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Last updated on Fri Jul 3, 06:14 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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SPYHard to fight this market. Wouldnt be surprised to see a nice green day tomor...Stockguy8932 hrs ago
CLBSCD34+: Q3 begins today..CLBS119 clinical trials pr at anytime the only publicly trad...SunTzu77244 hrs ago
ETNBJUST_THE_START: Up 35% $27. FYI I have held every one of my 2000 shares as posted in realtim...mellowrk38 hrs ago
THOUGHTS_WTS: Re: warrants--One last thing to note commons trading at $20.90 as of this mom...mellowrk13 hrs ago
LGHL: Re: in here also great find lghl---Let's all jump in like robinhoodies n push...mellowrk2 days ago
AALPUTS: With American Airlines filling the middle seat, it takes the apprehension out...TheNextGoogle2 days ago
Re: : Fauci says U.S. may reach 100,000 coronavirus cases per day if this doe...nickthetrader2 days ago
SRNEHolding for the double digits. eomjonnyb41 hrs ago
ETNBJUST_THE_START: Closed up 41% $28.17 6th straight day I have had a 40% + gainer in the folio....mellowrk38 hrs ago
Re: Three Separate Taliban Sources Reportedly Confirm That Russia Did Put A B...salukis138 hrs ago
TRUTH_MATTERS: Truth is always the enemy of power. Exposure of powers motivations, depredati...alectric30 hrs ago
JOBGEE Group Eliminates Over $47 Million in Debt and Mezzanine FinancingSunTzu77222 hrs ago
CLBSCD34+: Scientists Seeing Lung Damage in Asymptomatic COVID-19 PatientsSunTzu77222 hrs ago
FOURTH_OF_JULY: Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend! God bless!! eommellowrk14 hrs ago
PRESS-CONFER: Biden said he was tested for mental decline. That is news if true. eomHin52 days ago
PAACLGHL: Re: LGHL Watch for a Squeeze today in the AH Above 4$EPR531672 days ago
FSLYNEW_POSITION: Re: Thats a nice price...Sheep,ninja and myself have been bulls since the ipo...mellowrk2 days ago
IDEXROBINBAGGERS : Re: Robinhoods merry bagholders have joined forces again.smokeeater1142 hrs ago
INOStrong Buy!!! ----- At $10 eomTheNextGoogle39 hrs ago
LKLK: Re: over 5 soon..It probably will..this market loves bankruptcies and frauds.rasputin38 hrs ago
CLBS1.86 X 1.88 AH eomcjlupard34 hrs ago
IDEXRe: i dont short and i Have $1 and $2.50 puts with a 50c target - what does t...theMagician20 hrs ago
GRAFWARRANTS: Warrants are .75 to one NOT .5 to 1 as many are thinking on stocktwits. Warr...mellowrk16 hrs ago
COVID: come on people. Take this seriously, especially if you are at risk. If you pl...kcprinters13 hrs ago
Re: Trump got written briefing on russian bounties in March NYTtrendtn2 days ago
Californias coronavirus outbreak explodes, forces closures againgargoyle2 days ago
Global Pandemic Wont Stop The Switch To Electric Carscrainiac2 days ago
CLBSLung health: Understanding the danger of COVID-19jonnyb2 days ago
CLBSRodney Dangerfield stock. eomtheclipper2 days ago
SOLD_PUTS: Sold 20 more contracts $5 strike Jan 2021 for $1.80 so now 50 contracts for t...mellowrk2 days ago
LKNCY: 4.50 cash on hand. holding through next week and may double up. Re: nice on...cayman2 days ago
WKHSRe: Hi Shervin this is a very bullish bet overall. Because when you SELL put...efbailey2 days ago
WKHSRe: Hi Shervin this is a very bullish bet overall. Because when you SELL put...mellowrk2 days ago
AACG: Still no forum?.....China education name keeps on ramping higher on no news.....moltenlava2 days ago
Powell and Mnuchin are speaking now. Watch markets and precious metals..... eomcrainiac2 days ago
PAACLGHL-BOTHFISTS: Grabbed smore $1.86 - very few stocks with risk/reward so heavily skewed towa...EPR531672 days ago
: Fauci says U.S. may reach 100,000 coronavirus cases per day if this does no...trendtn2 days ago
FSLYRe: Good alert yesterday whoever it was, Im considering buying moreEPR531672 days ago
PAACLGHL-BOTHFISTS: Seems like the more we talk about the lower it goes lol Re: 94% of the shares...10QKing2 days ago
PAACLGHL-GREEN?!: Could get absolutely nutty soon...And I do mean nutty. And I do mean soon. eomEPR531672 days ago
LGHL: Re: 94% Owned leaving 6% of shares for the public to trade whats the float???...Meow4Me2 days ago
PAACLGHL-&ITBEGINS: Re: If this does even half of what PHCF (or CARV or COHN) did, we shall all b...pedley2 days ago
BIDEN: Biden presser. Cognitive decline. Media on itHin52 days ago
LGHL: Blast From the Past may pull a LFIN Here Re: volume starting eom10QKing2 days ago
BIDEN: Re: Biden presser. Cognitive decline. Media on itnickthetrader2 days ago
CLEURe: Same compact share structure as CLPS two years ago $5-$20 wait'll big gun...SunTzu7722 days ago
AFHadded for tomorrow. Stock has a gap to fill over 98c eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
PAACLACQ-NEXT_UP: Cadian Casio acquisition closing soon. Re: If this does even half of what PHC...weege2 days ago
POLAUP216%: Robinhooders are the best thing to ever hit Wall Street. Im serious! eomCASHRICHFIELD2 days ago
NEW_POSITION_DD: So ETNB popped 25% ah b/c of AKRO news. AKRO was one of the 10 BIOS I studied...mellowrk2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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