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Last updated on Thu Oct 23, 01:50 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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VRNGNOWOFFICIAL: Two previous cases where this request was made, en banc was approved. HUGE. R...Schopenhauer2 days ago
VRNGON_WATCH: Vol/pps spike doesn't happen like that for no reason. Re: Hi Mailuu, eomSchopenhauer2 days ago
MKT: Dow transports on FIRE, breaking the 50 day ma, dow has 400 points upside to ...theMagician38 hrs ago
VRNGSomething's up. Big spike happening.... eomSchopenhauer2 days ago
SPYIf we close above 50dma this coming week, I wouldn't be short. eomSchopenhauer35 hrs ago
If you sold on my "sinister music" post you saved some dough. Once again, we ...okbyme6 hrs ago
VERYTOUGHMARKET: agree... i got offsides on a few positions had to cut risk across the board i...luvb2b34 hrs ago
Re: NOONE has contracted Ebola except for medical workers.. even family membe...supadupa2 days ago
VRNGCOULDBESETTLEME: GOOG's fight with V blew up in their face. They figured that out... too late....Schopenhauer2 days ago
VRNGBIGPLAY4LITTLE$: VRNG Don't get caught up in GOOG litigation. ZTE is the big prize. Board ...msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGNO-BRAINER: tic toc eomMakinMula241 hrs ago
Re: In SPY 190 P weeklies .69springbok39 hrs ago
Looking pretty good for a bounce, but some in denial.supadupa38 hrs ago
IWMlook like iwm heading up, eomMousetrap14 hrs ago
VRNGNOWOFFICIAL: Cheaper to settle, and also better for both companies.msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGDEADLINETOMORRO: Tomorrow is deadline for Amicus Briefs.... Would be interesting to see if GOO...msgreenacres35 hrs ago
BADPOLITICS: VRNG Was Alice vs. CLS bank software invalidation a political favor gone to...msgreenacres28 hrs ago
VRNGJUST_IN: CAFC is reconsidering decision, asked GOOG for briefing.....RESTORE THE PPS eommsgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGOption action heating in VRNG....still cheap...see:msgreenacres2 days ago
VRNGOUTSTANDINGWORK: Petition:msgreenacres2 days ago
CDTI1.69 Re: 1.60 looks good watch volume eomGriswold2 days ago
Re: In IWM 108 P weeklies .53... better be quick IMHO eombucyrus39 hrs ago
ISIS fighters seize weapons airdrop meant for Kurdshokk12435 hrs ago
MKT: nothing but "shorting X" buy puts on SPY posts everywhere, here, twitter etc,...theMagician35 hrs ago
BBLU1.79- Maybe I should be like the rest and pretend I'm still holding from 1.10...qtrain1329 hrs ago
VRNGI am only speaking of the principles and bogus ruling in the of Alice vs. C...msgreenacres28 hrs ago
NIKKEI600+: here comes jow jones Rally$$ eomdudleydan2 days ago
IBIOEbola is hard to contract... I see a govt stockpile of treatment but no mass ...bucyrus2 days ago
VRNGON_WATCH: Hi Mailuu,msgreenacres2 days ago
IBMLOADED_UP: hard and heavy in ibm. if i'm buffett i'm really thinking twice about this ba...luvb2b2 days ago
SPYUPORDOWN?: Not sure which way the markets want to go... eombronen2 days ago
TRENDTRADER: CMG down AAPL + u have a gift eomJesseLivermore2 days ago
AAPLCook: "Demand far outpaces supply...can't make iphones fast enough...selling ...qtrain132 days ago
SPY$$$$: Out 4.60 level,,,on 188 call,,,Re: Weekly 186 call $1,,next week 188 $1.30,,,...Jackal39 hrs ago
AAPLGas prices low. Lots of Xmas money for tech. eomninjaninja38 hrs ago
AAPLon watch for a clear of resistance. acinvestorblog36 hrs ago
OREXRe: you were implying this obesity company is in the ebola remedy business. ...investorjohn33 hrs ago
XLEi guess someone finally figured out oil hadn't moved up at all. eomluvb2b11 hrs ago
DOWDUDLEY_DAN: must be related to msgreenacres? eom LOL Re: lol, this forum is pretty enjoya...mako511 hrs ago
AXXUMJ_DUI_SOON: merger news tba soon imo very overdue >>mako510 hrs ago
IBIOShares being bought and sold EVEN before Pre-Marker Hours "HOW"mangshawn2 days ago
IBIOIBIO shares already going up higher in Pre-Market Hoursmangshawn2 days ago
IBIOAfter healing with "ZMapp" British Ebola patient is flying back to Africa mangshawn2 days ago
INBP-Integrated Biopharma holds 1.7 million shares of IBIO- iBio Inc, HUGE RU...NGATS2 days ago
IBIOINBP-Integrated Biopharma holds 1.7 million shares of IBIO- iBio IncNGATS2 days ago
IBM-$9 PM eomnolan2 days ago
NLNK+20% eomnolan2 days ago
PT-27% in Europe eomnolan2 days ago
SCOK pr +1.09 eompbe11692 days ago
Gimmie SPY quick drop in 1st 30 minutes then i'll grab calls jackal eomILOVECAPITALISM2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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