The great metals picker StormCat has a 10 bagger posted on Pinks & BB.leadform2 days ago
Blockchainfan you in penalty box for pos lying. eomLionmaster28 hrs ago
MNGAyou guys gonna wet the bed. playing with fire eomGriswold34 hrs ago
MNGA<1MFLOAT: Pushing toward HOD again in mini cup and handle, this is THE small float play...tokyopua2 days ago
TISATISA looks exactly like the co FORD boughtout and stock up 200%, FORD profits...theMagician30 hrs ago
HGSHQ1 earnings in 3 weeks.rasputin29 hrs ago
TOPSRe: .224 earthquake happening. look at the buys coming inrasputin30 hrs ago
TISARe: trader who called FORD long TISA nowtheMagician30 hrs ago
AUIAF: Huge bidder here 4.95 Stormys top 2 gold plays for 2018 green everyday ....stormcat2 days ago
MLGCF: PLUS 7% today and im telling u man this only beginning .. a 10-15 bagger he...stormcat2 days ago
Trump positives: 150 lbs. lighter than Micheal Moore. eomleadform2 days ago
MNGAwake me at $7 eomtheMagician2 days ago
MNGAOIL: Re: oil green any questions $4.50 assault.......525K float. eomsqueeze2 days ago
OIL: Re: oil green any questions oil huge draw down.. added 10k here ...stormcat2 days ago
NBRVthis low float stock looks poised to breakout. Full of shorts here. acinvestorblog2 days ago
TISAlionmaster first called this, but said dd was early.any further comments? eomjaceak29 hrs ago
SPYThey was going to fund the childrens health care for 6 years the democrats ar...Lowfloatmagic2 days ago
JAGXJAGX event and pr coming Monday 20c+ should looks a lock eomtheMagician33 hrs ago
KODKPUTS=BADIDEA: It sunk FAST before if you check the charts from 15 down to 8. PUTS would be ...NotRichYet33 hrs ago
GSUM: GSUM move to $30-$50+ starting imo . China AI pure play eomSuperman33 hrs ago
NO-SKILL-NEEDED: Boy I would love to be a senator and have inside info on today's vote.... eomStockguy8933 hrs ago
MRDNadded 1.12 short trapped here should explode on float eomtheMagician33 hrs ago
Re: question for anyone who doesn't have me on ignore. Is there a site where ...theMagician33 hrs ago
SHUTDOWN: Press briefing on possible gov't shutdown at 10:30 A.M. EST. eomStockguy8933 hrs ago
THCT: Re: stopped out flat ... why do I feel like they are gonna take this green ? ...HARLUM33 hrs ago
XONLONGER-AGAIN: Bought back calls - again - for ~50% - again - and doubled down on longs - ag...EPR5316733 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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