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Last updated on Thu Nov 26, 23:31 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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ALL these rookie chat rooms from the last yr shorting anything green being WI...theMagician2 days ago
CGIXWHAMBAMTYMAM: Re: hello shortsUpAndAway37 hrs ago
KBIO_MCUR: Went up together and collapsing together. Must be love. LOL eomshervin22 days ago
VRNGWATCHTHIS.....: VRNG Setting up nicely... 500M Settlement, $30 per share, TUTES take whatever...msgreenacres2 days ago
GREATINFLATION: Santelli is commenting on US Jobless Claims and just made the statement they ...franconia38 hrs ago
Re: conditional orders are far better than regular stops... I only use stops ...PornStarTrader2 days ago
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! eomninjaninja35 hrs ago
AGNEFFING-DISASTER: Re: I shorted a tiny position of DLTR yesterday as well. No disaster, so I c...EPR531672 days ago
AGNEFFING-DISASTER: Re: Got this beauty today at 304.5 breaking out. :) Re: SickeningEPR531672 days ago
AGN+104%: Sold 2 of my 5 calls I bought at $4.50 for $9.20 - holding rest plus higher c...EPR5316737 hrs ago
SMALL caps are back guys - spec money is back eomtheMagician2 days ago
NSPRBIO-MO-MO: Making nice early move. Fits profile. eomdiligence2 days ago
AGNNHOD!!!!!: Calls wilding - could get jiggy here eomEPR5316732 hrs ago
How long have you been trading? Do you have your trading plan, risk managemen...ninjaninja26 hrs ago
CPSTwill get chased over $2, next GENE set up imo $2.70 target eomtheMagician37 hrs ago
Turkey shoots down Russian warplane near Syrian borderscorcher2 days ago
OPXAMORE-WARRANTS?!: OPXAW - grabbed as many as they'd give me @ $.15...we'll see how much she run...EPR5316735 hrs ago
BABAstrong today. Change FANG to BANG. lol. Re: hod Re: testing highs from 2 days...ninjaninja35 hrs ago
AGNEFFING-DISASTER: Getting close. :) Re: I shorted a tiny position of DLTR yesterday as well. N...dragon37 hrs ago
ISIS kills 7 at hotel in Egypt.......... eomcrainiac2 days ago
PBMDHEADS_UP+BOOM!!: heads up! She starting up big time1.10 breakthru eomT1aris2 days ago
VLTCHello, All. Re: Welcome back bobk.............. eombobk2 days ago
VLTCBelow is from the SEC filing, you need to execute 10 to get one share of stoc...bg192992 days ago
DRWIDRWI 10c add for move to 15-17c like NETE eomtheMagician36 hrs ago
AEZSAnother example of insanity in the market. This POS was flat on it's back up ...buffalorunner2 days ago
AQXPLOWFLOATTTTTTTT: Data Dec 6 Baker Bros own 39%%%%%%%%%%%%% eomsinghtelecom33 hrs ago
GPROcrambro said to sell on every uptick... right before holiday sales ..too mu...JesseLivermore37 hrs ago
TWTRTWTR could be readying to pull a YHOO run. Nice taps of lows Re: 5 bounces of...ninjaninja36 hrs ago
Happy Thanksgiving.....and some great bargains for Christmas.diligence10 hrs ago
VLTCWARRANTS???????: So I called investor relations, the company HQ, and no answer - just voice ma...EPR531672 days ago
AQXPACCUMULATE: aqxp boys.. remember rant to 55. this is like vltc eomironpalm2 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving all, be safe. eomBender2410 hrs ago
FNJNMarket is asleep at the wheel on this one. Awarded $40m from one of their *s...highyield8833 hrs ago
RPRXTHANKS: Great idea, just picked up 25 for a mere $75... also have the common for now....tokyopua2 days ago
NSPRNEXT_AEZS/KBIO?: NSPR/ABIO/OPXA/GBIM 4 to watch for biofever tomorrowsteeledge2 days ago
SPYadd a few puts this week and next, Fed wants trickle down so a tough call... eomramaji2 days ago
GPROwould not surprise me if this gaps 5 bucks between today and friday..... eomJesseLivermore37 hrs ago
GENE3.78................. eomcrainiac37 hrs ago
VRXRe: Vrx...o mannnnnnn3dron37 hrs ago
BLUEheading for 90...................... eomcrainiac37 hrs ago
XONRe: Australia trial for GM fruit flydmccoy36 hrs ago
TLTFFFDA_NEWS: Approved, and could blow here! Re: going MUCH higher, like .40's soon!! Still...Meow4Me36 hrs ago
MCURRe: I guess whenever KBIO gets pumped it'll drag this junk along,, laid off 2...scorcher36 hrs ago
TWTR5 bounces off of $25 in past 9 days. eomefbailey36 hrs ago
TSLATSLA Dec 04 2015 240.00 Call eomninjaninja37 hrs ago
INTXbig Kempner buys 2000000 shares in stock of INTX ??KBIO double??? eomyogibear37 hrs ago
CPSTCPST 1 for 20 split last week down 50%, PLUG romping this should see 2's eomtheMagician37 hrs ago
TEDUin here 10.90 on blowout no.s buy n hold here eomstormcat36 hrs ago
NETEfrom .06 to .15 next KBIO ? eomstormcat36 hrs ago
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