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Last updated on Sun Apr 23, 09:43 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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LIONMASTER: Any chance you can fix the market data ribbon? That information is like 10 da...hedgefundmgr2 days ago
IPDNbagholders from the pump at 12 will be selling into any strength Re: is break...Griswold43 hrs ago
ADVMBOTOX-GUY: Re: They just appointed the guy responsible for ***BOTOX*** to their board of...PornStarTrader2 days ago
Re: 3 days rest...break hod and we see 10'sBender2431 hrs ago
OILOILSUPERDOPPLER: Re: Picks for Pops is the real money maker.....which, might I add, is doing v...franconia45 hrs ago
OILOILSUPERDOPPLER: Re: Oil was up last night and began to dip from its highs at 2:50am. Thats an...stormcat46 hrs ago
RXIIAnyone going to jump back in on the retrace? eomoceanviews2 days ago
ADPTPICKSFORPOPS: The Authoritative picks for pops are posted. ADPTQapmoore42 hrs ago
TRMRDeal with Hulu today. Largely unnoticed. Chart looks primed for breakout.highyield882 days ago
GOOGGOOGLE-PARTNER: Re: GSPH about to launch GeoUnderground with partner Google.atsignal2 days ago
CYDYCytoDyn Inc.s (CYDY) Setback Has Positives in the World of Drug DevelopmentNetworkNewsWire2 days ago
TOPSSHIPPERS: shippers blowin up as highlited earlier - TOPS chart should explode here eomtheMagician45 hrs ago
RXIIin a little @ .70 and will hold for a couple of days........hopefully make so...devilbutt2 days ago
AKSGETREADY4BOOOOM: Closing strong! Looking at a gap up in the morning :) eomT1aris2 days ago
ADMPPRINTING: Adamis Pharmaceuticals Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock eombucyrus2 days ago
YAWNING-HERE: im done as nothing moving.. gold silver bios oil all awful today. hopefull...stormcat46 hrs ago
DRYSRe: $1.65 dumper,,same as newl,,free,,,they'll keep the scam going as long as...scorcher45 hrs ago
OILOILSUPERDOPPLER: Re: Picks for Pops is actually doing well today, and I might be onto somethin...apmoore46 hrs ago
CDTI3.29 Re: 3.09 Re: 2.65 Re: 2.61 - golden cross coming, MACD crossing up -- 4....Griswold43 hrs ago
Russias Supreme Court bans Jehovahs Witnesses as extremist organizationgargoyle15 hrs ago
GLBSshipper ripper up 50% has a history of crazy moves eomrasputin43 hrs ago
North Korea warns Australia it is in nuclear weapon rangegargoyle15 hrs ago
Re: ADTP, 0 Volume?...pretty much zero value too... eomholland552 days ago
IPDNRe: exploding !!undervalued43 hrs ago
HMNYgunned higher to drop a secondary - par for the course these days, some of th...theMagician2 days ago
$$$$$$_LOST: Aside from a lot of $$$$$$$$ being lost, I honestly don't see anything else h...shervin244 hrs ago
DIGAF: HongKong blockchain co that DIGAF PR'd deal with:steeledge45 hrs ago
MRKMRLA: Tacked on some MRLA .20; love the r/r here, though there is some selling pres...steeledge45 hrs ago
$$$$$$_LOST: Re: wait for picks for pops eomapmoore44 hrs ago
BTSC: booming eomTitanium45 hrs ago
DWCHBlue skies ahead eommotz45 hrs ago
STAFLONGER!!!: Added even more shares $.86 - betting on seeing $1.30+ before <$.75... eomEPR5316745 hrs ago
USOI think you're early. Leave room for extending that position. Re: ERX ..addin...mykD45 hrs ago
OILOILSUPERDOPPLER: Re: Oil was up last night and began to dip from its highs at 2:50am. Thats an...franconia45 hrs ago
STLYBest risk/reward right now, IMO. Tiny market cap and forecasting a profitable...highyield8844 hrs ago
AKTX18.28 +1.92 eompbe116945 hrs ago
IDXGBACK-IN$2.41: Reloaded $2.41 after selling avg $3.25 last month - May earnings run should c...EPR5316745 hrs ago
ANOTHER: V12 Lola-Aston Martin DBR1-2 B09/60 2009 LMP1 Pure Sound holland5545 hrs ago
GLBSmoving on vol eompbe116945 hrs ago
Starting the 1909 Blitzen-Benz, UNEDITED, @ Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance holland5544 hrs ago
TOPSSHIPPERS: Endorse endorse endorse !! Re: shippers blowin up as highlited earlier - TOPS...pucara45 hrs ago
RXII$8_TARGET: RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp (RXII) Given $8.00 Average Target Price by Brokeragemsgreenacres45 hrs ago
ADPT?????????: adptq Re: out last bit -75%. whew. damage control Re: out a....., is it tradi...ninjaninja44 hrs ago
DIGAF: nice seems legit. eomTitanium45 hrs ago
ADPT?????????: Re: out last bit -75%. whew. damage control Re: out a....., is it trading? Wh...shervin245 hrs ago
OILOILSUPERDOPPLER: Re: Picks for Pops is the real money maker.....which, might I add, is doing v...apmoore45 hrs ago
FHWAIT_4_DETAILS: FH Form "Holdings" is exactly that: They build companies, and sell them...msgreenacres44 hrs ago
PTXNeeds consistent trading over 4 to get the party started. Lots of eyes are on...cardlynn45 hrs ago
OILOILSUPERDOPPLER: Re: Also don't forget to read my Equity Research analysis which has been accu...apmoore45 hrs ago
XGTIcould squeeze over 1.57 (trendline + HOD) ...Stay tuned. eomacinvestorblog44 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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