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Last updated on Wed Jul 26, 10:42 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
OPTTRe: Reversal now confirmed based on chart, last chance to get OPTT at all tim...undervalued21 hrs ago
DPWLOW-FLOAT@.60S: Re: 5G Hardware: Nearing breakout again.atsignal19 hrs ago
AMDcult stock is right, we might see some real fireworks tomorrow/short squeeze....motz17 hrs ago
TSLATslatrendtn2 days ago
DRYSRe: timbrrrrrr the Kalani power dump...Red close?.....still diluting like cra...moltenlava47 hrs ago
TVIXRe: Might be brave and try some with you. The contango on these is ridiculous...supadupa47 hrs ago
IBBAND_XLV: if republicans repeal obamacare that almost certainly means fewer insured nex...luvb2b20 hrs ago
OILWTI_TO_$60: Re: have the same trading plan for a couple of weeks, it is finally setting u...mykD18 hrs ago
ENVV: The promo started at like .03. It's gonna take a massive washout, an extended...cardlynn23 hrs ago
North Korea will be able to launch a nuclear-capable ICBM as early as next ye...moltenlava20 hrs ago
$1.75 dumper,,kalani dump truck,,, eomscorcher42 hrs ago
SPYlooks like more earnings beats....vix will get smoked and market green again ...Stockguy8918 hrs ago
FH6 million share offering @ $1.10scorcher57 mins ago
AMDRe: I sold at 15.31 from 14.11 entry...this is one of those cult stocks thoug...maybe18 hrs ago
TOPS90% oxfire!!! eomkrueger2 days ago
TOPSOXCHARGE_AHEAD: oxfire!!! +75%!! eomkrueger2 days ago
SHOUT OUT TO PHYLLIS! YOU ARE LOVED! eommsgreenacres42 hrs ago
TVIXVIX: Still red with market fear at all...yet. eomStockguy8947 hrs ago
OILWTI_TO_$60: Re: Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Exports as OPEC Looks to Stem Crude-Price SlidemykD20 hrs ago
DRYSAbsolute insanity. eomhedgefundmgr24 hrs ago
YTRA: wow $YTRA acquisition is already profitable .......and they are using cash a...Superman2 days ago
DMRCIs this a winner take all proposition? Is this the kind of technology one com...hedgefundmgr19 hrs ago
OILWTI_TO_$60: Re: have the same trading plan for a couple of weeks, it is finally setting u...ivanabbas19 hrs ago
IDXGHighest PPS in last 26 days, now let's fill that gap from 27 days ago. eomrocket19 hrs ago
AMDThinking the earnings tonight will be through the roof as every mom and pop w...motz22 hrs ago
DMRCSitting at 30 support right now... eomStockguy8922 hrs ago
Re: CFTC - First digital currency ETF approved. - Could be an interesting sto...TheNextGoogle22 hrs ago
ECYT19k share buy just now eomoceanviews23 hrs ago
AMDHave you traded previous earnings reports? How much does this usually move ?!...Stockguy8922 hrs ago
GIGAwatch final hour to see if the dl buyer is in house again , in any event i ex...mako519 hrs ago
FCX$15's on tap. eomninjaninja20 hrs ago
IWMBREAKING-OUT: IWM Big volume in Dec 145 C's eommsgreenacres21 hrs ago
OPTTReversal now confirmed based on chart, last chance to get OPTT at all time lo...tokyopua21 hrs ago
IWMSTRONG_TODAY: IWM Outperforming market; now breaking out of channel eommsgreenacres21 hrs ago
ICLDthanks for the reminder. totally agree. Re: Umm better be careful.....D doesn...stephen120521 hrs ago
AVGRsoon to break the hod. Re: magician said it would move kidding jus...stephen120519 hrs ago
CMGPERSUASIVE: ""Chipotle short-sellers were rewarded with $55 million in less than one day,...franconia21 hrs ago
QBAK$12 assault low float blowup eomsqueeze19 hrs ago
SDRLand stillllll goingggg Re: still going Re: maybe it wants a buck Re: Looking ...motz22 hrs ago
ICLDUmm better be careful.....D doesnt come off till end of next week or beg of t...tommer22 hrs ago
ECYTGoing on a breakout now. eomLionmaster22 hrs ago
X$25$25$25$25$25: What a run eomEPR5316722 hrs ago
ADOMLow vol but uptrending nicely. It's the most beaten of the REG A+ IPOs from t...cardlynn22 hrs ago
DXTRDXTR added for pop over 30c - 50 day ma support last few days and price point...theMagician22 hrs ago
FCXbeast eomninjaninja22 hrs ago
DXTRDXTR 26c add for pop to 31c like the others, 27c break the 20 day ema should ...theMagician22 hrs ago
Dennis Gartman predicts Pence votes No....hahahahha eomtheMagician19 hrs ago
NVIVSPINAL-IMPLANTS: Just a heads up. May be coming off low eomatsignal22 hrs ago
ICLDyes, sure does. guess today isn't the day. Re: Re news today ,seems heavy ...stephen120522 hrs ago
ECYTRe: Going on a breakout now.oceanviews22 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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