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Last updated on Sun Apr 19, 08:34 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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ANFRe: June 25C 10k bought .... chart ready for season long hereejab2 days ago
Thanks everyone here best traders in world imo eomJackal2 days ago
BIDURe: If Chinese data cause todays mess how come the chinese stock isn't tankin...gsoloway41 hrs ago
BABAAlibaba helps Sinopec with cloud computing, big dataalex4u2nv47 hrs ago
1) The stock market is never obvious. It is designed to fool most of the peop...JesseLivermore2 days ago
SPYSTRADDLE??: Market will go for ATH's next week - Check the money flow today -plus Corp B...DELTA38 hrs ago
CHOPFirst the CEO diverts company cash to an eco tourism facility that they still...qtrain132 days ago
TCPI$5_SOON?: Thanxxx mellow...I know all too well that it's not my money till I sell. It's...m4e46 hrs ago
TCPI: Guaranteed BOD, Audit Committee and Execs buying Hauser drinks last nite now ...Beacher2 days ago
Your biggest enemy in trading is YourSelf eomJackal2 days ago
TCPIreplacement for outlawed old style T12 tubes may be coming.. I talked to engi...bucyrus45 hrs ago
ROSGRe: MMs keeping this pinned down, but latest news should take this over $5. G...scorcher2 days ago
AAPLWORTH_TRILLION?: Dan Ives, FBR Capital managing director, initiated Apple with an outperform r...DELTA2 days ago
NFLXseriously? picked up NFLX Apr 17 2015 565.00 Call for giggles. up 500% eomninjaninja2 days ago
NFLX600_600_600: It is also a major SHORT SQUEEEEEEZZZZ. eomshervin22 days ago
CALABought my first 500 shares at $18.51 eom Re: Had lunch with ex-CEO of 600 mil...mellowrk2 days ago
NFLX600_600_600: The short squeeze/trap will continue. I am in it for the epic $600 and beyond...shervin22 days ago
POWIgot pi$$ed at the MM lowballing the calls so I exercised some to teach him a ...bucyrus2 days ago
Know your peripherals... Options, events, important dates, sector moves, volu...msgreenacres2 days ago
PRICEISUNDERVAL: April 19, 2010 ROSG was trading for $130 per share, and the market doesn't wa...msgreenacres2 days ago
CLDNI still own it but with my covered calls and booked profits if it goes to zer...mellowrk46 hrs ago
LEVYwarrants +25% Re: if you missed SHAK or LOCO or CMG run, LEVY is a great sp...gamma46 hrs ago
NFLX, Metals, and cover shorts....We are bottomed, or close......also, buy di...msgreenacres46 hrs ago
SPYWatch 2080 close below can sweep to 2040's eomJackal46 hrs ago
TCPIFrom August 2014 CCschadenfreude46 hrs ago
APPYAnother P&D disaster in the making here. eommaxamus46 hrs ago
TCPI$3.84. Settlement and this goes back to $6 immediately. eomKidsCollegeFund46 hrs ago
ATHXDAAAAAMN eommastermind146 hrs ago
XXIIto ***XXII*** largest gainer today 1.55-1.75 eomNGATS46 hrs ago
SPYBounce into next Weds then down again eomramaji46 hrs ago
Wow.....I see red.......part the seas, I'm going in for some skinny dipping.....msgreenacres46 hrs ago
ATHXout 1.30 eommastermind146 hrs ago
happened to me with Z you clearly see the trend reversal and some a*hole wi...JesseLivermore46 hrs ago
NVIVSold at $19 this morning, wowza, NICE eomoceanviews46 hrs ago
SPYAlgo scare unless 2080 breaks imo eomJackal46 hrs ago
ANYchart bottom eps outJesseLivermore46 hrs ago
TCPICREE: Re: Used 30M, half their cash, to pay down debt... potential sale.. cleaning ...bucyrus46 hrs ago
NFLXNFLX hits 575 eommsgreenacres45 hrs ago
A day early damn it,,,,,Re: big call volume across the board in BABA 83-->8...Jackal46 hrs ago
OILRe: Al Qaeda in Yemen Seizes Major Airport, Seaport, Oil Terminalmoltenlava46 hrs ago
SVUmay call buying eomJesseLivermore46 hrs ago
TCPIUsed 30M, half their cash, to pay down debt. Doubt they would have done that ...stxsurfer46 hrs ago
WUBALooking for fade rest of day. Target $65 eomdrew8146 hrs ago
ATHXguys watch it eommastermind146 hrs ago
TCPICREE: Re: Used 30M, half their cash, to pay down debt... potential sale.. cleaning ...gamma46 hrs ago
ATHXTANK: in large at 1.16 on this sell off. eommastermind146 hrs ago
CLDNRe: Anyone still have this on watch, $70 target issued a few weeks ago, not l...EPR5316746 hrs ago
TCPI$5_SOON?: Great job holding onto your convictions congratulations!!! Steaks your way. I...mellowrk46 hrs ago
TCPICREE: Re: Used 30M, half their cash, to pay down debt... potential sale.. cleaning ...bucyrus46 hrs ago
NVIVRe: It was in fact a 1 for 4 reverse split effective 4/8/15. Personally I se...gamma46 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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